Corel Portable

Corel Portable

Corel has never released a product called Corel Portable. Then which versions of this program are legal and which are not? What are their benefits and drawbacks? Are there any decent alternatives to Corel Portable? Find it all out in this article.

What Is Corel Portable?

CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editor developed by the Canadian corporation Corel. The CorelDRAW package also includes the Corel Photo-Paint bitmap editor along with other programs, such as Corel Capture for taking screenshots.

The word “portable” describes programs that don’t require installation on a computer and don’t make any changes to it when working. Corel Portable gives users an opportunity to use this graphics editor freely and don’t install it even from the USB drive. While it may be convenient for some, this version of the program has been hacked, therefore it is illegal and can’t be relied on. Another reason against using Corel Draw Portable is the heavy presence of viruses, bugs and errors.

Corel Portable or License Version?

corel portable or license

Those who decide to download Corel Draw Portable are bound to get themselves into big trouble. Legal issues are just one side of the problem, one of the many difficulties you can run into. I have described all of them in detail below.

Corel Portable Disadvantages:

  • Errors. A portable version may not function properly on the user’s computer. This happens due to the fact that it is hacked and hardly resembles the original version. Even if such a program works, the produced results may simply be inaccurate.
  • Legal problems. If you click on the “Corel Draw Portable free download” link and install it, you will commit a crime, referred to as copyright infringement. The developers work hard on their product and won’t be happy to hear that someone else gains profit from it. That’s why they may bring legal action against distributors and users of hacked programs.
  • Viruses. The conducted research showed that more than 30% of hacked programs contained malware that damaged the computer system after downloading. 15% of all that are malicious Trojan viruses. Once you download and run Corel Portable, the worst thing that can happen is viruses and ransom ware corrupting the computer, stealing all the confidential information and significant files.
  • The absence of updates. It is impossible to imagine the use of modern software without updates and patches released by developers. Hackers don’t provide users with such an opportunity – you will have to use whatever version you have downloaded in the first place. If you attempt to upgrade to the licensed version, you may be fined for it.
  • No customer support. In case you encounter technical issues while using Portable CorelDraw, customer support will be unavailable to you. It is offered only to those who own a licensed version of the program. Get ready to solve the issues without the outside help of the customer support managers.

Corel License Advantages:

  • Reliability and security. Software developers guarantee the high industry-grade quality of the product. It means that the disk will be readable on any computer, the full original program code is written on it, and it doesn’t contain viruses.
  • Installation of updates. Legal users are provided with such updates for free, and they receive prompt notifications about their release.
  • Technical support of the developer company. When using purchased products, you may have certain questions. Legal users have the right to approach technical support from the developer that will help solve the problems.
  • Necessary manuals. The licensed software package also includes the necessary manuals that will help you learn this product by yourself and let you use it to the full extent.
  • Compliance with ISO requirements. If your company needs certification for compliance with the requirements of international ISO standards, then working with licensed software is a mandatory requirement for passing it.

What Corel Version Should I Use?

Now you are familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of using Corel Portable and official versions. Let’s take a closer look at the licensed version of CorelDraw, namely its two varieties.

1. CorelDRAW: Graphics Suite

  • Platforms: Mac / Win
  • Price: Free Trial for 15 days
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a fully updated and improved product. With its help, users may create remarkable logos, advertising materials and various pictures for different purposes– from web pages to printing. The full suite of applications includes Corel PhotoPaint, Corel Capture and Bitstream Font Navigator. Of course, a detailed guide with useful tips is featured as well.

2. CorelDRAW: Home & Student Suite

  • Platforms: Windows
  • Price: Trial, money-back guarantee for 30 days or $129.99
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

CorelDRAW Home & Student Suite is a program developed by Corel for working with graphics. It is designed for students and home users who do not need advanced functionality. The program pleases users with a unique tool that lets users create web page layouts, develop design projects of various complexity, work with vector graphics and vector illustrations, edit pictures and optimize web graphics.

Corel Portable Alternatives

Are you not willing to invest in licensed CorelDraw just yet? As you already know, the Corel Draw Portable version isn’t the best option in this case. But you have an opportunity to get some free alternatives that are sure to replace CorelDraw at a decent level.

1. Inkscape

  • Extensive toolset
  • Multiple formats are supported
  • Convenient UI
  • Constant updates
  • The operation may be slow

Inkscape is one of the worthiest free analogs of CorelDRAW. It offers a standard interface: menus, toolbars, a palette along with many other dialogs. The functionality of the program is extensive, which is enough to be considered a full-featured bitmap editor. For instance, Inkscape supports various types of mixing and recognizes such widespread file formats as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, SVG and more.

2. Gravit

  • Huge library of vector assets
  • Straightforward UI
  • The browser and cross-platform versions
  • Possibility to work with the cloud
  • The absence of additional functions

Gravit is a free vector editor. It supports a number of standard shapes: rectangles, ellipses, triangles and curves. Besides, users may add text or bitmap pictures to their projects. This Corel Portable alternative enables users to group objects, apply various effects, split and transform them. Gravit supports the upload of SVG or EPS and exports the result to SVG only.

3. Clever Brush Editor

  • Supported by multiple browsers
  • Fully controlled
  • Custom brushes, gradients, patterns, curved texts
  • Possibility to upload the users’ personal assets like Images, Vectors, Fonts
  • May operate slowly

Clever Brush is a vector editor that may be used right in the browser window. It is user-friendly and lets you quickly create a layout. Clever Brush contains all the necessary tools: brushes for drawing, geometric shapes, import of vector images and text.

It is worth noting that this Corel Portable alternative features an integrated library of vector and bitmap images. So, for simple layouts, the program’s capabilities may be enough for you. It is possible to save the result in the SVG, PNG or JPEG formats.


To make the process of working in CorelDRAW as simple and fast as possible, get these freebies and turn your pictures or designs into eye-catching ones.


smoke freebie for corel portable smoke freebie for corel portable

With this overlay, you will add mystery and visual appeal to your shots in a single click. Gorgeous results are guaranteed!


rainbow freebie for corel portable rainbow freebie for corel portable

Fix lighting effects in the photographs taken outside using this qualitative overlay. The shot will acquire rainbow effect and pastel tones.

Grass Texture

grass texture freebie for corel portable

If you have want to get green grass effect, apply this texture.

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