Keygen Corel X4

Are you looking for keygen Corel X4 to save on the purchase of a vector graphics editor? Do you think that this version is not the latest and should be available for free?

Any commercial product is protected by copyright law. Using CorelDRAW X4 keygen, which is a pirated product, you violate the law and can harm the computer. To avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of fines and crashes, read my recommendations and choose an alternative option.

What Is Keygen Corel X4?

keygen corel x4 license

A keygen is a special tool designed to trick the program’s built-in security system. The process of generating unique character sequences is automated. You need to enter the created key and the installation file should treat it as a licensed one.

This tool is distributed by pirates or hackers, who make money by cracking paid software. Since most programs with an activation code are paid, downloading and using such a key violates the law.

Modern developers use new methods for checking their products’ license. CorelDRAW x4 keygen only allows software installation but it does not pass the test while connecting to the net. You won’t be able to work normally and take advantage of this powerful graphical editor after hacking. Besides, the use of illegal software can lead to various unpleasant consequences.

Keygen Corel X4 Disadvantages

keygen corel x4 disadvantages

If you decide to use keygen Corel x4, then most likely you will encounter problems with the law and the computer operation. The list of possible losses and inconveniences is long. I described briefly the most common problems that arise after downloading hacked software.

1. Breaking the Law

Nowadays each CorelDRAW x4 crack files download can be tracked, since a user leaves a digital footprint. Developers add special tags to their products that indicate whether the program is official.

If you commit copyright infringement, you will be legally sanctioned. Using pirated software, especially for commercial purposes, can lead to fines, civil and even criminal penalties, such as imprisonment.

2. No Upgrade/Update

The official developer regularly releases bug fixes for their products and provides useful updates through a connection to the host server. You can upgrade your licensed software to the latest version for free.

3. No Customer Support

Even optimized updated software may sometimes not work as it should, and you may have questions related to using some tools. In such cases, you can contact technical support and a team of professionals will answer your question. Illegal users solve problems on their own relying on the searches and samples method.

4. Hidden Threats

A keygen CorelDRAW x4 RAR often looks like an ordinary archive, but this program won’t pass the check made by the best free antivirus software. Most illegal programs are malicious and come with various viruses to gain access to your personal data, passwords, or payment data.

How Can I Use CorelDRAW X4 Legally?

If you don’t want to be accused of copyright infringement, read on to find out about the legal ways to get this graphic editor, both paid and free. Moreover, it is now available for Mac users. Choose the best option for you.

Graphics Suite

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OS
  • Price: Free Trial for 15 days or $249/year or $499/one-time purchase
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

Use all the features of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020. Working with professional tools for vector illustration, image editing, layouts, logo and typography, you can create design projects of all types. This is the most profitable alternative to CorelDRAW X4. An updated version is available for Mac devices and it has become a godsend for all designers. A 30-day money-back warranty is guaranteed.

Home & Student Suite

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OS
  • Price: Free Trial for 15 days or $129.99/year
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

This is an affordable universal pack for graphic design, illustrations, layouts, photo editing, tracing, and web images. This alternative to keygen Corel x4 will satisfy your design needs for home use or school projects. There are many tutorials and sample projects to help you learn all the features of this program from scratch. A 30-day money-back warranty is provided.

Free Alternatives

If you are not ready to pay for the official version of CorelDRAW and do not want to break the law by downloading keygen Corel X4, you can always find other options. I have prepared a brief description of 3 worthy alternatives.

1. Krita

krita logo
  • Free open-source software
  • Stabilizing brush engine
  • Customizable and user-friendly
  • Python scripting, PSD and HDR painting support
  • Some assemblies are unstable
  • There could be more tools

Krita for drawing and photo editing for Windows, Mac and Linux can be a very good competitor for commercial software. It has many different brush settings with pen pressure support for the tablet. Vector, filtering, group, and file layers are supported. You can import third-party tools, textures, and settings using the resource manager.


gimp logo
  • Free, open-source
  • Supports layers and masks
  • Compatible with many formats and programming languages
  • Broad customizing options
  • macOS version is being developed
  • The interface is confusing

GIMP is a cross-platform image editor that provides sophisticated retouching tools and lots of customization options. It is used to create icons, graphic design elements, and graphics for UI components and layouts.

It can be extended through integration with many programming languages, including Scheme, Python, Perl, and others. As a result, there is a high level of customization. A large number of scripts and plug-ins created by the community proves this.

3. Vectornator

vectornator logo
  • You can import and export projects
  • Image Trace tool
  • Lots of templates
  • A great choice of training materials
  • For Apple devices
  • Few animation tools

Vectornator is a great vector graphics editor for learning graphic design. It has a simple user interface that allows beginners to master the program quickly. This is an ideal environment for learning the basics of logical operations, blending modes, shapes, node management, and other functions.

Vectornator is compatible with all existing project formats – .AI, .svg and .PDF. Besides, this CorelDRAW x4 keygen alternative allows you to switch between your desktop and mobile device easily.


If you have a licensed CorelDRAW version, then you can speed up the work using special tools. Below you will see some powerful instruments to help you create stunning designs.

Old Paper

old paper freebie for coreldraw

Enhance your pictures with this incredible texture. The old crumpled paper background will make the image more interesting and captivating.

Graffiti Style

red smoke freebie for coreldraw red smoke freebie for coreldraw

Create trending projects that are striking in their brightness and style. This overlay will bring color to your images and make them look like the cover of a fashion magazine.


glitter freebie for coreldraw

Use this texture to give a polished and finished look to your designs. It is quite universal and will suit almost any project.

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