iNeedArticles Writing Services Review 2024: Pros & Cons


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  • Platforms: Online/Browser
  • Pricing: From $5/article

Verdict: iNeedArticles article writing services are popular among people, who need different texts – from product descriptions to expert blog posts.

I like that the authors work in accordance with the set TT and create materials in a particular style. If you work in a creative industry, it is highly important to have coherent brand elements, including visuals, texts, and videos. iNeedArticles shows excellent service, taking care of your text content.

  • Prepare texts in a specific style
  • Fast turnaround
  • 100% unique content
  • You need to pay for revisions additionally
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iNeedArticles develops, edits, and publishes text content for different purposes. The team of copywriters creates texts for advertising campaigns, product descriptions for online stores, articles for blogs, posts for social media, etc.

They cooperate with various businesses, including creative ones (photography, design, video production, etc.). You can order both simple materials so that experts don’t need to immerse into your industry, and narrow-profile content. In the second case, copywriters can do some background research, delve deeper into photography marketing to gain a broader understanding of your business and your style.

iNeedArticles Main Features

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Due to a well-organized system of cooperation with authors, you can make an order and get great results with ease. To place an order, you need to register on the site and link your PayPal account. After activating the account, you can start ordering.

Write the most detailed task, indicating the keywords and additional information that you consider important. You can choose an author, extra services (research, a certain style of writing, urgency). After you pay, you’ll get the finished text in 24 hours.

Product Descriptions for Photographer’s Online Store

ineedarticles product descriptions

If you are a professional and demanded photographer, you definitely need to have an online store, where clients can order photoshoots or purchase products. If you additionally sell photo presets, filters, image collections, or work as a sales representative of a brand, you need clear and understandable descriptions of products and services.

The authors from iNeedArticles provide product description services for e-commerce platforms which usually consist of 100-1000 words. Beforehand, they carefully study your product/service, its main characteristics, and select the most accurate words and phrases to convey the essence and value to your target audience.

Expert Articles Writing Services for Photographers

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A website and blog for a photographer are the main tools for selling services and products. It is important to regularly fill such a platform with high-quality content. The text component must prove your expertise in a certain field, providing clients with detailed descriptions of services and improving the reputation of a brand.

You can order any article from 100 to 3000 words. Authors can customize it based on your requirements. As a result, you will receive 100% unique material, being the only copyright holder. Copywriters create texts in specialized writing apps for Mac and Windows. They pay attention to the ranking criteria in search engines, so the final text can take top positions on Google.

Close-to-Text Rewrites of the Ready Materials

ineedarticles rewrites

Whether you decide to rebrand your blog, update previously written articles, or improve the text content you have created, iNeedArticles article writing services are worth trying. Since authors work with every sentence, the text preserves the main message. At the same time, authors select more accurate lexical and grammatical structures.

Authors rewrite texts of 100-2000 words. Besides, they optimize text content to meet all the requirements – uniqueness, fluidity, readability, and other parameters.

Full-Fledged Photography eBooks Writing

ineedarticles ebooks

Most photographers write their photography books to share their experiences with beginners, promote services, etc. iNeedArticles professionals can write a complete eBook for you on a given topic or based on the provided material.

I recommend entrusting this process to professionals since the volume of work is rather big. Moreover, you need more time to master book writing software. Authors create an eBook from 2,500 to 30,000 words in a very quick way. You can print or publish the result, using popular book publishing software.

On-Demand Proofreading of the Ready Text Content

ineedarticles proofreading

If you have ready-made texts or you prefer to create content on your own, you can order text proofreading services. iNeedArticles article writing services use high-end proofreading software to identify KPIs of a great text.

With various text editors, authors check your articles for errors, inaccuracies, correct the text structure, and improve readability. Thus, you need to get in touch with a copywriter to help him/her with content details about the photo industry. iNeedArticles representative edits and corrects inaccuracies based on your storytelling style.

Additional Features for Creating Personalized Texts

When placing an order online, you can select additional options for a small fee. You can pay extra for urgency, a deeper study of your topic, additional volume, etc.

If you need a certain style of presentation to match the previously written texts, you can mention these details on the platform. Besides, writers make changes to texts they have created if needed.

You can also choose an author to fulfill an order, rate him/her and mark as liked. iNeedArticles has a category of top writers, so you can order materials from them. Keep in mind that their work costs more.

iNeedArticles Prices

Prices for creating text materials start at $5 per article. However, each order can have a different price due to characteristics such as volume, complexity, use of additional sources, etc.

After you place an order, the system will calculate the cost of the author's work. The fee is automatically charged off from your PayPal account, so make sure you have the required amount before placing an order.