How to Watch ThreeNow Outside New Zealand in 2021

How to Watch ThreeNow Outside New Zealand in 2021

Many people are wondering how to watch ThreeNow outside New Zealand since this channel is inaccessible in the rest of the countries. The majority of its shows have licenses for viewing only in New Zealand. Thankfully, there are two proven ways to watch ThreeNow outside New Zealand:

ThreeNow is one of the leading live and on-demand streaming platforms in New Zealand. It offers content from Three, ThreeLife, as well as sister channel Bravo. Despite the fact that the channel is intended for Kiwis, its catalog contains a vast array of Australian, British, American and other international TV shows.

1. Watch ThreeNow via a VPN

vpn to watch threenow outside new zealand

In order to unblock ThreeNow outside New Zealand, you will definitely need a trustworthy VPN. It implies spoofing your IP address to that located in New Zealand. The entire process isn’t difficult at all. Simply pick one of the VPNs described below and complete the next steps to start watching ThreeNow outside New Zealand successfully:

STEP 1. Visit the website of the VPN for travel (Best VPN For Travel List) you prefer and subscribe to their service.

STEP 2. Download and install the app for your current device. Practically any provider offers a decent VPN for multiple devices (Best VPN For Multiple Devices List).

STEP 3. Launch a program or an app. Among the list of the available servers, pick the one situated in New Zealand.

STEP 4. Go to the ThreeNow site and take pleasure in watching your favorite shows regardless of where you are.

A VPN provider you decide to opt for is supposed to operate consistently and be capable of evading geoblocks and anti-VPN software. An extensive server network and the ability to run disguised servers are also some of the features to search for. This way, ThreeNow won’t identify that the data is being tunneled via a VPN.


  • Split tunneling and Tor connections
  • Abundant server locations
  • Customer privacy is in priority
  • User-friendly
  • Somewhat crowded interface

Verdict: Plenty of users suggest NordVPN as one of the most efficient VPN for streaming ThreeNow due to the extensive network of servers in New Zealand. Offering 40 high-speed servers in the country and the efficiency in dealing with geo-blocks, NordVPN is the right answer to the question of how to watch ThreeNow outside New Zealand.

No matter whether you are streaming or doing something else on the Internet, NordVPN won’t leak any of your actions, guaranteeing military-grade encryption, a kill switch and a zero-logging policy. For added security, there is the CyberSec suite that ensures the absence of ads and malware.

The price of $11.95 monthly is justified by a rich feature-set you will receive. In case you aren’t sure whether you end up liking NordVPN or not, you can always have your money back within 30 days.

nordvpn interface to watch threenow outside new zealand


  • Anonymous browsing
  • Speedy servers
  • Top-notch encryption
  • 3 connections at once
  • Non-affordable

Verdict ExpressVPN boasts incredible speeds and the ability to evade geo-blocks successfully whenever you need to watch ThreeNow outside New Zealand. Its servers in New Zealand and unrestricted bandwidth are certainly going to please you.

Thanks to the split tunneling function, it is possible to pick what to encrypt. Thus, you will be able not only to connect to a New Zealand server to stream ThreeNow but also gain access to local content, like bank account or emails.

Many ExpressVPN users enjoy the MediaStreamer feature as it lets them stream on platforms that have zero support for VPNs, for instance, smart TVs, Apple TV and games consoles. The price for ExpressVPN is $12.95 per month. Still, you have 30 days to test it out and see if the price is worth it and get your money back if necessary.

expressvpn interface to watch threenow outside new zealand


  • Speedy connections
  • 7 connections at once
  • Live chat support
  • Zero logs
  • Lacks an app for routers

Verdict: In case you have never dealt with VPNs before, try CyberGhost. It is notable for an intuitive interface and trouble-free setup. Using one of ten speedy servers in New Zealand, it won’t be a problem to stream shows from ThreeNow.

All your data and online activity, including streaming, will be kept to yourself, and your privacy won’t be invaded thanks to the outstanding security features, as well as a harsh zero-logs policy.

Besides, CyberGhost impresses users with connection customization capabilities. Take advantage of a 1-day free trial, or pay $14.56 monthly (with a 45-day money-back guarantee).

cyberghost interface to watch threenow outside new zealand

2. Use Smart DNS to Unblock ThreeNow

smart dns to watch threenow outside new zealand

To use Smart DNS Proxy, you have to sign up for a free Unlocator trial and follow the installation instructions for your device. After that, each request with your exact location will be transferred to the US servers. Thus, it will seem as if you are within this country when you are trying to access the channel.

The main advantage of Smart DNS is that it unblocks the Travel Channel without affecting other services. It ensures that you will get the right location for all the main services. It’s very fast so you can be in many locations simultaneously.


  • • Why can’t I watch ThreeNow abroad?

ThreeNow is the online catch-up TV website for New Zealand’s Channel Three. Although you can be a Kiwi, you won’t be able to stream ThreeNow once you leave New Zealand. The reason for that is the license allowing the channel to broadcast content exclusively in NZ. 

  • • How does ThreeNow know I’m outside NZ?

It happens due to your Internet connection that is linked to an IP address, which is peculiar to you while you stay connected. This is how the ThreeNow website identifies that you are situated not in New Zealand.

  • • Is ThreeNow blocking VPNs?

Similar to other geo-restricted services, like the US Netflix and Amazon Prime, ThreeNow will block VPNs. Speaking of VPN providers, they can’t be traced by geo-restricted streaming services. 

  • • How does a VPN work and is it legal?

VPN services aren’t prohibited by law in practically any country. Essentially, a VPN works as an intermediary between you and the ThreeNow website or another platform you are going to access. 

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