How to Change Netflix Region to Watch in Another Country

How to Change Netflix Region to Watch in Another Country

Many people want to watch movies and TV shows available in other countries and thus they try to find out how to change Netflix region. The company has a policy of licensing country-specific content. This explains why the catalog will look different for citizens of varying countries.

Steps to change the Netflix region:

  • Create an account or use your valid one.
  • Select your VPN provider from the list below and proceed with the software installation.
  • Connect through the location you like.
  • Now, as you open the catalog page, it should show different content.
  • Launch whatever you were eager to watch.

Depending on what agreements the company signed with the local production studios, each country would have its own content inaccessible in other regions. Due to that, traveling outside the zone covered by the license would mean losing access to all those shows you’ve been watching while staying in.

Top Services for Changing Netflix Region

This company did its best to protect its licensed content. This means it can often discover dishonest viewers and ban fake IPs. However, the VPN companies know how popular this particular service is and fight hard for the possibility to watch Netflix in other countries by timely producing new IP addresses.

For this reason, it only makes sense for you to get a VPN service for Netflix that is powerful and efficient enough to keep tricking the system for your benefit.

1. ExpressVPN

  • Huge server network
  • HD & 4K support
  • Guaranteed security & privacy 
  • Dedicated applications for any OS
  • The highest price

Verdict: ExpressVPN is, by general consent, the best way how to change Netflix region. The heavy load on their hardware that such popularity causes does not become evident even when you traffic through the most popular countries. What really helps viewers is the speed tester this service provides.

When you want to please your eyes with UHD quality, the task of finding the fastest server becomes crucial. This little feature just puts them right in your hands and any content will be played without a hitch. Another great thing is the absence of traffic limitations. You can cover hours of daily streaming here, something many other companies try to prevent.

expressvpn for netflix interface

2. Surfshark

  • Any server can handle Netflix
  • Simple and neat interface
  • Affordable subscription
  • Smaller server network

Verdict: This is another great way to watch Netflix from other countries that could save you some money. You can rest assured that any server you select will be powerful enough to broadcast. This company is only growing and that means your access will stay limited to the few countries they’ve already established themselves in for a while.

You can still enjoy HD without the buffering annoying you and the security systems are very reliable. The program is supported by most desktop and mobile operating systems and you will be relieved to know that simultaneous connections are allowed without restrictions.

surfshark for netflix interface

3. VyprVPN

  • Reliable connection and security mechanisms
  • Can get around the blocks
  • The company owns each server
  • Supported by most platforms and is easy to use
  • Doesn’t accept cryptocurrency
  • Only covers a portion of Netflix regions

Verdict: This is a very reliable way of how to change Netflix country because the applications are performant and intuitive, the connection is fast, while servers always work smoothly. You can run the program on any popular operating system.

No provider reaches the scale of the first VPN in this list but here you will find a decent network showing you content from the US, the UK, and Germany. Plus, there is an advanced Chameleon protocol that completely doubles on your traces. Other features include IP/DNS leak protection and a malicious site filter.

vyprvpn for netflix interface

4. ProtonVPN

  • Flexible and affordable
  • Serious about user privacy
  • Multihop feature to secure locations
  • Tor connections
  • Very limited network

Verdict: This service does not offer the lowest prices or the widest coverage but many users state it as their preferred way to change Netflix region. It hits strongly on the protection of your personal data, thus obtaining popularity among the more serious users.

On top of that, access to advanced features will cost you less than many competitors charge. This smaller company can certainly give you reliable access but only to some English, American, and German content catalogs.

proton for netflix interface

5. SaferVPN

  • Stable high speeds
  • Well-configured for unblocking US catalogs
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Doesn’t work in China

Verdict: A great way to change country on Netflix, if your only interest lies between English and American content, is this popular provider. The company knows its clients and put out dedicated servers for streaming. This means setting things up will be a breeze even if you are a hopeless technological dummy.

This program keeps no records of user IPs or actions so you can safely browse the net. There is also a powerful leak guard combined with reliable encryption. Enjoy watching your favorite shows on any PC or portable device after paying a small charge.

safervpn for netflix interface


  • Can free VPNs be used to change the Netflix region?

Using free VPN services for streaming simply doesn’t make sense because of the limitations they typically impose. Free software would give you a limited data allowance and considering how taxing streaming is, that allowance will be gone within minutes.

  • Which countries have Netflix?

Excluding Crimea, China, Syria, and North Korea, this service is literally accessible all over the planet. However, some countries produce their own content or buy few licenses from others so all catalogs are different.

  • Is VPN access to Netflix allowed?

No, most such companies, Netflix included, don’t like when people use VPN and try hard to prevent such access. Common VPNs can’t keep up with the strengthening barriers and exclude streaming from their features. Some more powerful options, like the ones mentioned above, put much effort into allowing you to change Netflix country.

  • What about using a DNS Proxy to change Netflix region?

You can find DNS proxies that can also let you open catalogs of different countries. Technically, this works if they have a reserve of IP addresses not banned by this service. However, any big company can quickly \ locate and ban the viewers using DNS so it’s not a reliable way out.