12 Best Free and Cheap VPNs for Chrome in 2024

It is a challenging task to find an efficient and free VPN for Google Chrome since the net is full of fake and scammy applications. Even reliable VPNs may operate with delays, provide limited bandwidth and cause data leakage.

To pick the right service faster, I’ve compiled a ranking of the best free Chrome VPNs, taking into consideration quality, safety and speed.

12 Best Free and Cheap VPNs for Chrome

  1. CyberGhost VPN - Access to geo-restricted websites
  2. HotSpot Shield - For casual browsing
  3. TunnelBear VPN - Best design
  4. Touch VPN - High performance
  5. ZenMate VPN - Unblocks streaming sites
  6. Betternet - Intuitive
  7. Windscribe VPN - Premium security features
  8. DotVPN - With an ad-block
  9. BrowsecVPN - Fast and efficient
  10. Hola VPN - Ultra-fast speed
  11. ExpressVPN - Multi-platform
  12. Gom VPN - Simple to use

The following free VPN services not only unblock content but also hide the user’s IP address, web access log along with personal data so that the user successfully preserves anonymity while browsing the net.

1. CyberGhost VPN – Our Choice

Access to geo-restricted websites
  • Full online anonymity
  • Straightforward UI
  • Operates in countries that forbid VPNs
  • Bandwidth without limitations
  • None detected

Verdict: CyberGhost VPN Chrome eliminates the user’s concern about data caps. It provides bandwidth without limitations for the users to freely surf the web and not feel restricted.

In comparison with similar free VPN Chrome options, CyberGhost doesn’t keep the user’s data. It blocks any online tracking attempt, letting users take advantage of full web anonymity.

The application isn’t difficult to figure out with its straightforward interface. Besides, CyberGhost is capable of bypassing intricate anti-VPN location-blocking algorithms of well-known streaming websites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

Using this free Chrome VPN extension, it possible to prevent data leakage while you are connected to public Wi-Fi networks.

  • cyberghost best free vpn for chrome interface

    2. HotSpot Shield VPN

    For casual browsing
    • Top-grade safety options
    • Extremely speedy connection
    • Prevents data leakage
    • Straightforward
    • High server traffic may lead to slowed down connection
    • 500 MB data limitation

    Verdict: VPN HotSpot Shield Chrome offers excellent protection capabilities but comes with certain limitations. The daily data cap of 500MB may be insufficient to stream videos or use torrents. The free version is suitable only for day-to-day surfing for approximately 8 hours.

    The patented protocol of this application features speed optimization and is considered one of the quickest free VPN services. The protocol is compressing the user’s data and reducing the VPN’s delay, speeding up the connection and doesn’t compromise safety.

    With the 256-bit AES encryption and IP/DNS leak protection, the user’s data can’t be stolen in any way. In case the VPN connection fails, HotSpot Shield provides an automatic VPN kill switch for protection.

    • hotspot shield best free vpn for chrome interface

      3. TunnelBear VPN

      Best design
      • Doesn’t weigh much
      • Supports keyboard shortcuts
      • Ideal for novices
      • Straightforward design
      • Speedy enough
      • Encryption only of browser traffic
      • Free version lacks options

      Verdict: TunnelBear is the best VPN for Chrome with the use of AES 256-bit encryption by default that is suitable for those who wish to encrypt browser traffic only. However, TunnelBear isn’t going to encrypt other kinds of traffic on the device unless the user purchases the paid version.

      The application will please you with the nice design and vivid colors, especially if you aren’t a fan of that plain black and green hacker-like style. Using a free or a paid version, it is possible to work with five devices on one account.

      TunnelBear supports 22 countries, including the UK, US, Canada, Germany, Japan, Spain, Hong Kong, and India.

      tunnelbear vpn best free vpn for chrome interface

      4. Touch VPN

      High performance
      • Modifies the IP address
      • Straightforward
      • Doesn’t require an account
      • Bandwidth without limitations
      • Unneeded permission settings
      touch vpn best free vpn for chrome logo
      Touch VPN

      Verdict: Touch VPN Chrome is an absolutely free VPN application that doesn’t have any bandwidth restrictions. Unlocking and unblocking various sites from any location and accessing them with full anonymity is possible.

      If you are concerned about hackers getting a hold of your confidential info while connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, Touch VPN ensures the total encryption of personal data, protecting it safely at a top-grade level.

      In order to preserve online anonymity, the application modifies the user’s IP address. Moreover, the actions users perform on the net are hidden from unauthorized access.

      Touch VPN establishes the connection in one click and doesn’t require an account. The application should only be downloaded and installed to start working.

      • touch vpn best free vpn for chrome interface

        5. ZenMate VPN

        Unblocks streaming sites
        • Surfing without restrictions
        • Provides complete anonymity and hides IP address
        • Speedy and efficient
        • The presence of “Smart Price” option
        • Annoying pop-up ads
        zenmate vpn best free vpn for chrome logo
        ZenMate VPN

        Verdict: ZenMate is another decent representative of free VPN for Chrome extensions. It helps users avoid undesired tracking all over the Internet.

        The application encrypts the traffic of the browser and enables users to create a fake virtual location. ZenMate supports 30 server locations, including the US, some European countries, Singapore, Brazil, etc.

        The “Smart Price” option is accessible in the free version as well. It offers shopping suggestions on the basis of the cheapest prices for the desired products. The ZenMate application belongs to the list of the best free VPN for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

        • zenmate best free vpn for chrome interface

          6. Betternet

          • VPN without restrictions
          • Absence of ads
          • Stability and reliability of the connection
          • Anonymity protection
          • Only one free US virtual location is accessible
          betternet best free vpn for chrome logo

          Verdict: Betternet offers 500MB of free data, which is being reset each day. This amount of data is sufficient for 8 hours of surfing the net and scrolling through social networks. Betternet is the best VPN for Chrome free since it doesn’t request log info, credit card data, and doesn’t require setting up an account.

          The extension simply has to be installed and may be used for free of charge for an unlimited period of time. Betternet’s private VPN conceals the user’s IP address, thus masking the location, enabling users to bypass location-related limitations and opening access to all sorts of content.

          The provided connection is characterized by reliability and stability. Betternet doesn’t display ads and isn’t difficult to figure out.

          • betternet best free vpn for chrome interface

            7. Windscribe VPN

            Premium security features
            • Protects from cyberattacks
            • Servers in 10 countries
            • No-logs policy
            • Unlocks location-restricted content
            • Only 10 GB of data is provided
            • Loading with delays on streaming sites
            windscribe vpn best free vpn for chrome logo
            Windscribe VPN

            Verdict: Windscribe offers 10 GB of data monthly. With a free account, connecting to servers in 10 countries. Speaking of safety, this VPN Chrome extension is superior to similar services with its security settings present in the paid version.

            To effectively protect users from cyberattacks, the application provides AES 256-bit encryption and the selection of 4 different VPN protocols. Windscribe is praised for a verifiable no-logs policy. It doesn’t monitor the user’s action and doesn’t save connection logs, IP timestamps and session data.

            The application is user-friendly and appealing. It doesn’t display ads at all, which is a strong point in favor of Windscribe as a free VPN service.

            • windscribe best free vpn for chrome interface

              8. DotVPN

              With an ad-block
              • Bandwidth without limitations
              • 30 virtual locations
              • Ability to switch between locations freely
              • 4096-bit key encryption
              • May operate slowly from time to time
              dotvpn best free vpn for chrome logo

              Verdict: DotVPN for Chrome comes in two versions – free and paid ones. However, users state that the free version provides 80% of all the available capabilities. The rest of the features will be accessible in the paid version.

              This free VPN for Chrome applies 4096-bit key encryption, which is superior to the level of security provided in banks. It is capable of detecting less busier services in the indicated virtual location to boost speed.

              DotVPN doesn’t let users open “littered” websites and reliably protects users from attacks of scammers and intruders.

              dotvpn best free vpn for chrome interface

              9. Browsec VPN

              Fast and efficient
              • Streaming sites are accessible
              • Incredibly speedy
              • 36 server locations
              • Simple installation
              • Presence of ads
              • Limited number of servers available
              • Data logging
              browsecvpn best free vpn for chrome logo

              Verdict: Browsec offers capabilities comparable to the premium versions of other services. There are restrictions on the number of available servers. However, even before the connection, Browsec shows the possible speed and safety of each of them.

              Browsec doesn’t limit the amount of traffic used. There is a function for optimizing the user’s time zone, as well as protection from WebRTC. However, unlike other VPNs, Browsec shows ads embedded in the interface.

              Browsec is the best free VPN for Chrome in terms of speedy connections. The speed reaches up to 100 Mbits/sec, far exceeding similar VPN services.

              But I would like to warn you to be careful and try not to transfer confidential info via the network. Browsec is based in Russia so the user’s actions are likely to be monitored.

              browsecvpn best free vpn for chrome interface

              10. Hola VPN

              Ultra-fast speed
              • Extremely speedy
              • Simple installation
              • Straightforward UI
              • Multi-platform
              • Absence of encryption
              • Not the safest

              Verdict: Hola VPN Chrome is notable for the speedy operation. According to the results of standalone research, it is one of the fastest VPNs among free and paid services. It won’t take you more than a minute to download, install and launch the application.

              One of the drawbacks of Hola is the absence of encryption. It applies proxy tunneling, therefore, it is just a regular Chrome proxy application. Moreover, Hola preserves information logs. So, the level of provided anonymity isn’t that high.

              In case you wish to eliminate all the tracking attempts, Hola may not satisfy you with the degree of privacy it offers.

              hola vpn best free vpn for chrome interface

              11. ExpressVPN

              • Remarkable server coverage
              • Top-grade extension
              • Multilingual interface
              • Creates fake locations
              • Can’t be used without the app
              expressvpn best free vpn for chrome logo

              Verdict: ExpressVPN Chrome is distinguished by fast speed and an efficient stealth mode so that no one knows that the user uses a VPN. The extension safely unlocks web content and applies reliable encryption.

              ExpressVPN isn’t difficult to figure out. It prevents DNS leakage and boasts a kill switch. Users can surf through Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, BBC, etc. enjoying utmost anonymity, safety and incredible speed.

              The only disadvantage of ExpressVPN is that the Chrome extension can’t be used without the installation of the proper desktop application.

              • expressvpn best free vpn for chrome interface

                12. Gom VPN

                One-tap activation
                • Speedy 1000mbit unblocking servers and proxies
                • Absence of configuration
                • Straightforward
                • Supports the use on multiple devices, without additional fees
                • Slow customer support
                gom vpn best free vpn for chrome logo
                Gom VPN

                Verdict: The main specialization of Gom VPN is making location-blocked content accessible. Among its prominent points are 1000Mbit servers and proxies, effortless activation in one click and a customizable interface.

                Gom VPN is characterized by excellent safety, encrypting traffic by means of HTTP2 SSL. Besides, the application doesn’t save logs.

                Gom is the best VPN for Chrome in case you are going to use it on several iOS and Android devices, without having to pay anything.

                gom vpn  best free vpn for chrome interface
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