How to Watch Sesame Go Outside the US

The fans of Sesame Street and Pinky Dinky Doo cartoon series often inquire how to watch Sesame Go outside the US. This popular channel, which is known today as Sesame Street, is popular not only among children but also among adults.

However, viewers, who are traveling abroad, cannot access the channel outside America. That is why if you don’t want to miss new series of your favorite shows, you can use several methods to bypass geo-blocks:

Sesame Street is an American television series for children featuring Jim Henson’s Muppets. It was first released on November 10, 1969, and since then the series has gained great popularity and a multi-million army of fans.

Besides, Sesame Street is full of educational content that’s why children of all ages like it. Find out how to watch Sesame Go outside the US to enjoy all series from this channel from any part of the world.

1. Watch Sesame Go Over VPN

how to watch sesame go outside the us with vpns

Nowadays the most convenient way of watching Sesame Go outside the US is to subscribe to one of the best VPNs for streaming. By using these services, you can successfully conceal your IP address, and then substitute it with an American one.

If you choose the right server with high speed, you can stream high-quality content without delays. The speed remains high even if you watch HD videos. Moreover, such services grant anonymity and keep your data secure.

To access Sesame Street Go with a help of VPN, take the following steps:

STEP 1. Choose a VPN that offers reliable US servers.

STEP 2. Download and install an app compatible with your PC and browser.

STEP 3. Select a US server and connect to it. Find a server manually or use the one offered by a VPN. Once you’ve taken these steps, your real IP address will be hidden and you’ll get access to Sesame Street Go.

STEP 4. Delete cookies, as they may slow down the performance of a VPN.

STEP 5. Go to the official website of Sesame Street to check whether it is unblocked. If for some reason you cannot access the platform, we advise you to address the support service or choose a new server. In case of an emergency, try using another VPN.


  • Streaming in HD
  • More than 5000 servers
  • Over sixty countries
  • Occasional bugs

Verdict: NordVPN can be called the best VPN for home with over 5000 servers from over sixty countries in various parts of the world. This is probably the best option if you need a speedy connection for trouble-free video streaming in HD. It means that you can watch Sesame Go outside the US or other countries without degrading the quality of live broadcast.

The service has many advantages like double encryption, HD streaming, Tor over VPN, and more. Besides, NordVPN maintains a no-log policy, meaning that the company doesn’t collect your personal data. The cost of a subscription to this service starts from $3.71 per month.

how to watch sesame go outside the us with nordvpn


  • Speedy servers
  • Convenient interface
  • Kill switch feature
  • Poor customer support

Verdict: TunnelBear is one of the best free VPNs for Mac and one of the most effective methods of how to watch Sesame Go outside the US. Moreover, this VPN provides the access to channels and streaming services from various countries. Its main advantage is speedy servers in different states worldwide. This ensures the maximum live streaming speed, which directly affects the quality of viewing.

The developers offer special apps for various platforms for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and extensions for Chrome and Opera browsers. Besides, you can try an absolutely free trial version of the VPN for checking how well it performs with American servers. The cost of a subscription to this service starts from $4.17 per month.

how to watch sesame go outside the us with tunnelbear


  • Complete anonymity
  • Budget-friendly
  • Fast servers
  • Some servers don’t work

Verdict: CyberGhost is a popular VPN service, the main advantage of which is a great number of servers (to be precise 6500). This allows you to quickly determine the fastest server for streaming the Sesame Go channel in the other countries. Another great advantage of CyberGhost is the possibility to stream content on seven devices simultaneously, meaning that you can watch Sesame Street with friends or other family members.

Besides, this VPN doesn’t deteriorate the quality of videos. All your actions on the web are completely anonymous and invisible to outsiders. Thus, your private data is protected, and you get complete security while streaming online. The cost of using the service starts from €2 per month.

how to watch sesame go outside the us with cyberghost

2. Subscribe to Streaming Services

how to watch sesame go outside the us with amazon streaming services

Amazon Prime is a popular video streaming service, which opens access to practically all media streaming platforms. Thus, by connecting to it, you can watch Sesame Street Go content in different parts of the world.

The developers offer two types of subscriptions: Amazon Video and Amazon Prime. The cost of the first one is $8.99. This tariff plan guarantees access to a huge library of streaming videos.

The second subscription with access to unique content costs $12.99 per month. You can use various devices for accessing Amazon, including Android, iOS, Smart TV, and more.

3. Using Smart DNS Services

how to watch sesame go outside the us with smart dns services

Another way to watch Sesame Go outside the US is to use a Smart DNS. Such programs can hide a user’s ISP-assigned DNS successfully. Actually, these services conceal the URL that can be used for identifying the user’s location, and change it to the necessary one.

The best Smart DNS services on the market today are:

Unlocator Smart DNS can work on several devices simultaneously allowing you to watch Sesame Go with friends and your family members. It can also bypass geo-restrictions for accessing various channels.

OverPlay Smart DNS is an effective service that allows accessing practically all content with geo-blocks. It can provide you with maximal protection when browsing the web.

You can get detailed info on how to use these services on their official websites.


  • • How much do I have to pay for watching Sesame Street Go?

This channel is absolutely free for US residents, that’s why you don’ need to purchase a subscription.

  • • Is it legal to watch Sesame Street Go outside the US?

Streaming Sesame Street while being in other countries is not legal, that is why the channel is blocked for people who aren’t in the USA. These restrictions can be removed with the help of a VPN-service. 

  • • Why does Sesame Street Go remain inaccessible even when I use VPN?

Check whether your VPN can actually unblock the necessary TV channel. It is important to choose an active and fast American server. We also recommend you enable leak protection in the settings of the VPN menu to hide your real location. Sometimes it is worth trying to change the current server to another or even use a different VPN.

  • • Does the use of VPN affect the quality of streaming?

This can happen if you have chosen an inappropriate server. In such cases, you can try to choose another server, which is located as close to you as possible. Thus, you’ll get the best speed for watching live broadcasts.