G-Tech Graphic Design and Social Media Agency Review

G-Tech Graphic Design and Social Media Agency Review

G-Tech Graphic Design and Social Media Agency is a small creative graphic design and web development agency based in Mexico. They offer all kinds of graphics and web services. Their main goal is to provide the best service, from planning your project to its completion. Customer feedback confirms this.

G-Tech Design: Services

High-quality graphic design is the foundation of how to draw attention to your product, service, business or company. People remember a beautifully designed logo, advertisement or banner better than an intrusive video or repetitive radio ads.

G-Tech Graphic Design and Social Media Agency offers high-level design services and can work in practically every area of graphic design and image editing. The services they provide include:

g-tech graphic design and social media agency logo

Advertising Design - they offer advertising graphic design services to promote your brand or company. You can order designs of posters, flyers, T-shirts, Material Design P.O.P., CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray covers and booklets.

Corporate Image - every company, business, brand or product must have its own corporate image so that people can easily visually distinguish them from others. G-Tech Design and Social Media Management Agency can design your logo, website or a corporate image in general.

Photo Editing - in addition to the main areas of work, they are great at photo restoration, image retouching and photo montage.

g-tech graphic design and social media agency web-design

Illustration - if you just need to draw a beautiful digital art piece that you can hang on the wall, print on a T-shirt or even use on your website but don’t have time or desire to deal with complex graphic design software, you can turn to this company. The artists from G-Tech Design and Social Media Marketing Agency will do it for you. They have mastered different painting styles and use various techniques, including photography and digital art.

Web Development - the company offers website development solutions for individuals, enterprises, small and medium businesses and companies. They create perfectly optimized websites thanks to their high-level skills in programming, web development and responsive web design.

Social Media Managing - they also can manage your social networks, develop a communication strategy, establish a corporate image of your company on social networks and manage your subscribers. Besides, they provide you with statistical reports and have great customer service.

G-Tech Design: Blog

g-tech graphic design and social media agency blog

On their website, you can find a regularly updated design blog and everything related to it. You can see that the articles fall under two categories:

Tips on design - designers actively share tips on creating logos, websites, working with various design types, concepts and interesting ideas.

Freebies - the most interesting part of the blog for beginners, as here they share everything you might need to create a design. Vector icons, beautiful fonts, Photoshop actions, mock-ups and other freebies are completely free of charge.

Infographic - my favorite section of the blog where G-Tech Design and Social Media Marketing Agency analyzes the latest trends in the design world. Many leading companies work on projects that can create new design trends and change standards. Just like Apple, which set the global trend for flat design. You will learn about such companies and new trends in the infographic section.

Also, from time to time, they post articles that don’t fall under any section. These are collections of Photoshop tutorials, tips on how to create business card designs, choose the best web design software, etc.