9 Best Free Greeting Card Software

By Eva Williams 22 days ago, Software Reviews

9 Best Free Greeting Card Software in 2021

A greeting card software will assist you in designing funny and creative greeting cards for your friends and beloved people. Greeting cards, which are created in specific software, are very suitable for New Year and Christmas, Easter, birthdays, Valentine's Day, the birth of a child and more.

Top 9 Free Greeting Card Software

  1. Adobe Spark - Personalized branded templates
  2. Canva - Great library of fonts
  3. Fotor - Works on all devices
  4. ArcSoft Print Creations - Complete photo printing
  5. Scribus - Works with PDF forms
  6. Greeting Cards Studio - Best for Windows users
  7. Hallmark Card Studio - With etiquette tips for writing sensitive cards
  8. Greeting Card Factory Deluxe - Drag-and-drop text effects
  9. Print Artist 25 Platinum - For creating e-cards

All these free greeting card software feature plenty of backgrounds and standard drawing shapes to simplify the process of creating such a card. In addition, these tools offer the ability to make collages with pictures, e-cards with music, as well as a large number of templates separately for each holiday.

1. Adobe Spark – Our Choice

Personalized branded templates
  • Straightforward
  • 3 in 1: pictures, pages and video clips
  • Royalty-free pics
  • Number of templates isn’t limited
  • Modest variations of placing the text

Verdict: The number of templates to pick from isn’t limited, which makes Spark stand out among similar software options. In particular, you will find a vast variety of Valentine’s Day card templates. They greatly facilitate the process of making a card, letting the user concentrate on the creative, not the technical part of the project.

Moreover, users of Adobe Spark free are capable of editing templates and adjusting them according to their preferences.

For the user’s convenience, the software offers a stock picture library as well. The finished card can be downloaded for further printing or sharing via email, Facebook or Twitter with a link given by Spark.

  • adobe spark greeting card software interface

    2. Canva

    Great library of fonts
    • Stunning exclusive cards
    • Drag and Drop toolkit
    • More than 50,000 templates
    • Customized messages
    • Additional options have to be paid for
    • Unable to create e-cards with music and other media types

    Verdict: Canva belongs to one of the most widespread free web-based programs for working on design projects. Aside from creating logos and other kinds of visual graphics, Canva may serve as a free card maker. It provides a vast array of customizable templates – from holiday-related to regular everyday cards. Canva functions directly in the browser so you don’t have to download anything on your PC or Mac to use it.

    With Canva, it is possible to make a greeting card in five simple steps. The user just needs to decide on a template (or create one themselves), modify the pictures, add text along with extra tweaks, save the finished result and that’s it. Besides, Canva is notable for the presence of specialized printing service for users.

    • canva greeting card software interface

      3. Fotor

      Works on all devices
      • Web-based
      • Ability to make collages with pictures
      • Video tutorials
      • Convenient drag-and-drop UI
      • Limitations in the free version

      Verdict: If you are interested in creating free greeting cards with pictures, pay attention to Fotor. It presents plenty of templates to be used with a single picture or a collage of multiple shots.

      If you have difficulties figuring out how to deal with the drag-and-drop UI to make cards, just watch informative video tutorials.

      To start making a card and upload pictures, you will have to sign up for a free account. It is possible to share the finished card via email, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

      In case you require a more extensive feature-set, Fotor provides a paid version that costs $39.99 per year. If that isn’t an option, discover how to get Fotor for free. Fotor offers a desktop version, as well as a mobile one for iOS- and Android-based devices.

      • fotor greeting card software interface

        4. ArcSoft Print Creations

        Complete photo printing
        • Straightforward
        • Multitude of various templates and projects
        • Ability to preview a project at every step
        • Provides a standard picture editing toolset
        • Templates need to be downloaded

        Verdict: ArcSoft Print Creations is one of the most effective and user-friendly card making programs. It offers a wide assortment of templates together with an integrated picture editing toolset to improve pictures before pasting them to a card project.

        ArcSoft boasts an intuitive and simple interface that lets any user, even a novice, create greeting cards for nearest and dearest.

        Once you are done making a card, you can share it via email or save it as a picture file.

        Although given the software’s name, the most logical option would be to print it immediately – with a full preview and convenient print options to set the paper type, page layout, print range, and other details.

        arcsoft print creations greeting card software interface

        5. Scribus

        Works with PDF forms
        • Fully compatible with Windows
        • Doesn’t occupy much storage space on the PC
        • Supports PDF forms
        • Specialized publishing capabilities
        • Takes time to figure out

        Verdict: Scribus is an open-source version of the desktop publishing software, which is widely used by accomplished graphic designers. That’s why get ready to invest some time and effort to figure out how to make greeting cards in this software. Scribus pleases users with an extensive range of layouts and publishing techniques.

        Aside from functioning as a greeting cards software freeware, Scribus presents many convenient professional capabilities, including CMYK colors, import/export of PDF and EPS files, separators, an ICC color Manager, vector graphics toolset, and support for OpenType sources.

        • scribus greeting card software interface

          6. Greeting Cards Studio

          Best for Windows users
          • May be downloaded from the Microsoft store
          • Plenty of important options
          • Straightforward UI
          • Works with text
          • Limitations in the free version

          Verdict: In case you are after helpful free greeting card software compatible with Windows 10, consider Greeting Cards Studio. It is capable of customizing greeting cards by means of text and pictures, as well as pinching and rotating gestures to tweak pictures. Those who purchase the PRO version will be able to import new themes from the web.

          This software isn’t difficult to deal with. The user just needs to pick a frame, add the desired picture or snap one straight from the camera and type in the message.

          It is possible to move the text to different positions, tweak, zoom and rotate pictures via the touch screen or mouse wheel. For the latter option, move the mouse while for zooming and press Ctrl to rotate.

          The free version of Greeting Cards Studio is already full-featured. Upgrading to PRO enables additional capabilities, like the import of new themes from the Web, a larger variety of frames, removal of ads and link watermarks.

          greeting cards studio greeting card software interface

          7. Hallmark Card Studio

          With etiquette tips for writing sensitive cards
          • Etiquette tips for writing sensitive cards
          • Wonderful design elements
          • Picture editing capabilities
          • Vast array of projects
          • Non-consistent search for features
          • May take a while to load

          Verdict: This greeting card software free comprises over 18,000 cards and projects for all sorts of occasions, over 20,000 clip art pictures along with a gallery of 15,000 Hallmark variations with the proper choice of words for every card.

          You will find over 1,200 updated designs for regular cards, announcements, cards with pictures, invitations and so on.

          If you have never dealt with making cards, you can watch helpful video tutorials. A convenient interface simplifies the process of browsing, designing, sending and printing cards.

          Once you are done making a card, feel free to print it, share it via email, straight to Facebook or YouTube. Besides, Hallmark gives an ability to make e-cards with the music or audio uploaded by the user.

          • hallmark card studio greeting card software interface

            8. Greeting Card Factory Deluxe

            Drag-and-drop text effects
            • Extensive selection of card templates
            • Straightforward
            • Integrated picture editing capabilities
            • Drag-and-drop text effects
            • Limited support
            • Inability to add music or sounds to e-cards

            Verdict: This free card making software from Nova Development offers more than 92,000 graphics and more than 25,000 project and card designs. Apart from creating a greeting card, it is possible to design a calendar, certificate, stationery and what not.

            The assortment of cards includes pop-up cards, Thank You notes, picture CD greeting cards and note cards. In terms of a toolset, the software provides picture editing capabilities, drag-and-drop text effects, as well as a card browser.

            • greeting card factory deluxe greeting card software interface

              9. Print Artist 25 Platinum

              For creating e-cards
              • Possibility to make and email e-cards
              • A vast array of graphic elements
              • Universal
              • Simple to upload cards to social networks
              • Costs much
              • Lacks prewritten sentiments
              • Icons are small and without labels

              Verdict: Print Artist 25 Platinum goes further than being a standard greeting card creator software. It boasts sophisticated picture editing capabilities and a library of impressive text effects. All the 28,000 templates are designed at a professional level. In addition, the software comprises 377,000 graphics and picture clip art options so that everyone finds an ideal card design to their taste.

              The software provides users with an opportunity to make e-cards, add sounds or music to them. The finished cards may be uploaded straight to YouTube or Facebook or shared via email with the recipients.

              In case you have any questions concerning the software, go to the company’s website. There you will find helpful tutorials, a FAQ page, and you will be able to address customer support through live chat, email or phone.

              • print artist 25 platinum greeting card software interface
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