FotoFlexer Review

FotoFlexer Review

What is FotoFlexer capable of? Does it have essential tools for basic photo editing? Can FotoFlexer online compete with a full-fledged photo editor? Should you use it for your work? All the answers are below.

What is FotoFlexer?

FotoFlexer is online photo editor for basic color correction. Surprisingly, there is no need to download or install it. The system is adjusted to your Internet traffic speed, accordingly, the higher the Internet speed rate is, the quicker FotoFlexer photo editor works.

fotoflexer logo

Official website: FotoFlexer
Developer: Arbor Labs
Alternatives: iPiccy



Overal Rating50
Color Correction           
Photo Retouching        
App's Design                 
Easy Navigation            
User-friendly Interface
Additional Functions    
Response Speed           

FotoFlexer has all the necessary features, which every best free photo editor must have: cropping, resizing, layers, effects and a number of other tools for basic photo retouching. In addition, the photo editor supports such file extension as .jpg, .gif, and .png, which are considered the most common on the Internet.

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FotoFlexer Photo Editor: Pros & Cons

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • A rich collection of filters and effects
  • A quick control
  • Unlimited work with masks and layers
  • Annoying advertisement
  • Poor tool design
  • Inconvenient wide screen usage
  • Lack of tools for image retouching
  • No raw files support

Even though the photo editor features the main tools for basic image retouching, there are only few advantages. I will explain a couple of them. The plain and user-friendly interface won’t distract you from work. Pretty quick control. Once the image is uploaded, FotoFlexer app moves you onto a full-screen editing canvas with all editing tools, such as rotation, crop, filters, etc. Layers and masks. FotoFlexer allows you to have several layers. You can shift them and combine with a right click of mouse button. Besides, the editor offers the context menu.

FotoFlexer online photo editor has more drawbacks than benefits, however. Even in a full-screen mode, the editor has the same size, which looks really weird and inconvenient. The number of tools. Although the editor is free, its functionality isn’t enough for photo retouching as some tools don’t work properly. For instance, clicking “Stamp”, the editor will turn the image into black and white with too much contrast. However, there is no slider or an option to adjust it. Besides, FotoFlexer has lots of annoying advertisement. It is not surprising, the photo editor offers to remove it for certain payment.

FotoFlexer Modules

fotoflexer photo editor

Despite the fact that FotoFlexer was created long ago, developers have not created the app for smartphones or full-fledged PC version. The photo editor is available for browsers only and it seems odd to me. However, you may use any browser with Flash support and can easily edit your shots on a mobile device or a tablet.

FotoFlexer Price

As it was mentioned before, FotoFlexer has been free for a really long period. Everything that Fotoflexer suggests is to remove advertisement, thereby, as the developers inform, you can improve the functionality. It is a common option, which you may see practically in every web-editor.


Fotoflexer is a helpful and convenient photo editor, which offers a number of tools with a single mouth click and some extra tools for effective image editing. FotoFlexer online editor doesn’t require downloading and installing a separate app. You just need a browser with the latest upgrade and Flash support.


  • 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel® Atom ™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbooks
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3 (32 bit), Windows Server 2008 (32 bit), Windows Vista® (32 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows 8.1 (32 bit and 64 bit), or Windows 10.
  • Latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera

Mac OS

  • Mac OS X v10.9 or later
  • Latest versions of Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera


  • YUM, TAR.GZ, RPM and APT packages for NPAPI and PPAPI
  • Latest versions of Firefox or Google Chrome

FotoFlexer Review

fotoflexer photo editor


FotoFlexer editor allows choosing the image from the user’s computer or uploading it from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, MySpace and perform the following changes: image resizing, correct color, saturation, contrast, add different effects, including text, distort of selected areas of the image and so on.

fotoflexer photo editor before-after

Having uploaded the image, I saw a quite plain interface. There was a range of tools, such as basic, effects, decoration, animations, beautify, distort, layers, and geek. Let’s have a look at each one. What can they do and are they enough for basic image retouching? The first disappointing thing was the fact that FotoFlexer editor compresses my image while uploading it. Thus, it spoils the image quality, making it grainy. I have placed the screenshot of the image before on the left, and its uploaded version on the right. It can’t understand why they did it.

fotoflexer photo editor interface

Having chosen the basic tab, the photo editor offers to use the following tools: autofix, fix redeye, crop, copy region, rotate and flip, adjust, contrast and collage.

fotoflexer photo editor auto fix

Autofix tool changes brightness, contrast and other options. I’ve tested the tool and I wasn’t really pleased with the result. Fotoflexer editor made the image too sharp and noisy. After that, I returned the initial variant with “Ctrl + Z” hotkeys.

fotoflexer photo editor red eye fix

The red eye tool worked pretty well without any drawbacks. As a vivid example, I took another image and pointed the mouse to the necessary area. I removed undesirable effect with one click only. The tool works accurately and removes red eyes effect immediately.

fotoflexer photo editor crop

Crop tool doesn’t work very smoothly. Having chosen a certain area, you can’t drag it to another place. I had the following situation: I had chosen the part, which I intended to preserve. I couldn’t move it even a little because Fotoflexer photo editor deactivated the selected area. As a result, I had to select it again. Besides, you will fail to find formats, such as 4:3, 16:9.

fotoflexer photo editor instruments

Copy region, rotate and flip tools allow to extend the image, rotate to any side and reflect it. The tools were designed perfectly and they work very well.

fotoflexer photo editor adjust

You can use adjust tool and correct such characteristics as hue, saturation, and brightness, using sliders. Still, the tool has a weak design. If we compare it with Polar, which is also a free online image editor, it becomes obvious that you can hardly achieve great results with adjust tool available in FotoFlexer.

fotoflexer photo editor contrast fix

The next is contrast tool: it allows adjusting contrast and brightness of an image, using sliders. I was really surprised to find out that the tool has a satisfying design, as the color is accurately changed when you move the slider in any direction. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about adjusting tool.

fotoflexer photo editor collage

You can make a collage, using the last tool from the basic tab. You have to select a number of photos and the resolution in advance to create a beautiful collage. Besides, you can create a photo frame, set the color and size in FotoFlexer app.

fotoflexer photo editor effects

The next “effects” tab is full of different kinds of effects. So, you can find a suitable effect for any kind of image, be it a portrait or a landscape.

fotoflexer photo editor effects fix

When the effect is chosen, there are 3 available sliders, which enable you to adjust size, craziness, opacity: thereby increase or reduce the effect in FotoFlexer editor.

fotoflexer photo editor text

Applying the following “decorate” tool, you can add text, stickers or a fascinating frame to the image. I tried adding text, so I was happy with the detail of the tool. The first thing I noticed was the number of fonts. More than a hundred fonts are available, which you don’t need to download or install. Just chose and add the text. Furthermore, you are allowed to adjust the text color, using the color palette. The design of this tool is good enough. It corresponds to its requirements completely.

fotoflexer photo editor animation

The “animations” tool is more suitable to edit gifs. As long as it represents a set of animated stickers, which can be edited a little, using the color palette, so that you can change and set the color of a sticker. However, you cannot add more stickers. I would like to have an opportunity to create my own stickers, using FotoFlexer online editor.

fotoflexer photo editor beautify

Using “beautify” tool of FotoFlexer online editor, you can perform the following adjustments as smooch, sharpen, fix blemishes, and smooch wrinkles. Still, the tool is poorly made: I tried to enhance smooch, making the image smoother but I didn’t figure out how to use this tool. I clicked on it many times but nothing happened. I did not see any changes, because you cannot enhance the tool effect with a slider. There were the same problems with sharpen tool.

fotoflexer photo editor distort

The following distort tool allows you to make such changes as twirl, bulge, pinch, and squish. With it, you can easily blur the background with variable effects. The tool has an excellent design. I really like it.

fotoflexer photo editor distort fix

To make it clear, I’ve chosen twirl, adjusted brush size, and blur rate. After that, when I direct the brush on the image, I can immediately see the result. If you are satisfied with it, click the mouse, otherwise, you can make changes and try again.

fotoflexer photo editor layers

Developers claim that the tools, which are in the “layers” tab, allow you to work with masks and layers. Although, after having tested those tools, I did not get how to use them. Moreover, tools performance is quite weird, they even do not match their names. Let’s assume that you have chosen the duplicate tab, which should duplicate the image and placed it next to the original photo. Alas, it just cropped the image.

fotoflexer photo editor layers fix

I guess it is related to the fact that the working area is limited. Thus, Fotoflexer photo editor overlaps images this way. However, it is not the end of the story: after I have used this tool, the photo editor froze completely, FotoFlexer was not working. I failed to return the image to the original state. Having restarted the page and done the same, the problem repeated.

fotoflexer photo editor geek

Well, get down to the last “geek” tool. It allows to make the following changes – smart resize, smart recolor, smart cutout, smart scissors, curves, morph, and webcam. I’ve tested curves and smart cutout.

fotoflexer photo editor curves

Having opened Curves, I saw one curve on the main screen, which I will use to make changes. I set one of four colors, which “curves” tool offers to work with. Then I tested the curve and I was really impressed with the result. The tool works quite accurately and quickly. Actually, it is a bit unusual about other FotoFlexer features.

fotoflexer photo editor smart recolor

Applying smart recolor, you can paint an unnecessary area with the color palette. The tool operates on a principle of the background overlap, thus, you’ll end up with the image like it was shot in a studio. On the other hand, I was disappointed with the detail of the tool. Having chosen the color, I cannot change anything else. There weren’t different kinds of brushes, size settings, outline tool, as Photoshop provides.

fotoflexer photo editor smart recolor fix

I can really understand how Zoom works. Having set the slider at 30%, I ended up with the image in 200%. It’s a quite useful tool, but the design is at a low level.


Having tested FotoFlexer photo editor, I can say that provided tools do not meet my requirements. I had problems almost with every tool. Starting with a poor detail of the tool and ending with their week operation. Secondly, 80% of the working space is empty. If they had arranged tools in a different way, they would have avoided it. The third thing is constant, annoying ads, which can be hidden if you only open the photo editor in full-screen mode. I’ve never come across anything stranger before, as FotoFlexer compressed the image, downloading it. Thus, the quality of the image gets worse and the photo becomes grainy.


FotoFlexer Tutorials

FotoFlexer Beginners Tutorial

How to Use FotoFlexer?

FotoFlexer Alternatives

FotoFlexer vs iPiccy

FotoFlexer 3.0


iPiccy 4.0


Despite the fact that FotoFlexer provides a large set of tools, most of them work not as good as wanted. Both image editors are not designed for professional photo retouching, but both suggest adding color effects, applying filters, overlays or adding text. However, in case of iPiccy, the tools are well developed, some of them are also perfectly detailed, and the photo editor works much faster, the interface looks better.

FotoFlexer vs Befunky

FotoFlexer 3.0


Befunky 4.0


Comparing FotoFlexer and BeFunky photo editors, I noticed some similarities in their functions. Both image editors offer similar color correction tools and almost the same development, but FotoFlexer is only suitable for applying filters, effects, and nothing more, the other tools are poorly developed. Moreover, FotoFlexer image editor is inferior in speed, which cannot be said about BeFunky. Each of the picture editor offers a subscription. BeFunky opens some photo editing tools making them more detailed. FotoFlexer allows you to get rid of obsessive advertising.

FotoFlexer vs Fotor

FotoFlexer 3.0


Fotor 3.5


Fotor like FotoFlexer is aimed at the users who do not need to use professional photo retouching tools, but rather use several filters, effects. Both photo editors work with a noticeable delay, some of the tools require a lot of time before applying. Also, photo editors has a subscription to remove advertising. Fotor is stronger is some photo editing tools.

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