24 Easy First Day of School Pictures Ideas

A first school day is a memorable event in a kid’s life. To capture its every moment, use these easy first days of school pictures ideas. They will help you find inspiration to capture cute school pictures and memories to last a lifetime.

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1. Draw with Chalk on the Asphalt

first day of school pictures ideas draw with chalk on the asphalt

A child should be the main subject of this photoshoot. Draw number one with chalk on the asphalt big enough to accommodate a kid who can sit or lie inside. In this case, it is better to write «1st grade» with colorful chalks to create an original and beautiful composition.

first day of school pictures ideas write 1st grade

Another option is to draw a smaller picture and ask a child to sit near it. Make sure a kid feels comfortable and relaxed while assuming one of the child photography poses.

2. Make a Creative Lettering on the Chalkboard

first day of school pictures ideas chalkboard

Instead of a banal “first grade” phrase, you can write something creative and original on the writing board. Provide more details, like a child’s name, the date of their first school visit, the name of a school, and more. Choose the colors you like and some beautiful fonts.

first day of school pictures ideas use a writing board

Creativity is a key to success in this case. Use a board design that resembles a notebook with different pictures and such elements as an apple or a ruler.

3. Focus on a Bag

first day of school pictures ideas focus on a bag

Usually, school bags are much bigger than kids. A child can carry it or plop it down next to their legs, for example. There is no need to pose and look right into a camera. Ask a kid to behave naturally when packing or zipping a bag and snap this cute process to get a stunning shot.

4. Snap a Picture with a Schoolbus in the Background

first day of school pictures ideas schoolbus

It would be also a great idea to snap a pic of your child before they get on the school bus. Take a picture of a kid with an oncoming or parked vehicle in the background or while getting inside a bus. A schoolchild can hold a bag in their hands or a board with a name or «My first day of school» inscription.

5. Use an Apple as a Prop

first day of school pictures ideas use an apple

Posing holding an apple in hands is one of the most interesting first day of school pictures ideas. Who knows, maybe your child is a little Newtone? You can also ask a kid to write something in a notebook, but do not forget to place an apple nearby.

first day of school pictures ideas apple and books

You can also use an apple, books, or notebooks and place these props on a kid’s head. It’s better to take such a picture in a classroom. A child can pose sitting at a desk or on the street against a beautiful background. You can use a range of cute spring photo ideas.

6. Take a Photo in School Uniform

first day of school pictures ideas school uniform

No matter what first day of school photo ideas you prefer, a school uniform can fit any of them. The only thing you need is a simple background without any décor or props. Make sure that the light illuminates a model’s face properly, otherwise, you will need to spend much time adjusting contrast level and saturation to get excellent results.

7. Include Balloons in Photoshoot

first day of school pictures ideas balloons

Simple balloons that match the color of the child's outfit work well for implementing this idea. However, taking a picture with a balloon that features the «first day of school» inscription is a more creative option.

8. Scatter Things on the Desk

first day of school pictures ideas the desk

Put notebooks, textbooks and a globe on the desk. You can also use other props, like a glass with stationary, an apple, a board with the child's name, or the date when the kid first went to school. All these accessories look great on a desk or near it.

first day of school pictures ideas desk

Original locations should be your priority. Desks can be arranged not only at school but in some beautiful natural spots. You can ask a child to sit at a desk or stand next to it.

9. Create an Original Frame

first day of school pictures ideas create an original frame

Make an original frame: cut out some letters, draw some school subjects, and make an inscription in different colors. Experiment with a size of a frame and its shape to get lovely-looking pictures. Rectangular, square and oval frames are among the most interesting options. By using photo booth ideas and learning how to make a photo booth frame, you can create an eye-catching frame.

10. Put Books on a Head

first day of school pictures ideas put books on a head

Using books in a photoshoot and assuming some trivial poses is boring, so try something fresh and original. For instance, a kid can hold books like a fan so that a viewer can read their titles. Another option is to place books on a kid’s head. We strongly recommend using a neutral background to attract viewers’ attention to the most important things – colorful books and notebooks.

11. Use an Original Backdrop

first day of school pictures ideas original backdrop

Those who consider a background as something secondary are mistaken. If you have a backdrop blackboard, write some formulae on it or draw a graduate hat to get a cute and lovely image.

first day of school pictures ideas an original backdrop

White background with formulae written with a black marker, geometrical shapes or an animal's anatomy works well for this kind of photo shoot. A map is another great background for capturing the first day at school pictures. You can use anything related to a school. Think about a child’s preferences and create a suitable setting.

12. Involve Last Year’s Photo

first day of school pictures ideas involve last year’s photo

It is always interesting to compare how your child has changed. If they went to prep school and had a photoshoot after graduation, print one of the pictures out and ask a kid to hold it to take an original photo on the first day of school.

first day of school pictures ideas use last year’s photo

A handy tip is to ask a child to assume a similar position to demonstrate the changes more vividly. Choose a beautiful location near your home or a school.

13. Compare First and Last Day of School

first day of school pictures ideas compare first and last day of school

It is always exciting to track the whole process of a kid’s growth. Snap a pic of your kid on the first and last day of school. Create special tablets and then combine two images: the left picture should feature the first day of school, and the right photo should showcase the last day of school.

14. Snap a Picture in Masks

first day of school pictures ideas picture in masks

Your child’s favorite mask can become a great prop for a school photo shoot. Children's masks are usually creative, so they will serve as an excellent prop. In addition, this is a great way to remember what your kid liked in childhood.

15. Involve Some Additional Props

first day of school pictures ideas creative props

An array of props that can help you realize first day of school pictures ideas is quite vast. Large colorful school supplies, chalkboard signs, favorite books, and school bus colorful cut-outs are among the best options. You can buy school props or create your own ones to implement a range of creative photography ideas.

first day of school pictures ideas additional props

Make a photo hanger or cut out the letters and hang them on a rope fixing them with clothespins. Another idea is to build a collage with your favorite preschool photos and ask your child to pose with it or hang it on the wall. Try to photograph the kid at the moment when they laugh, have fun, or are surprised.

16. Shoot in Natural Scenery

first day of school pictures ideas shoot in the park

If the weaker on the first school day is warm and sunny, capturing pictures in nature will allow you to get stunning first day of school pics. Decorate the background with balloons, arrange a letter board, or use a desk. You can use trees, gardens, and hedges as a background. Even your backyard fence can be a beautiful backdrop.

first day of school pictures ideas shoot in natural scenery

Blur the backdrop focusing on a child. Give some colorful books and notebooks to a kid to capture their sincere emotions.

17. Take a Photo on the Doorstep

first day of school pictures ideas on the doorstep

Capturing a photo of a schoolchild on the doorstep or staircase is one of the greatest first day of school pic ideas. Use various creative photography ideas at home, give your kid a backpack or ask them to put it on.

first day of school pictures ideas shoot on the doorstep

Capture a pic of a kid standing or sitting on the stairs. No need to look for many props, as it is better to focus on the child’s emotions.

18. Snap a Shot Near the School

first day of school pictures ideas near the school

To snap interesting shots of your first grader, ask them to pose indoors and in the schoolyard. School gates and school doors are excellent locations. Catch the moment when there are few other children nearby.

first day of school pictures ideas schoolyard

You can use such props as boards and books. It is not obligatory to stand when posing, so do not hesitate and experiment with different positions. For example, ask a child to sit on the bench in the school yard, or lean on the parapet.

19. Shoot in a Classroom or Library

first day of school pictures ideas shoot in a classroom

Ask your child to take a piece of chalk or a marker and write something on the board. Take a picture of the kid at or near the desk.

first day of school pictures ideas shoot in library

The classroom is not the only possible shooting location: you can snap pictures in a library, for example. Ask a child to pose in front of the bookshelves. Another option is to sit in an armchair holding a book in hand. The pictures will have a more natural look provided a child is excited about the process.

20. Capture a Child with Siblings

first day of school pictures ideas photo with brother

If your first grader has a younger brother or sister, capturing both children will help you show the contrast between them. Put on a school uniform on an older one and some festive attire on the younger one. Ask the children to sit next to each other. You can snap great pics if they relax and have fun.

first day of school pictures ideas photo with older brother

Do not try to calm kids if they fool around, as such a relaxed demeanor will allow you to take amazing first day of school pics. You can use a range of photography project ideas for high school, and ask your kids to wear doctoral graduation gowns. Besides, they can hold boards with different inscriptions. This type of shot works especially well if the children have a big age gap.

21. Take a Picture with Friends and Classmates

first day of school pictures ideas shoot with friends

Involving your kid’s best friends in a photo shoot will bring much fun and pleasure. They can wear similar accessories like headphones, scarves, and schoolbags. It will allow them to demonstrate their friendship and attachment to each other.

first day of school pictures ideas shoot with classmates

If your child has already met and befriended someone on the first day in school, take a photo with that classmate. Experiment with different angles and backgrounds to snap the shot you like. No need to capture a full-face photo, you can take a picture from the back as well.

22. Stand in a Row

first day of school pictures ideas stand in a row

If there is more than one child in a family, you can take a photo in a row. Use creative family photo ideas and give your children some pencils or markers, give them colorful bags or ask the kids to jump in the air.

first day of school pictures ideas sisters stand in a row

To realize one of the most creative first day of school photo ideas, snap photos with children holding boards with different inscriptions and then combine them in the desired order: from the youngest to the eldest child, for example.

23. Snap a Mother with a Child

first day of school pictures ideas with mom

Sending a child to school for the first time is a special moment for every mother. She can hug her kid or give them a high five. A mother should squat to be on the same level as a child. It will enable you to take a harmoniously looking pic.

first day of school pictures ideas with mother

Not all mothers cry when their children are getting on the bus. Some of them experience positive emotions and excitement together with their little ones and are glad that from this moment they will have more free time. Use a range of mother and daughter photography ideas to capture the emotions of both mother and child.

24. Hold the Child by the Hand

first day of school pictures ideas hold the child by the hand

Involving parents in a photoshoot is one of the best first day of school pictures ideas. Take the child by the hand, carry their bag or just walk alongside them to get a cute father and daughter photo.

first day of school pictures ideas hand in hand with mom

Capturing some sunbeams when snaping a mother holding her daughter by a hand allows you to get stunning images. Another option is to add sunlight using your editing skills. Such tiny details will add some warmth to your shots.

Bonus Tools

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