16 Mini Session Ideas for Photographers

Mini sessions are a great option for photographers who want to boost their income in minimum time. To make sure you pick the optimal option, check out this list of mini session ideas while accounting for the time of year and popular themes that are mentioned in this article.

This post will help you learn what mini session themes and ideas are most popular among clients during specific parts of the year and what you have to do to make such photoshoots a reality.

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1. Family Xmas Tree Decoration Minis

xmas tree mini session ideas

When it comes to wintertime mini session ideas, none is more popular than Christmas tree decoration. You don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to just one action though. If you’re tired of using the same-old poses you see everywhere, take photos of family members being engaged in some sort of activity.

They can drink hot chocolate, go through all the decorations, build a snowman, and much more. Family photo ideas like this one can be implemented both outdoors and indoors during any time of the day, although it is recommended to use natural lighting.

2. Mini Session with Santa

santa mini session ideas

Mini sessions with Santa are in the same high demand they have been for decades now, which isn’t a surprise given that he is one of the main characters of the Christmas season and is adored by millions of kids. Such a photoshoot is aimed at children of any age and can be organized either in an improvised Santa residence or outdoors. If you live in an area that doesn’t get any snow, you can organize the meeting in a mysterious forest and add some snow during post-processing.

3. Family Session in a Snowy Forest

snowy forest mini session ideas

Such mini sessions outdoor Christmas photoshoot ideas require minimum effort and investment. They're also perfect because not many people can withstand a full-length photoshoot during the cold winter days. You can pick any subjects you like for such photos, be it a couple, an entire family, or a single person. It's advised to schedule the session in a spruce forest during the first half of the day and before the golden hour.

4. Valentine’s Day Mini Session

valentines day mini session ideas

A thematic studio photoshoot on Valentine’s Day is suitable for both kids and adults. You can decorate the location in any way you want while using various Valentine’s day décor like red hearts, balloons, and flowers.

You can decorate everything with balloons or create an intimate atmosphere in red tones. Alternatively, you just use a white background to let all the other colors pop. Such a location is perfect for love story photoshoots, child portraits, etc.

5. Writing a Letter to Santa During the Christmas Season

letter to santa mini session ideas

Another great idea for an indoor Christmas mini session involves writing a letter to Santa, with the subjects primarily being children. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a small studio and decorating it with a Christmas tree and festive lights or can find a location that is already fully prepared for such photos. Add some props 6. Spring Mini Session in Flowers Gardenlike a Santa hat and get to work.

6. Spring Mini Session in Flowers Garden

spring mini session ideas

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about spring is blooming flowers so spring mini session ideas typically revolve around flowers. It’s impossible to pick a specific timeframe for when you should organize such a photoshoot since different flowers bloom at different times. Ideally, you should hold such a session in a botanical garden but if that’s not an option, look for a floral field somewhere in your area.

7. Mommy and Me Session in Sakura Trees

mom and kids mini session ideas

If your garden or a location nearby has Sakura trees, it can serve as a terrific option for a mini photoshoot of a mom with her kids. Sakura trees start to bloom at the end of March and last until the beginning of May. To avoid the risk of missing the blooming period, schedule the session during the first 2 weeks of April.

mommy and me mini session ideas

You can make the photos even more atmospheric if you pick matching family outfits with pink tones. Such an approach will ensure the shot is dominated by warm colors and the photo looks tender and endearing.

8. Easter Mini Session

easter indoor mini session ideas

This kind of photoshoot is the perfect option if the weather doesn’t allow you to experiment with different outdoor Easter mini session ideas. It's primarily aimed at children but you shouldn't limit yourself by artificial boundaries. Decorate the studio with various flowers, baskets, easter eggs, and plush bunnies.

easter outdoor mini session ideas

If the weather is sunny and it’s not raining, then one of the most interesting spring picture ideas you can try is a thematic easter photo shoot with a bunny. Kids will have a blast taking such photos and they will become an unforgettable memory.

9. 4th of July Minis

4th of July mini session ideas

This idea is suitable for both kids and adults but it’s a particularly popular choice for family photoshoots. Bring a ton of red, white, and blue props as well as some American flags and you’re bound to get some beautiful shots with an interesting color palette. Since it’s a summer holiday, you can organize the photoshoot in a park or during a camping trip.

10. Little Princess with a Magic Horse Session

princess and a horse mini session ideas

All parents dream of organizing such a photoshoot for their little princess. Implementing this idea requires a beautiful location with some flowers, greenery, and a small pony that can wear a unicorn horn. You can also add a beautiful chair to the shot that will resemble a throne.

unicorn mini session ideas

Depending on the child's age, you can experiment with different kinds of shots. For instance, 2-to-5-year-olds should probably sit in classic portrait photography poses.

If a kid is 6 or older and they feel comfortable being near the pony, then you can take a couple of shots in motion.

11. Beach Mini Shooting

beach mini session ideas

Summer mini session ideas that involve the beach offer a lot of benefits including refreshing water on a hot day and the beautiful motion of the waves. The natural scenery and lighting also make everything look more appealing and there’s never such a thing as a “poorly-chosen angle” or an “ugly background”.

Another advantage of beach family photography is the ability to fit as many people in the shot as needed without having to worry about how you’re going to compose the shot.

down beach mini session ideas

The beach at sunset looks particularly romantic and atmospheric. Schedule the mini session in a way that encompasses the time between 8 and 9 p.m. Try to avoid using patterned or striped clothing. The clothing also shouldn't feature huge logos or character drawings. Give preference to muted tones that direct the viewer’s attention to the faces and scenery.

12. Watermelon Mood Mini Session

watermelon mini session ideas

Summertime is perfect for experimenting with fun thematic mini session ideas for photographers. Have your children wear their most appealing summer clothes and fill the scene with watermelons.

watermelon pieces mini session ideas

It’d be nice if you could pick a green outdoor location. Then you won’t even have to bring a lot of props. A simple wooden crate and some watermelons will do. Depending on the child’s age, you can ask them to interact with a watermelon slice or even eat it. Such photos will look natural and vibrant thanks to the contrasting colors.

13. Family Picnic Mini Session

family picnic mini session ideas

One of the most popular summertime mini session ideas for families has them going on a picnic. A checkered blanket or tablecloth along with a picnic basket will help set a Provence-like atmosphere. Such mini sessions are best held during the first half of the day. You can experiment with both classic portrait poses and candid photos.

barbeque mini session ideas

Even if a couple doesn’t have kids yet, you can take some romantic photos of them during a barbeque. Such couple pictures will look great in any photo album and remind the happy lovers of their dating days. Couple picnic photoshoots are best scheduled during the evening.

14. Pumpkin Patch Mini Session

mini session ideas

Pumpkin patches are a popular inclusion in many fall mini sessions ideas. However, before you jump on that trend, make sure to ask for permission from the owner of the farm unless you have one of your own.

mini session ideas

Arrange as many pumpkins as you want, bring in some hey barrels, and add rustic wood elements. You can also ask the subject to hold a small pumpkin as a prop, have some toddlers sit on a bunch of pumpkins, do some carvings, or use a wheel barrel as one of the main points of interest.

15. Halloween Party Mini Session

halloween mini session ideas

Halloween mini session ideas are all about witches, vampires, and other mystical creatures. If your models are children, then there’s no need to scare them with creepy locations. You can find a ton of child-friendly places that can be infused with the perfect amount of spook.

mini session ideas

Arrange a scene similar to this one with a "Trick or Treat" sign, some pumpkins, and other thematic props that you'd typically use for a Halloween party. Add some candy to the shot and have the children pose in their costumes. You can also ask them to eat some candy during the session to take a couple of shots of the kids enjoying the sweets.

16. Fall Leaves Minis

fall mini session ideas

Autumn is a perfect time to organize some family mini sessions. Implementing a bunch of fall photoshoot ideas will help you receive a much-needed boost before you transition into the calmer winter festive season.

fall family  mini session ideas

This is a great time for family portraits taken in a park among fallen leaves. I suggest wearing clothing in 2 or 3 colors that match the autumn color palette. The pictures will look significantly more professional and eye-pleasing if everyone wears matching attire.

Bonus Templates

freebies for mini session

If you want to organize the photos from your mini sessions into a single beautiful picture, take advantage of premade templates. These templates have special slots for photos and thematic designs with matching colors that will help you create a coherent look and grab the attention of an ever-increasing number of clients.