15 Divorce Photoshoot Ideas to Celebrate Divorce

15 Divorce Photoshoot Ideas to Celebrate Divorce

Nobody plans to have a divorce, but if things don’t work out, I have a perfect idea for you – a crazy divorce photoshoot!

We are more accustomed to immortalizing more joyful occasions, like weddings, birthdays, but nobody said you couldn’t do a photoshoot to celebrate your divorce! Close a chapter in your life in a creative way.

15 Best Divorce Photoshoot Ideas

Encourage people to look at the divorce process from a new perspective and acquaint them with these bold and provoking ideas.

1. Shoot and Burn Your Wedding Dress

The divorce papers are signed and you are left with a shiny wedding dress that makes you ruminating about the ebbs and flows of the married life. What’s the point of torturing yourself with those memories if you can destroy your gown?

Paint a target on your dress and try to put a hole in it. Then, take a can of gasoline, pour it all over the dress and burn it to the ground!

2. Get Muddy

divorce photoshoot with mud

This lady looks rather satisfied with what she is doing to her dress and if you feel like ruining yours in such a way – go for it. Splash around in mud until your gown is completely covered in it.

3. Paint Your Dress and Go To the Beach

divorce pictures on the beach

Think of your dress as a big canvas, that you can write or paint anything on. Write your favorite quote, or song lyrics - make it represent you!

This is a great way to immortalize your freedom. After that, organize a cute divorce photoshoot on the beach.

4. Recycle Your Dress for a Halloween Shoot

 divorce photoshoot halloween

If it is autumn time and you feel that you are ready to say “good-bye” to a depressing marriage, you can give your wedding dress a second life as a Halloween costume. There are numerous Halloween photography ideas that you can adapt your wedding dress to.

For example, you can take a divorce image pretending to be a zombie bride, the Corpse Bride, Morticia Adams or the Prince Bride. Think of unique concepts yourself! Complement your image with a knife, do a spooky make-up and splash fake blood on the face and body.

5. Burn Your Dress

divorce photoshoot with fire

This idea has a very symbolic meaning, because settling a wedding dress on fire is like freeing yourself from all the negative emotions and feelings you experienced during the unhappy marriage life.

You will look like a Phoenix that rose from flames in your divorced pictures and this is truly a daring thing to do. Take care of thorough preparation, as fire photography is a dangerous genre.

6. Use Powder Point

divorce photoshoot with powder paint

Show your ex and the entire world that your post-marriage self is oriented towards bright moments! You can do it with the help of smoke bombs exploding around you and covering your plain dress with colorful particles.

There is hardly a person, who will feel sorry for you, while looking at such a dynamic and radiant divorce photo.

7. Do a Boudoir Photoshoot

divorce photoshoot boudoir

Women often feel pathetic and needless when their marriage is ruined, and social negative attitude to the divorcee status downgrades their self-worth. To live through this hard period of your life with a head up, you can resort to boudoir photography.

Such hot divorced pics will help remind yourself that you are special, beautiful and very sexy. There are countless boudoir photo ideas, and boudoir photography outfit ideas, so choose something that is in line with your vision and start shooting.

8. Trash the Gown with Paint

divorce photoshoot with paint

Destroying a wedding dress is one of those impetuses that arises somewhere deep inside, when you understand that your marriage life has finished. However, you can do it in a more colorful manner that simply cutting the bridal gown in pieces.

Take bright paint and splatter it on the dress and the things lying around. Such juicy divorced pics can define a bright future awaiting you and show that you don’t feel broken and miserable, but are ready to climb new apexes.

9. Go Grape Stomping in Your Gown

divorce photoshoot grape stomping

Dry your eyes and make some wine! Why not go to a nearby vineyard and organize a divorce photoshoot there? Wear your wedding dress and start squeezing the grape in an old-fashion manner.

There will be lots of colorful splashes around you, which results in happy divorce pictures.

10. Have a Food Fight

divorce photoshoot food fight

End your marriage with some fun! Wear your wedding dress, get together with your friends, or kids and start the ultimate food fight!

You can use ketchup, mustard, cake - whatever you can think of. This divorce photography idea is easy to bring to life, but the results look hilarious.

11. Do Your Favorite Sport Activities

divorce photoshoot sport

If you are one of those daring women - put on your wedding dress and try doing your favorite sport activities. Go wakeboarding, scuba diving, or horse riding, while your photographer is taking divorce photos and capturing the moment of your inner self-renovation.

12. Ask Your New Partner to Help

divorce photo

Destroying your dress yourself is fun, but you know what’s even more fun? Asking your new partner to help you! This will not only show that you’ve moved forward without regrets, but will also make your ex-husband jealous.

13. Cut or Rip the Dress Into Pieces

divorce photoshoot ripping the dress

Ripping your wedding dress may seem to be cruel, but sometimes it is the only right thing to do when your heart is broken.

Show your emotions and pent up anger, live the moment and you are sure to feel better. This is rather an unusual approach to the wedding dress photography, but it definitely has the therapeutic effect.

14. Say It All With a Meaningful Quote

divorce photo quotes

Express all your feelings through a deep quote about the situation you have with your ex-husband. Write it on a banner, sand or in any way convenient for you. Let this inscription be a key component of your divorce photoshoot.

15. Tear the Photos of the Two of You

divorce photoshoot ideas

Tearing the pictures of you two is gut-wrenching, but it can be viewed as a divorce therapy that allows you to shake off the anguish of the past.


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Black and White

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Light and Airy

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