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If you were planning to download CyberLink YouCam 7 free but it crossed your mind that the file could be infected with viruses and cause damage to your computer, keep on reading.

You will get the official link for a free download and learn about the dangers or breaking the law with pirated programs as well as the safe alternatives to this software.

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CyberLink YouCam 7 Benefits:

  • Look flawless in any video chat
  • Benefit from real-time effects
  • Integrates easily into apps
  • Face tag filter in the library
  • Numerous features for correcting the face flaws
  • Creative mode for video presentations


  • What can I do in CyberLink YouCam?

This video editing tool is for streamers, vloggers or average home users. You can improve your skin and even apply some virtual makeup in real time, plus add a bit of fun to the stream or broadcast by applying some effects from the large library of the program.

  • Is there a free trial version of CyberLink YouCam and how long does it last?

The developer’s website provides a free trial version that lasts for 30 days. In this version, there is a set of premium tools that will only be available during the trial period.

  • Does the manufacturer provide any discounts?

Yes, there is currently a promotion that reduces the standard price by 30%.

  • Can I use CyberLink YouCam Free Trial on both macOS and Windows?

This software can only be run on devices that operate on Windows OS.

  • How much does CyberLink YouCam software cost?

The program costs $34.99. Once the payment is transferred, all the premium functions are unblocked and you will receive the upcoming updates.

CyberLink YouCam 7: Pirated Version

There are still people, who try their luck at getting cracked programs from suspicious sources. They risk more than the danger of letting a little annoying virus into their system.

Law Problems

At any rate, in the United States, people charged with such a crime can count on a fine of up to $250,000 plus up to five years of jail in some heavier cases.

Malware/ Viruses

It is mostly known that a pirated program threatens with unwanted malware causing system failures of any degree of complication. In addition, private information like your bank card details often gets stolen.

The truth is that many people rely heavily on their antivirus software and consider themselves protected against all dangers. But the damage is still caused even to such users.

No Official Updates

Any kind of pirating a program deprives you of this privilege so you will be working with the tools and performance flaws that came with your crack. Don’t have any illusions about the performance, since pirated copies are never equal to their original version, so feature numerous lags and errors.

No Customer Support

Licensed users enjoy the benefit of contacting customer support and having their issues resolved quickly and efficiently by professionals. Should you attempt to do that, you will expose the fact that you’ve been breaking the law immediately, so better learn programming to keep the program functioning.

Free CyberLink YouCam 7 Alternatives

Take a look at these alternatives that are as good as the CyberLink YouCam 7 version and are completely free.

1. ManyCam

cyberlink youcam alternative manycam logo
  • Blur the background for better emphasis
  • Remove or replace the background
  • Chroma Key backdrops
  • Adds professionalism to conferences
  • Limited toolkit

Gamers will be especially satisfied with the Game Capture mode that simplifies recording important moments and the unfailing YouTube integration.

You can either use the program entirely free of charge or, if the available tools are insufficient, get a more advanced version that will expand your possibilities.

2. SplitCam

cyberlink youcam alternative splitcam logo
  • Vast selection of effects and features
  • High quality of footage
  • Allows choosing a resolution
  • Integrates with Skype, MSN, PalTalk, and Yahoo
  • Only for Windows
  • Messy and confusing interface

You are provided with an impressive selection of effects that are quite well-performed and can make any video more professional or creative. In addition, it doesn’t set resolution restrictions, so users can optimize the quality for their needs.

This program can be used for streaming or chatting in a multitude of programs covering both your work and pastime activities. It is supported by all versions of Windows OS starting from the 7th.

3. Yawcam

cyberlink youcam alternative yawcam logo
  • User-oriented interface
  • Countless features
  • Detector for surveillance videos
  • Protection with the password manager
  • No version for Mac

This program has an incorporated web server node, which makes it stand out from the alternatives. This feature simplifies the capturing and sending of videos and enables streaming there and then, connecting to existing accounts in many video-sharing programs.

A very welcome bonus is that the toolkit and workplace are neatly organized and require no fuss, things jump out at you just when you need them. Within, you will find such relevant features as a motion detector mode for your surveillance camera and a password manager. Everything available in the program is yours to use for free.

4. Magic Camera

cyberlink youcam alternative magic camera logo
  • Painting and drawing instruments
  • Text formatting
  • A vast selection of filters and masks
  • Over 1000 webcam effects
  • Not compatible with macOS

It is filled with designs and themes for creative work and allows using many of its instruments for free. You can supply your media with borders or embellish it with effects, plus, you can quickly produce screenshots or capture videos and objects.

The program is also provided with a webcam feeds recorder. Another interesting tool is the virtual webcam that is there to play files or display screen. The free version gives users access to many of these features but you need to purchase the extended toolkit.

5. AlterCam

cyberlink youcam alternative altercam logo
  • Over 50 real-time effects
  • Can overlay images or inscriptions
  • Can broadcast any file to webcam
  • Voice alteration supported
  • Only for Windows

Despite being rich in features, this program is decidedly easy to set up and run. You are welcome to apply one of the half-a-hundred effects that will be displayed in real time. Together with the support for broadcasting text or images, this program is helpful to professionals of many spheres.

You can not only stream without effort, but you can also do simultaneous work in different applications. You can broadcast footage to the webcam or share your screen instead. Your work can be conducted in HD resolution. Something rather unusual is the voice alteration feature that can bring unexpectedly nice results.

Download CyberLink YouCam 7 Free

cyberlink youcam 7 free download

To exclude any of the abovementioned issues, abstain from getting an illegal copy of this program and go to the official website for downloading the licensed version instead.

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