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CyberLink YouCam
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CyberLink YouCam Free Benefits:

  • Can create stunning video presentations
  • Intuitive controls
  • Plenty of face effects
  • Log in to PCs and websites with the Face Login
  • HDR and panoramic capture
  • Upload videos from YouCam to YouTube


  • Is CyberLink YouCam Free?

Yes, you can use the free trial version of this software. Keep in mind, that this version has somewhat limited functionality.

  • How limited is the CyberLink YouCam Free?

The primary distinction between the paid and free versions of this software is that the former includes a larger collection of effects. Moreover, it also includes such functions as dual video-input support (ability to connect 2 video inputs to the webcam to perform conferencing and video recording at the same time), advanced previews, superior video quality, augmented reality features, etc.

  • What export and import formats does CyberLink support for video and audio files?

As for audio formats, CyberLink supports MP3, WAV, WMA, and M4A. The array of video formats is more impressive and includes 3GPP2, AVI, DivX (on Windows 7), DV-AVI, DVR-MS, HD MPEG-2, M2T, MKV (H.264), MOD, MOV, MOV (H.264), and several others.

CyberLink YouCam: Pirated Version

Once the trial period ends, you might start thinking about using a pirated version of CyberLink YouCam free. But are you aware of all the nuances that you’re going to encounter?

Law violations

By downloading software from an unofficial website, you’re violating copyright laws and risk receiving a lawsuit from the developers. When you’re installing a hacked version of CyberLink YouCam free, you should remember that you might suffer from forfeiture of property, receive a fine of at least $2000, or even end up in prison for up to 5 years.

Lack of updates

Developers are constantly working on improving the software, and by using a CyberLink YouCam free download link, you're ridding yourself of the ability to receive updates. Besides, your system might be full of errors that will prevent you from using the outdated version of the software.

Software Bugs and Viruses

Most users know about the danger that viruses represent, which is why some of them try to protect themselves and their PCs by using the best antivirus software.

However, with each passing day, hackers are improving the viruses so that they can bypass your security system and steal your credit card information, passwords, emails, and sensitive files.

Best CyberLink YouCam Alternatives

If you’ve decided to avoid using the unlicensed Cyberlink YouCam free version, but you can't pay for the software, then you can choose one of its equally-efficient alternatives below.

1. Yawcam

yawcam logo
  • Intuitive UI
  • Broad selection of features
  • Detector for video surveillance
  • Supports popular formats
  • Isn’t available on Mac OS

Yawcam is software for recording footage with IP- and webcams or streaming. You can save the recordings on your PC or upload them online.

The software has an array of handy customizable features, including automatic photo capture when detecting movement in the surveillance area, password protection, planner, etc.

It works with the majority of the latest webcams and video devices and can be used for security purposes.

2. CamMask

cammask logo
  • Background replacement
  • Over 1000 VFX
  • Face swap
  • Can be a bit too complex for beginners

CamMask is a program that offers your webcam a variety of powerful functions. CamMask lets you create thousands of different special effects while you’re video chatting with your friends or colleagues.

You receive the ability to display your video and image galleries, desktop, gradient, and solid colors on your webcam.

3. AlterCam

altercam logo
  • Ability to broadcast any file on your webcam
  • Over 50 different live effects
  • Voice morphing feature
  • Only for Windows

AlterCam is a fantastic alternative to CyberLink YouCam. This software includes over 50 various live effects that you can add to the video footage captured by your webcam. Additionally, AlterCam has a rather simple and intuitive UI.

One of the biggest advantages of this software is the ability to use it simultaneously with other apps.

Download CyberLink YouCam Free

download cyberlink youcam free

Don’t waste your time on using pirated YouCam free downloads, follow the link below and you’ll receive the latest legal version of the software.

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