Cubase vs Studio One

Looking for an advanced mixer with an advanced MIDI system and the ability to handle electronic drum crashes? Check Cubase vs Studio One comparative analysis and choose the best DAW application for music production.

Cubase is a powerful multi-track music creation, sequencing, and editing software for desktop computers.

Studio One is the industry's leading virtual studio instrument. It offers professional tools, great sound quality and an intuitive interface for all artists and engineers.

Final Verdict:

Cubase combines sequencing, MIDI and audio editing in a single program to allow you to create music, arrange drum beats and other audio tracks in just minutes. With the latest Cubase 4.0 it is even easier to edit and manipulate your tracks from a midi keyboard.

Cubase is the winner >

Cubase Features:

  • Robust plug-in bundle
  • Powerful mixer
  • Dynamic EQ on reworked Frequency 2
  • Retrospective MIDI
  • AI tools

What is Cubase?

cubase interface

Cubase comes with a large library of sounds and drum beats, which can be mixed and played with the instruments in Cubase. One feature that is not available in all versions of Cubase is the ability to assign chords to audio files and track them up through the software. You can also manually edit the audio track with the pitch bend tool in Cubase.

Features include: Cubase mixer, envelopes, keyboards, effects, VSTs, virtual instruments, midi support, interface control, touch screen controls, and a number of other special effects and plug ins. But there's a much better thing... in fact the best bit is that Cubase pro comes complete with midi plug ins.

For example there are vocalist, guitar and sound effects plug-ins that will expand your audio editing abilities dramatically, giving you a whole new level of flexibility.

What is Studio One?

studio one interface

Studio One comes in a highly enhanced digital audio format, offering high definition recording and mixing for both audio data and audio channels. This is accomplished through a high-speed and accurate process using the Divx Audio Compression Engine (DAFCE), which is a feature present in most professional music programs as well as in most popular music software packages out there.

One of the key new features present in this software is the "live mixing" option present in the toolbar. This gives you the ability to mix your tracks live right in front of your collaborators, as if they were in front of you. In addition to this, the new feature called "clips" is also present in this innovative music creation software.

A VST compatible version of this amazing software is also available. You can easily enjoy all these new features with the help of an interface called "Avatar", which is included in this powerful virtual studio. It is a user-friendly interface, which makes it possible for even novices to work with their own virtual instruments.


cubase logo
studio one logo

Cubase & Studio One Features:

  • Third party plugins
  • Simple workflow
  • Easy workflow
  • Multi-track recording
  • Good effects
  • Intuitive live-performance features
  • Clean one-window interface
  • Сhord- and pattern-based composition tools
  • Mastering facilities include DDP import/export
  • Powerful free version

Cubase and Studio One Price:

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FixThePhoto Choice:

Cubase has more MIDI editing tools and a streamlined workflow, plus it offers electronic drum emergency shutdown.

Studio One contains a decent set of plugins, and also offers easy work with editing and recording tracks.