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Verdict: When I felt that It was high time to upgrade my business, I decided to turn to Brandemic asking them to develop an eye-catching logo and ads to promote my goods and services. This company is the most optimal option for those who are looking for a company that can provide all the needed services within a single cooperation process.

Their approach is one of the most appealing aspects for me. I also like that the team breaks down the global task into smaller one and find the right solutions in no time. In contrast to other graphic design agencies, Brandemic offers affordable conditions for individuals and huge companies.

  • Extensive portfolio
  • Photo & video services
  • Client-oriented approach
  • Informative blog
  • No fixed prices for services
  • Answers customers' requirements only via email
  • Only a little info about the services
brandemic website

Brandemic will help you create a proper visual representation of your brand on the web. The company’s specialists do their best to develop your brand, design attractive logos, produce photos and videos, etc.

Brandemic: Main Features

brandemic logo

When working on projects, Brandemic leverages a design-thinking approach, meaning that their designs are not only visually attractive but also behavior-driven. According to their view, a good design should have the ability to solve problems. This promoting agency tries to design-think through every task its specialists perform.

They always work closely with the clients, taking their wishes, requirements, and ideas into focus. A large team of professional designers, marketers, and developers work on each project. They control the success of campaigns, regardless of their complexity, the proof of which is a fairly extensive portfolio published on the site.

Development of Visual Design for Correct Brand Positioning

brandemic branding

As a rule, the majority of graphic design companies specialize in one type of design, be it the development of logos or advertising materials. Being a logo design company, Brandemic creates stunning package designs and makes flyers, banners, business cards, and other types of material.

Brandemic often works with young companies, helping them find their identity and highlight it through branding. Deeply researching the values, mission, and essence of the brand, they determine corporate colors, select fonts for materials, and create graphics and media as part of a holistic visual concept.

Optimized Website Development for Creatives

brandemic web development

No matter what type of website you are interested in, Brandemic web development company will get you covered. The team of specialists can work on different platforms, like Shopify, WordPress, and others. They can develop landing pages, corporate sites, high-complexity ecommerce platforms, etc.

You will receive a ready-made resource that begins to pay for itself immediately after launch. Brandemic fully optimizes websites according to the current requirements of search engines, which allows young brands to win an audience right at the start of their business journey.

Responsive UI/UX Design with High Functionality

brandemic ui ux design

Working as a UI/UX agency, Brandemic combines design functionality and creativity masterfully. Before starting to design a website, the team carefully studies the brand, conducts all the necessary research, and dives into analytics to obtain as much information as possible to be able to create not just a beautiful picture, but a resource that solves the client’s problem.

If you are a photographer or artist, Brandemic will take your style of work as a basis during the UI development stage. The team is ready to perform any edits, as they strive to ensure that all the client’s wishes are satisfied to the maximum.

Creation of Creative Content for Brand Promotion

brandemic photo video production

Brandemic is not only a web design company, it also provides content development, photography, video creation, and editing services. If you need photos of different genres for brand social networks or video stories, you can share the references in order to get the most expected results.

This is also one of the most popular digital marketing agencies, which develops successful campaigns and materials for them. Planning how to activate the brand and launch campaigns, the team of experts designs impressive events and builds a comprehensive marketing plan through social media advertising, search engine marketing, and influencer collaborations fueled by planned media buying and performance marketing.

Brandemic Prices

There is no price list on the official site. The reason for this is that each project is unique, so a unified pricing policy would be inappropriate. To receive information about the possible cost of your creative project, you need to fill out an application providing the needed details.


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