Bluenest Digital Marketing Agency Review 2023

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Verdict: Bluenest is a small company with a professional team comprising developers, designers, digital marketing specialists, data analysts, and other creative professionals. It provides digital marketing, web design and development services for photographers, artists, and business owners. In this review, I will tell you about the key advantages of this company, including the way it uses innovative technologies to solve business development tasks.

What I like the most about this marketing agency is that they use edgy Internet technologies, analyze the behavior of a target audience, and experiment with various marketing solutions. Besides, they can optimize a UX design, boost your brand’s visibility and sales.

Bluenest will make your website compatible with the most popular devices. They have reliable technical support that will help you to solve any issue in no time.

  • A wide range of services
  • Develop websites with an attractive design for photographers
  • Affordable hosting
  • Handy digital marketing tips in the official blog
  • A creative approach to every task
  • No price list on the website
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Bluenest uses the best marketing strategies and studies customer behavior to improve the online presence of their clients’ businesses. For 4 years, the company has been providing result-driven digital marketing services to small and mid-size businesses.

Complete Bluenest Review – Main Features

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Bluenest is one of the best digital marketing agencies thanks to its unique approach. The company will analyze your business and your competitors to create a more effective design and come up with a new marketing and development strategy. Its professionals study the newest practices to provide their clients with the best marketing services.

Website Development and Design for Photographers

bluenest interface web design and development services

The company studies the behavior of clients to build a website with an attractive UX design. Bluenest uses professional web design software to develop and optimize your site so that it will attract new clients and help you maintain a stable customer retention rate. They will do everything to create a seamless eCommerce experience.

The Bluenest digital marketing agency will build a website that will ensure the exponential growth of your sales. They create secure, scalable, and easy-to-use sites with email automation features, discount coupons, etc. Their developers can integrate all the available payment methods, add several shipping options, and integrate the website with your shipping provider.

Besides, Bluenest creates cross-browser web development and design solutions that can be accessed from various devices and browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc. The company pays attention to the consistent look of your website, builds reliable platforms, and provides great technical support.

Affordable Hosting for Every Website

Bluenest provides hosting services, which allows its clients to store information on servers that have a stable network connection. These hosting solutions are more secure than services provided by Godaddy.

Besides, they are more affordable. You don’t need to worry that it’s too expensive to move your website to a new host since Bluenest will do it quickly and safely.

Advanced Tools for Increasing Profits

bluenest interface tool accessibility extension

On the Bluenest website, you will find many useful tools for promoting your website and boosting your sales. You can estimate your ROI when investing in search optimization and quickly create a marketing budget.

To do it, you need to fill out several fields. Then, the program will automatically calculate your estimated profits from the improved conversion rate.

For secondary research, you can use Search Engine and website traffic checker to analyze the traffic of your competitors regardless of their location.

Bluenest also allows you to use Accessibility Extension. You need to install the plugin, select a word, press Ctrl + G in Google and get a result.

Quick Client Search on Social Networks

bluenest interface social media marketing

Bluenest will help you find new clients and engage old ones. They will create, set up, and optimize your account on social media for photographers. By creating engaging content for social networks, you can boost your sales and improve the conversion rate.

The Bluenest digital marketing agency will help you create valuable content that will engage your clients. It will take into account your client’s needs and expectations. Bluenest can create a custom marketing schedule for various businesses to promote them on social networks and improve their ROI.

Social Media Marketing For Doubling the Growth Rate

What makes Bluenest different from other similar services is that the agency uses email newsletters, automation, and marketing for improving conversion rates. It will help you launch a successful email marketing campaign that will increase the number of new clients by over 300%.

Besides, their professionals create engaging content that will help you improve your retention rate. The company provides high-quality SEO services that will help you get new customers.

The company specializes in building digital marketing funnels for each client and sending personalized emails. They will create marketing newsletters, automate email replies, select the right strategy and time for sending letters to your clients.

Besides, Bluenest has its native software based on Python and Node.Js. It allows them to get public information from emails. Besides, they have a Python-based tool that allows checking 100,000 emails per hour.

Handy Tips in the Blog

bluenest interface blog

The Bluenest digital marketing agency has a useful blog, where you can find handy tips for beginners and experienced businessmen alike. For instance, you can learn how to protect your business from online threats and improve your conversion rate to attract new clients.

There are also many content marketing tips, a list of tools that allow you to use social networks more effectively, and other useful recommendations that will help you engage your potential customers.

These tips will come in handy for any situation since you can develop your business with the help of a website or social networks even during the pandemic. There are many illustrations and comprehensive infographics that will help you develop an effective digital marketing strategy.

Impressive Project Portfolio

bluenest interface portfolio

The Bluenest team has loads of experience in driving traffic to clients’ websites. The agency helps small and mid-size businesses to develop their online presence from scratch. It has achieved impressive results in a short time.

You can see it for yourself if you take a look at their portfolio, read client reviews, and analyze their projects on the Case studies page. There, you will find examples of how they can boost a conversion rate for an IT company as well as improve the B2B experience, optimize a website, implement e-commerce solutions, run marketing campaigns, etc.

Bluenest Prices

Bluenest has an individual approach to every client, which is why the price depends on the number of services that your need to order to develop your business. To get a price quote for your project, you can contact the company via phone or email. You can also visit their office.

Besides, you can fill out an online form on their website. There, you can indicate your contact information and describe how you want to improve your business. Write this information in a dedicated field. The managers will quickly contact you to discuss the details of your project.

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