Youth culture photography ideas

Youth culture photography ideas

Today we are going to discuss youth culture photography ideas and  what does youth like to do, how to capture that.

Today we'll talk about what does youth like to do. Depending on what kind of music the young people like, what movies or anime like to watch, what books they like to read tends in which they participate, they are divided into different groups. These groups have their own culture, behavior that are different from other people. Already guessed huh? Subcultures. Subcultures have their own system of values, their language, especially slang and its image. 


It is especially possible in a modern society, where everyone can realize as himself, as he wants to, when there are no restrictions for self-expression, to voice their opinion and the realization of their creative energies - now it is becoming visible subculture feature of any society in many countries of the world. Also, in addition, that predisposes the dusty look of objective eyes of sociologists, calls not less emotional reactions-course of interests and approval until sharp definitive conviction. Of course, unambiguous thoughts cannot be here, and the time shows that it is hardly possible one-sided considering of a social phenomenon. However, the question of subcultures is interesting for the majority.


The subculture is such an education within a society that is not contrary to the basic values of the dominant culture, and in a certain way supplements or transforms them, i.e. in its own clear accents. Scientists think so. But, thinking about the subcultures, we can write our own pilgrimage-unscientific-observations and considerations. The subculture may be based on a lot of things - on musical hobbies, for example. They can combine adherents of a particular political system or social ideology. Often the representatives of subcultures are teens. And it is clear: they want to feel the support of like-minded people, meet new people, do not feel loneliness in their views, experiences, and passions. On our opinion, the subculture is a very positive public phenomenon.                                                                                                                               youth-culture-photography-ideas-photo-editing-example

Many people think that these are strange people. For example, have you ever seen the crazy punk, which can easily eat his dry portion coffee, without a drop of water?  Or emo boy who is willing to slash his wrists, just because the queue in the shop is too long? No! of course it's only stereotypes. It’s exaggerated reflection of someone’s ill mind. It's far from truth. Actually, each subculture has its own charm. They show us how much different the society can be. Emo guys have the sensitivity, which is not the feature of many men. It’s charming.  While punks always amaze their thirst for life, they want to catch all their life. But they are so good on photos! There are a lot of famous punk photographers, that adore punk’s way of living. 


Very often such groups show us the beauty of youth, it’s diversity of young people, a thousand different shades of characters and personalities. The subculture is formed, usually by the group of people with a common idea or overall Idol (artist, writer). Fandom is also a kind of subculture, such as goths and punks appeared as a result of certain musical direction. As a rule, such subcultures have their own style, unity in ideology and tastes.


However, not all modern subcultures have emerged from the worship of any group or individual. Community of people united by common interests and hobbies, such as hackers, gamers and football fans are also subcultures, though they don’t have unified style and similar views of the world. 


Thus, the modern subcultures can be based on different interests: from musical styles and literature to political principles and beliefs. Adherents of each subculture try to isolate their culture from society, as aspire to so show their individuality and desire to secede from common culture and values. 


Undoubtedly, if you open a topic subcultures, you meet up with this notion as fandom. Let’s consider it in much details. Fandom is the name of informal communities of subcultures, whose members merged some single interest or hobby, i.e. proclivity for a particular genre of art, writer, actor, athlete, and so on.

There are also special titles for fans of some individual genres. For example, Otaku is an anime and manga loves; Tolkien fandom are fans of creativity J. Tolkien and so on.     

Let's look at the few examples. Because the examples are always better understood, am I right? 

Emo kids

Image of emo is the individuality of hairstyles, makeup and, of course, a special fashion. Usually, emo-gamma is a combination of contrasting colors, mostly pink and black. On blouses, shirts or t-shirts welcome images broken heart, cartoon heroes, skulls. Emo are close jackets or sweatshirts "child size" and sweaters from v-neck and transverse strip, usually it is a combination of two colors-pink and black. In recent years, popular emo enjoyed jackets "petrol stations" workers. This chip is considered "the highest level” As for shoes, the emo prefers adidas gumshoes or slippers. Emo girl frequently wear striped leggings and emo-boy very skinny jeans, which literally bedangled with metal. A mandatory attribute of emo-attire is wide strap, often with rivets. Another attribute is an emo-bag. Emo style reflects the bag over his shoulder, like "the postman" or "courier", which has a lot of guns and badges, ribbons and labels. Wallet with chain, necessarily as a steward is a huge ring.

Emo hairstyle is, of course, first and foremost, slanting bangs, covering the person's gender.   Another distinctive feature of Emo style, about the hair, it is predominantly black and unwashed "head". Emo girl like to decorate their hair with funny children's bows and hearts, something between the Goths and Barbie. It is very interesting, that’s why so many subculture photographers want to make photoshoots of them. They refer to photo post production services and make a masterpiece.


In makeup and emo-emo girls fighting and use bright tonal foundations, while the bright colors are used in lipstick, and thick black eyeliner for eye make-up. Emo welcome piercing, pierced everything: ears, nose, tongue, lip, eyebrow. As for nail polish, then emo prefers black.

As they say, emo is not a style, emo is the purity of expression of feelings, the way of life and thinking.

For emo is common such attributes: Mail bag over his shoulder, covered with patches. Icons on the clothing and, sometimes, to the shoes. Nerdy glasses bright or black colors. Bright colored (usually silicone) bracelets on hands, particularly popular snaps or punk-attributes (wristlets with spikes). Large beads with bright colors on the neck. Stuffed toys in the shape of bears. Such toys are playing the role of idiosyncratic mascots. They take with them on walks, classes, they stay home and sleep.


It is rumored that flowers have children. 

Hippies is a certain subculture that originally emerged in the USA. Everyone call them children of flowers.

Hippies’ philosophy aimed against puritan lifestyle and was focused on love and pacifistic moral. They propagated making love instead of making war. Nevertheless, in the subculture met "the true love" too, but it is rare. Such couples of hippie which were married from youth till last days carry the light of the love. Hippies liked to go barefoot, spread a nudism, defending the idea of naturalness: "All of us are children of the nature, there is nothing to be ashamed!"


Hippies sincerely believe that people should be free, they think that we can make our freedom by considering freedom as an important value. They have sense of beauty. They have a lot of spiritual communities.  They live there like in the dormitories;

Hippies life is rich and chaotic. Roads, adventures, search of adherents and chronic need for knowledge of universal love. They we-re a little concerned by political life of society. They have created, in their opinion, "an ideal form of coexistence" – spiritual communities. Here steadily the love, mutual aid and aspiration to self-expression reigned in creativity, in his many manifestations. Many of hippie were vegetarians. Hippies are always recognizable, non-conflicting, they easily win an arrangement. These children of the sun are fond of festivals. If you like festivals too you can read about festival photography tips – it is pretty interesting. 

In our opinion, the hippies are certain "rattling cocktail". In this subculture it is represented the cheerful nature of the European youth, a way of eastern self-knowledge and spirit of travelers, eternally free Roma are combined. Respectively, the symbols and clothes style are symbiosis of cultural elements. That’s why they are diamonds for subculture photographers. 


Many celebrities were hippies. For example, Steve jobs started communicating with hippies, listening to Bob Dylan and The Beatles, smoke marijuana and use of LSD, which caused conflicts with his father for some time in his youth. John Lennon was their idol. He was obsessed with the ideas of equality and fraternity. 

Hippie image is unique, it is very good for different youth culture photography ideas, because everything is connected: their movement practiced east techniques, i.e. it is being done a great accent. What is the influence of the East being evident in clothing style of hippies? And here's the evidence: loose jumpsuits, sari, long skirts with pleats. Woven Sandals (popular "Roman"), shoes, for men - shirts of bright colors, linen bags in ethnic style, long stretched t-shirts, colorful pants, fur and denim vests, mexican poncho-style eastern painting batik fabric. They also like hats from classic hats with feathers to islamic hats, scarves. Bandanas, thin frontlets are one of the most important distinctive parts of the image. Hippie wear long hair, in which they add flowers. So sweet this deliberate carelessness ... 


Interesting peculiar protest of the hippie girls against bras. Natural stones jewelry, small glasses of unusual shape with round or square lenses (of various colors). Even hippies are boot cut, and most importantly is the variegated colors! It is the sea of a variety of bead weaving "baubles" (such bracelets) and preferably home-made! Their technique and colors have a special symbolism. So, for example, red-yellow means declaration of love. Relevant beads, ribbons. All accessories unused major hippie symbol is pacifist symbol of peace (shown in the picture). Hippie calling us domestic use only pure gifts of nature: from fabric and textile inks to hygiene. More freedom, ease, naturalness and love! Subculture photographers will never miss an opportunity to make a photoshoot of hippies. If you don’t believe you can find a retouching blog and check. 

Now worldwide scattered existing communes of hippy: Ibiza, Goa, Bali, Morocco. Common features of the hippie lifestyle are hitchhiking, fascination with oriental practices, vegetarianism, protest against puritanism.


Youth culture photography ideas. Is it hard to make qualitative photoshoots for subculture representatives? 

This theme is so extensive that you will hardly find something on the Internet. Since our theme concerns directly to youth, naturally there are countless ideas. They all are separated by categories, namely, match their subcultures. 

Each subculture has its own attributes, style, image. All these things the professional photographer should show.  He should take into account all the details to the background, attributes, poses, lighting was relevant. For example, photographing hippies, it would be appropriate to do a photo shoot with fields and forests on a background. You can also use the rays of the Sun. The photographs are worth to convey tender, cheer, love. Such an approach is unlikely to punks. And the punk with mohawk will look silly with fields as the background of and gentle rays of the Sun. Ideas for emo pictures often convey the pain, sadness. In such photographs their basic color is black and pink would be appropriate. If the subculture associated with any activity, it should be represented in the best light. 


Youth culture photography ideas should be appropriate for their activity. For example, it’s better to photograph skaters jumping, during the execution of some stunt. Biker will look good on a motorcycle. Rockers at a rock festival. You should not confuse who’s better to wear a bomber jacket and the light dress made of natural fabrics. Posing an equally important role. For example, portrait photo of punk with beautiful mohawk will look best side-drawn.   

You should know the most famous youth subculture photographers

Danny Lyon 

Lyon’s first photographic experiences were student unrest in the South of the United States: the struggle for the rights of people of color, the struggle against segregation, for equality. The next stop was the complete opposite - the guys with flags with Nazi symbols, which enjoyed beating people’s faces and wear iron crosses.

In pursuit of "dirt" and the adventures Lyon did as much as he can — he bought himself a Triumph and went to Chicago, biker Club, Outlaws. It was a time when bikers were known only because of the movie with Marlon Brando and articles from newspapers: the film showed guys in bomber jacket and newspapers demonized them. Lyon wanted to experience everything his own way. His approach was close to what preached "new journalism", no wonder his work on central theme look like work, that did Hunter Thompson. He spent three years in the bikers surrounding, then issued a book that has become truly iconic. That’s why it is not a surprise, that Danny Lyon is one of the most famous youth subculture photographers. 


Derek Ridgers

 Derek Ridgers never thought about the work of the photographer in the beginning of the career, he just worked in an advertising agency and constantly went to the concerts of favorite bands. Once he got a very bad place, but it was in the hands of the camera, and he pretended photojournalist. Since then he started shooting, in the day he worked, and in the he evening went to concerts. England at that time was checked by the economic problems, many have lost their jobs, but, oddly, the nightlife in London is influenced in a positive direction, at night, people were different, they wore crazy outfits and went to clubs, where was their parallel reality where everyone can be anyone he wants. 


Derek, whose name is now primarily associated with portraits of such legends as the Ramones, The Clash and Frank Zappa, realized that wants to penetrate deeper into the world of photography, when once met with the punks. It was just the crowd at one of the concerts, but it eclipsed speakers — strangely dressed young guys who pushed, spat and shouted. Punks have become the first significant project of Derek Ridgers and led him into the world of subcultures: skinheads, new romantics, mods and all who could be found in the eclectic London of those years. Later he became one of the famous punk photographers.

youth-culture-photography-ideas-photo-editing-exampleHugh Holland

The next photographer, who is in the top of the list of the most famous youth subculture photographers is Hugh Holland. He never practiced photography professionally — his education in this area was only to work in the darkroom. He moved from his native Oklahoma to California and filmed in a row all things, he was interested in. Once Holland was driving his car when suddenly noticed something guys near the road: they didn't do anything special, just skated on the boards and trained tricks. Holland was shocked with choreography of action, he ran out of the car with a camera and started shooting immediately. Holland filmed them three years, but during that time he managed to make thousands of pictures. Nobody thought that these boys ever become legends and all skaters will know their names: Stacy Peralta, and Jay Adams.

Holland worked as a man of the darkroom with good taste and knowledge of painting. On his photographs face and body sometimes were in the dim light that resembled him Caravaggio. It was revolutionary and unusual — he didn’t care that it was a trick, that caused an interest in the history of these guys and how nicely they glide across the warm asphalt. His works are pretty good, because he is talented and he used outsource photo editing services. 


Partly it's even funny, but he turned out to be true to his idea to find more young skaters, it was interested only in the frame, only that he is good and like people, they were interested in only the opportunity to ride a skateboard. But in 1977 year everything changed. Holland calls it the last year of freedom, after which all skaters started making money.

Janette Beckman 

Janet Beckman was in the center of two emerging subcultures - punk and hip-hop. She was one of the famous punk photographers like Derek. In London 1970 's she caught such legends as the Sex Pistols, The Clash and the Ramones, and upon arrival in the United States - Salt 'N' Pepa and Grandmaster Flash.  Janet studied at the College of Arts and loved portrait photography, her editor liked the work Sounds, and on one another entrained, and she appeared in Melody Maker and The Face, which made the most of his famous shots.

Beckman does not become a focus solely on music and switched to shooting subcultures — first in his native London, and then in the United States. Today, it seems odd that the photographer, whose name is firmly associated with early british punk, so easily and simply shifted to a subculture of hip hop. But for the Beckman it was very logical evolution, since both cultures came from the street, they were a reaction to the painful condition of society and the economy. 


In the end, it is rebelliousness was an important criterion for Beckman, so its list not only musical subcultures, but also, for example, gangs of Los Angeles. If you’re talented like Janette, make good photos and retouching to make it perfect. Also the photo editing prices are pretty small. 

As in the case with Ken Russell, pictures of Holland were unjustly forgotten. He moved on in search of new objects of shooting, and those photos are not printed in cult magazines. And because of the small exhibition in 2004, then no one would not remember this weirdo, who managed to document one of the most colorful and carefree epochs in the history of skateboarding.


Martha Cooper

Today Martha Cooper about 70, and few people can suspect that it was an important figure in the popularization of graffiti and hip-hop that many legendary writers called it Kodak Girl.

Its way into the profession began with the childhood, when his father, an amateur photographer went out with her for a walk in search of a good frame. Martha methodically developed her skills and abilities that later led her to work in The New York Post. Competition there was a monstrous, and that to survive, it had to go in search of their history.

Martha were interested in children, or rather how they ingeniously come up with different games to occupy himself while parents don't see that their children are doing. This quest led her to one boy who showed her his tags, which satisfied her. And then he asked: "Why aren't you filming graffiti? I can introduce you with the King ". 


The king was Dondy, and he's not just agreed to the photoshoot and introduced everything to Martha, he became her guide in the world of graffiti. She photographed drawers, ran from the police together with them, woke up early in the morning to shoot a fresh piece on the next train, and eventually became the main promoter of early New York graffiti and hip-hop, which at that time were already inextricably connected. Her photos are interesting and her retouching is qualitative. We don’t insist, but if you want you can look our before and after retouch examples. 

In 1984 year Martha Cooper co-authored with Henry Chalfantom published the book "Subway Art" (Subway Art). Society ambiguously took a book, then it was decided to hate graffiti, but it became a cult movement in itself. By the end of 1980-s there is almost no graffiti in the subway, and many drawers have moved to work in the gallery.

Oh, we nearly forget, that there are very special subculture, which has a lot of interesting photos. You can read about anime fans (Otaku) here cosplay photoshop tutorial.

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