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Hairstyles Photography

hairstyles photography

Hairstyles photography is a creative genre of advertising/commercial photography which main aim is to promote make-up goods, perfume, clothes, other products. More than 50% of the marketing costs of large brands (Batista, Wella) hire professional photographers who understands how to make the makeup and hair for photoshoot stylish and glamour. If you are just looking for ideas for hairstyle photography or not more likely to choose which hairstyle to be great for the future photoshoot, this article will help.

Basic Rules for Choosing Makeup and Hair for Photoshoot

In the web there are a lot of interesting variants of hairdressing photography. But to make a great beginning, let`s consider some basic rules of preparing your hair to such an important day as professional photo shooting and only after you know all of them, you will read about photoshoot hair ideas.

Rule #1 Uncomplicated, Fixed Hairstyle

photoshoot hairstyles ideas

Depending on the type of hairstyles photography session, the requirements for a hairstyle may vary. In the case where several images are supposed to be shot, the hairstyle should not be complicated and strongly fixed, because the hair will have to be stacked several times, which means that the complicated weaving, the great amounts of decoration with all sorts of sparkles are not welcome.

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The ideal option - clean, slightly curled hair, as that gives way to a big variety of natural hair photoshoot ideas.

Rule #2 Choose Hairstyle in Advance

photoshoot hairstyles ideas

When it comes to a photo shoot in a certain theme, everything is much simpler here. Choosing a hairstyle should be done in advance. It must suit your appearance and chosen photo style simultaneously. Therefore, complex volumetric hairstyles will be inappropriate if the photo session takes place outdoors, and even carefully laid ragged strands will be discordant with a palace-style setting.

Rule #3 Hair Must Be Healthy

easy hairstyles for photoshoots

To make the hairstyles for a photo shoot look well, you need to observe two important requirements for your hair. Firstly, they must be healthy. If, for example, a photo shoot is planned outdoors, then under natural light, split ends or dull strands will only emphasize the unhealthy state of your hair. Therefore, on the eve of shooting, you should make different moisturizing hair masks, get rid off the damaged ends to create hairstyles that look good in pictures.

Rule #4 Clear Curl

easy hairstyles for photoshoots

Secondly, the curls should be clean. Strangely enough, but on the washed head to make a smooth hairstyle will be very difficult.

Rule #5 Use the Services of a Professional Hairdresser

makeup and hair for photoshoot

As in any professional field, it is better to use the services of a professional stylist and hairdresser in choosing a hairstyle. Otherwise, you should be ready to any unpredictable situations during making of your hairstyles photography.

Sure thing that your photographer must be a professional, who should discuss all the details with you, including recommending, how to do your hair for a photoshoot better. In any case, the choice is yours, but your hairstyle, in any case should not look contrived and too carefully done. Easy hairstyles for photoshoots are the most successful ways for any images that you are going to embody.

Rule #6 Refresh the Color of Dyed Hair

One more detail to be taken into consideration is dyed hair. If you dye it, be sure to refresh the color a few days before the event, so it will look more natural. Overgrown roots and faded color, as well as unhealthy appearance of hair clearly show up in the pictures. Anyway, you can always address portrait photo retouching services to fix this problem.

Rule #7 Choose a Hairstyle by Your Type of Face

The camera, even in the hands of the most skilled master, conveys features of appearance in its own specific way. For example, long side strands in the pictures emphasize the length of the nose and the depth of nasolabial folds, short bangs to the middle of the forehead are able to make visually any face wider, and loose, even the most beautiful curls, as well as a bright unnatural shade of hair visually add age. Remember that how to do your hair for a photoshoot is a question of great importance.

No matter what length of the hair and face type do you have, it is worth choosing the style that visually makes the face longer, giving it the ideal shape of the desirable oval, emphasize the elegant outlines of the cheekbones and neck and, as the photographers claim, open the face. That will make your hairstyles photography perfect and worth praising. Optimal in many cases will be styling with raised forehead hair, or choosing full opening of the forehead, as this creates an emphasis on the eyebrows and eyes.

Photoshoot Hairstyles Ideas

Natural Hairstyles that Look Good in Pictures

It's not difficult to make hairstyles photography with your own hands. There are several sure-fire photoshoot hair ideas that can be perfectly realized at home without much efforts. To the studio, by the way, it's better to come with a ready-made styling, but in any case, do not make too strong styling. This way when changing the image, you can easily change stacking, for example, by dismissing or collecting your hair.

To ensure that both the styling and the image as a whole look naturally, do not use strong hair spray, especially with sparkles, as well as shiny hairpins or hair ornaments. It is better to add decorating and styling in the process of shooting.

The photoshoot hairstyles ideas must be selected depending on the exterior. One of the most versatile and suitable hair styling for any type of face, as well as for a lot of romantic images, is a bow. Moreover, this hair-style can be easily done within 10 minutes and now we will teach you how.

makeup and hair for photoshoot

If you have not much time, and you doubt what hairdo to make for hairstyles photography, make a hair bow. It will fit any image, emphasize dignity and add to you mischief and originality. The optimal length of hair for this laying is up to the shoulders.

How to Do It:

You see that only six easy steps and you will be ready to become a star during your photo shooting. But this hair style will be suitable only for romantic women that are not afraid to reveal their feelings. Below we will present other easy hairstyles for photoshoots that will be not less amusing.

photoshoot hairstyles ideas photoshoot hairstyles ideas

To create such a hairstyle, you may need somebody’s help, if you do not know how to weave French braids.

how to do your hair for a photoshoot

The optimal length of hair is up to the shoulders, but it can be a little longer. This laying will add to your image of tenderness and romanticism. How to do your hair for a photoshoot by using French raids?

How to Do It:

hairstyles that look good in pictures

You can easily create a romantic and at the same easy hairstyles for photoshoots at home.

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With this arrangement, the professional photoshoot will be very successful.

How to Do It:

easy hairstyles for photoshoots

One of the best ones for hairstyles photography, including not just romantic or thematic, is called simply "princess" and is highly recommended for wedding photography.

easy hairstyles for photoshoots

It is also created quite simply and does not require the participation of a professional hairdresser.

How to Do It:

Really that is all, but be sure that in the end your hairstyles photography will be unsurpassed. This arrangement can be decorated with fresh flowers, with it beautifully combined veils, tiaras and other ornaments. Moreover, it can be easily dissolved, allowing you to change the image rather quickly.

photoshoot hairstyles ideas View Examples

These were variants of hairstyles photography for those girls that have medium-size hair. It is believed to be the easiest length of hair for styling. But still what if you are a certainly happy owner of long and beautiful hair? Sure thing that during your photo shooting you will have a desire to show off this definite bonus of your appearance. But in what way?

The Best Ideas for Long Hair

If the hair of medium length can easily be laid even at home, the long hairstyles for a photo shoot will require the participation of a highly professional and proven hairdresser. It is also better to provide several options for styling, which can be changed depending on the image change or requirements. And, of course, plan shooting with loose hair, which captures the beauty of luxurious curls. That means having no hairstyling at all. One of the most successful and fashionable photoshoot hairstyles ideas are a variety of styling with French braids. Similar ideas we have with medium-length hair, but in case with long hair the variety of possible styles is considerably wider.

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The French braids may be tight or loose depending only on the density of the hair. And then you need to put the loose curls of the middle part into the tails of the side braids and form a luxurious complex knot at the back of the head. To fix such a styling is best with studs, and in addition it will be brilliant to decorate them already in the studio.

makeup and hair for photoshootphotoshoot hairstyles ideas View Examples

The undoubted advantage of this laying is that it looks great from any shooting angle, both in profile and in full-face, demonstrating the beauty of hair, beautifully decorated with flowers, hairpins and any other ornaments. However, at the same time, the laying is easy to dissolve, if it requires a quick change of image, as definitely the loose curls will quite look natural.

One more variant will be to create a top knot. This option will suit perfectly for indoor hairstyles photography, where natural hair photoshoot ideas are of the biggest value. They create a definite feeling of coziness and home warmness. If you and your photographer are in the same mood to make home-like photos, this hair-idea will the most perfect. Moreover, it is quite easy in making and it can also be quite funny. In case you want to show off your easy-going nature, making your knot a little bit messy will be quite brilliantly.

What a Hairstyle with a Bang Can Be Done for a Photo Shoot?

easy hairstyles for photoshoots

Hairstyle with a bang for a photo shoot will require special attention specifically to the bangs. What seems natural and organic in everyday life, the camera's lens will "see" in a special way. The final styling should be chosen depending on the length of the hair and style of the images that you have chosen. However, if you wear a too long and thick bang before it is shot, be sure to shorten it in order to open your face. Also, a visit to the hairdresser will require haircuts with oblique and graded cheeks, they should also be slightly refreshed.

And What About Short Hairstyles Photography?

At first you may think that short hair provides not many ideas for choosing necessary options for hairstyles photography. In any case you should not experiment with new haircuts on the eve of the appointed photo set, because definitely you will not find luck from the first time.

photoshoot hairstyles ideas

Do not forget that the dark hair tones always add age, so if you want to look younger in the pictures - lighten the hair, but a little bit. The owners of short and graphic haircuts, such as "quads", "ganson" or a very fashionable graduated "bob" have not such an extensive choice of styling as the owners of long curls. But the principle of creating successful hairstyles for a photo

shoot is the same. It is necessary to emphasize the strong points of appearance as much as possible, focusing on the eyes, high cheekbones or an elegant nose.

makeup and hair for photoshoot

In many aspects professional makeup and hair for photoshoot will be quite helpful, but do not forget that the styling should be expressive and very natural.

Trendy Black Hair Photoshoot – Free Your Afro

easy hairstyles for photoshoots

In recent years, the motive of naturalness in fashion has acquired new boundaries, transforming into a real philosophy of accepting oneself and one's own characteristics. The part of this trend is the natural look of Afro hair, which is the best for black hair photoshoot.

A well-known photographer who dedicated this life to himself, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talks about his work, what is an attempt to show how beautiful the love of self can be. Unfortunately, for many years women with curly Afro hair denied themselves the pleasure of natural easy hairstyles for photoshoots.

easy hairstyles for photoshoots

Power of Makeup and Hair for Photoshoot

How to make a make-up and hairstyle to look impressive in a photograph? This question also may disturb women that are going to participate in a professional photo session. The only thing is that you can do even the most alluring and exquisite makeup and hair for photoshoot by yourself.

how to do your hair for a photoshoot

Even if you don’t normally use makeup, you still should use makeup for shooting. In any of the women's magazines you will find many tips on the rules of applying various kinds of makeup, so we will focus only on the most used secrets for making your face natural looking and appealing at the same time.

hairstyles that look good in pictures

To get a good photo, cosmetics should be limited, so that in the photo you look as if you did not use it at all. This is called a natural look. The main thing here is to use the make-up of soft pastel tones that will not go in contradiction with your natural face tones.

makeup and hair for photoshoot

Even if you have the perfect face complexion, apply a foundation, otherwise in the photo your skin will look covered with reddish spots. Apply a layer of powder over the tone to avoid gloss. These are the main secrets concerning face tones. The latest trend in fashion for cosmetics is the basis with a "shine", giving a light shine to the skin. Still notice that this trend can be applied only for professional hairstyles photography shooting. For daily wear that will be quite inappropriate and too artificial.

makeup and hair for photoshoot

Use shades of brownish or gray tones without pearl and sparkling ingredients. These are the most frequently used tons that are always in trends. Moreover, refrain from bright blue, purple or pink. They have come out of fashion many years ago.

makeup and hair for photoshoot

Also pay attention to the way you highlight your eyes. Remember that fat black lines around the eyes are aging and look vulgar, all the time. The only exception is theme-based photo session, but that is not our case.

Mascara for eyelashes can and should be used a lot, as it will give your look a considerable expressiveness and alluring depth. Do not use colored mascara, for instance blue or green. The best idea is simple black or dark brown.

makeup and hair for photoshoot

Eyebrows for shooting need to be appealing too, as they are the basement of the look. They should not be too thick or thin, and it is better to do it in a beauty salon.

photoshoot hairstyles ideas

A bit of the blush of apricot or brownish tint applied to the cheekbones will give the person the necessary beauty and right correction.

hairstyles that look good in pictures

Be sure to use a lip liner. Full lips do not require any reduction, as the full lips look sexier. Too thin lips can be corrected with a pencil and lipstick, but notice the measure again not to look too artificial. Use a red, brownish or dark pink lipstick.

photoshoot hairstyles ideas

The great idea will be to take the cosmetic bag with you to correct possible defects quickly without interrupting a process. On a high-quality make-up 1-2 hours will be taken. Use the services of a make-up artist if you can afford it.

Experiment with makeup before doing make-up for a hairstyle photography photo shoot. You, of course, know in general what suits for you, and what not. So, try different makeup options offered in a fashion magazine, and see what you like more.

The main thing - makeup should in no case be old and vulgar. Still even after you see taken shots and notice some imperfects, everything may be further corrected with portrait retouch. The only photo improving sphere that deals with photographed models without cosmetics is headshot retouching.

Professional Photographers in Hairstyles Photography

Barry Jeffery

This photographer, who lives in London, is liked by the connoisseurs of fashion photography by never being afraid of something new and always ready for experiments. The basis of his unique style of hairstyles photography is editing of the picture, during which some images change almost completely due to Barry's outstanding abilities. In addition to photoshoot hairstyles ideas for magazines and commercials, Barry also directs short films and music videos for musicians.

Barry Jeffery is known far beyond the boundaries of the United Kingdom, he is engaged in advertising campaigns for such well-known brands as L’Oréal, Balmain Hair, NTX, and was invited as photographer to make some photos of Queen Elizabeth II.

photoshoot hairstyles ideas photoshoot hairstyles ideas

Elise Dumontet

Elise Dumontet is a real Frenchwoman, despite the fact that she already has almost a few years working in London. She has a special French style, very refined and feminine, only a real woman knows how to properly shoot hair and hairstyles in order to make it look attractive and perfect. Eliza's works can be found in many famous magazines, such as Vogue or The Observer. In addition, she shoots advertising companies for L’Oréal and Pantene.

makeup and hair for photoshoot makeup and hair for photoshoot

Fernando Milani

The world famous photographer Fernando Milani was born in Brazil, but now works in the markets of America and Europe and is one of the most popular photographers in hairstyles photography. The basis of his inspiration is an attempt to combine natural forms with incredible solutions, which gives interesting results and influence in the works of Fernando. He holds several prestigious awards, Milani’s works are published in well-known fashion magazines, for example, Marie Claire, Seventeen, Glamour, as well as he shooting for PR-companies for such famous hair brands as Garnier and Bayer.

photoshoot hairstyles ideas how to do your hair for a photoshoot

Joseph Cartright

Joseph Cartright is an amazing person. Having graduation in avionics engineering and the experience of musical production, many years ago Joseph turned to the idea of applying his knowledge in cardinally opposite activity - he was engaged in creating unique fashion photos. He is based in New York, this metropolis meets any experiments of Joseph and there is never a timeout from customers. He collaborates with Victoria's Secret, Vella and other brands, and also Joseph teaches photography.

hairstyles that look good in pictures makeup and hair for photoshoot

Tom Huckert

Probably, Tom is the most experienced photographer on this list, since he began his career as a professional photographer back in the 1980s. For more than fifteen years, Tom has been working in New York and during this time has helped many well-known models to fill their portfolio with vivid and interesting photos. His true passion is fashion and hairstyles photography, which led Tom to the world's largest fashion cities - Milan and New York. He believes that his main goal is not to show something that is not in the model, but to demonstrate that beauty that he sees.

photoshoot hairstyles ideas makeup and hair for photoshoot

Wendy Hope

Wendy is from those young photographers who in their daily work are looking for fun. All her projects end up surprising with their bright and unusual atmosphere. Wendy likes to shoot advertising companies for famous brands, but most of all she enjoys shootings with famous personalities.

Now she has contracts with companies such as Essence and New You Magazine.

makeup and hair for photoshoot photoshoot hairstyles ideas

Bete Vieira

Anyone who has anything to do with the hairstyles photography industry knows this name. Next on the list is the famous Bete Vieira, who has experience of more than 25 years of professional career in fashion photography. Among other things, she is involved in several more types of photography and is engaged in the fact that she constantly produces specialized books on photography. At the moment Bethe is the most recognized commercial photographer in Brazil and for the years of her activity has received a huge number of awards that only confirm its professionalism.

photoshoot hairstyles ideas how to do your hair for a photoshoot

Gavin O'Neill

Gavin was born in New Zealand, but now he is based in New York for more than 10 years, where he participates in the active promotion of fashion photography. In addition to co-operation with famous brands, Gavin is also engaged in shooting underwear and nude photography.

hairstyles that look good in pictures makeup and hair for photoshoot

Jenny Hands

Jenny has been working in hairstyles photography for more than 12 years, for all this time she has become a recognizable personality and has successfully signed more than fifty contracts with major world brands. She worked with companies such as Nivea and Batista, as well as in a permanent collaboration with renowned hairdressers.

photoshoot hairstyles ideas easy hairstyles for photoshoots

Regardless of what you choose - to create a hairstyle yourself or to use the services of a professional stylist, you should always remember that the hair is as important part of the photo session as the background and outfit.

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