9 Best Travel Mice in 2023

By Robin Owens 17 days ago, Computer Mouse

Ergonomic and multi-function mice for traveling.

best travel mouse

If you are looking for a travel mouse, you need a compact and portable mouse. It should easily fit into your briefcase, suitcase or handbag. Moreover, it should be connected to a tablet or laptop when you are on the plane or somewhere else.

In other words, an efficient travel mouse is the one that allows you to work or play wherever you are.

9 Best Wireless Bluetooth Mice for Traveling

  1. Logitech Pebble M350 - Our Choice
  2. Microsoft RVF-00052 - Stunning design
  3. FENIFOX Slim - Ultra-thin portable travel mouse
  4. ABKONCORE A660 - High precision mouse
  5. VicTsing Pioneer - Inexpensive travel mouse
  6. OKIMO - Wireless
  7. Logitech M510 - Small travel mouse
  8. Verbatim 97470 - The best little mouse for traveling
  9. Seenda - Rechargeable and wireless

The post below describes small and convenient mice currently available. They offer maximum precision and lag reduction.

There are old-school representatives and die-hard trackball mice. Look through these 9 travel mice and find the most suitable one.

1. Logitech Pebble M350

Our Choice
logitech pebble m350 travel mouse

DPI: 1000 | Interface: Bluetooth / USB | Buttons: 2 | Ergonomic: Right-handed / Left-handed / Ambidextrous

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⊕ Qualitative body
⊕ Very portable
⊕ Perfect for fingertip grip
⊖ A bit inconvenient design
⊖ Average performance

Logitech Pebble M350 is a slim, sweat-resistant plastic model for those, who want to get a decent travel mouse at an affordable price. You can choose between 3 colors ‒ black, white and pink.

You may easily put it into a pocket since it is half the size of an average palm and weighs about 3.5oz. However, it is not the best option to use for several hours in a row.

The device features a thin top panel that may be removed and attached again using three small magnetic pins. At the back, there is a power button and a Bluetooth/USB button. Mind that you can’t customize its performance and the experience you get using it is not the best one.

2. Microsoft RVF-00052

Best travel mouse with stunning design
microsoft rvf-00052 travel mouse

DPI: 1000 | Interface: USB | Buttons: 2 | Ergonomic: Right-handed / Left-handed / Ambidextrous

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⊕ Stylish design
⊕ Simple buttons
⊕ Convenient
⊕ Long battery life
⊖ Unstable scrolling button
⊖ Not lightweight

If you often travel and have to work on the go, RVF-00052 Arc Touch travel mouse can satisfy your needs. Thanks to the simple design and touch-sensitive capabilities, it works on almost any surface and uses nano-transceiver technology to provide optimal performance.

There is a convenient magnetic patch on the underside of the Arc Touch to affix a device transceiver if it is not used.

In addition, Arc Touch portable mouse uses an Apple Magic Mouse besting touch-sensitive wheel.

Although this model has some minor drawbacks, like weight and unstable wheel button, we may still claim that this option might become a decent wireless travel mouse. Its elegant design and ergonomic features made us include this option on the list of the best travel mice.


Ultra-thin portable travel mouse
fenifox slim travel mouse

DPI: 1600 | Interface: Wireless / Bluetooth / USB | Buttons: 2 | Ergonomic: Right-handed / Left-handed / Ambidextrous

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⊕ Simple setting up
⊕ Slim design
⊕ Great shape
⊕ Rechargeable
⊖ Collects fingerprints

Thanks to its size and weight, FENIFOX mouse may be called a universal tool to use during trips. You can choose your own DPI setting from 800 to 1600.

Moreover, you may easily connect it to any Bluetooth compatible PC, laptop, or Android tablet using its FENIFOX intelligent connectivity. A passcode is not required.

This Bluetooth travel mouse has silent left and right mouse buttons and is an ideal variant for libraries, conference rooms, coffee shops and other places where loud noise can cause discomfort. There is a separate power switch and the sleeping mode, which is activated automatically.

FENIFOX travel mouse uses a safe and stable lithium battery. It may be charged more than a hundred times and works more than three weeks on a single charge. Besides, you may still use the mouse when it is being charged.


High precision travel mouse for gaming
abkoncore a660 travel mouse

DPI: 10000 | Interface: USB | Buttons: 4 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Reliable and accurate sensor
⊕ Ergonomic design
⊕ Multiple zones Backlight
⊕ Side key lock
⊖ No rubberized inserts on the sides
⊖ Only left-side buttons

ABKONCORE A660 is a travel mouse perfectly suitable for gaming. It is a professional model with a PIXART PMW 3325 sensor providing excellent precision, accurate recognition, fast movement and interference-free operation.

Thanks to superior click sensitivity and responsiveness, gamers can fully enjoy the session. You may adjust the DPI sensitivity; there are four levels available.

ABKONCORE A660 boasts a symmetrical ergonomic design ensuring an ideal grip with a stable glide.

It is a lightweight device offering perfect balance during work. Moreover, you may adjust the RGB LED color as you like. There are 16.8 M RGB LED light and an intuitive LED button for your convenience.

5. VicTsing Pioneer

Inexpensive travel mouse
victsing pioneer travel mouse

DPI: 2400 | Interface: Wireless / Bluetooth / USB | Buttons: 4 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Smooth, silent buttons
⊕ Budgetary option
⊕ Ergonomic shape
⊕ Decent battery life
⊖ For small palms only

If you are looking for the best travel mouse and want to save some money, VicTsing Pioneer is exactly what you need. It is a budgetary device offering numerous professional features.

It is an optimal variant for users with small palms.

This Bluetooth travel mouse may be conveniently stored in your laptop bag or pocket so you may take it everywhere you wish. What is more, it can be connected up to 3 devices.

VicTsing Pioneer reduces the invalid noise by 90%. Being equipped with dual Bluetooth and USB receivers, it works smoothly on Android, Mac iOS, Windows and other systems.

Pioneer has a battery level indicator. Energy-saving design enables you to extend battery life and eliminate a lot of battery problems.


Best wireless travel mouse
okimo travel mouse

DPI: 1600 | Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 4 | Ergonomic: Right-handed / Left-handed / Ambidextrous

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⊕ Silent click
⊕ Slim, nice-to-touch body
⊕ Broad compatibility
⊕ Care-free warranty
⊖ Not everyone will appreciate an ultra-slim design

Meeting all the criteria of the best travel mouse, like ultra-thin, ergonomic design, small weight, comfortable hand-feeling, etc., OKIMO is an ideal tool to consider.

It is an adjustable mouse with three levels precision so you may control the mouse speed contributing to more precise performance. This travel mouse may move freely within a range of up to 32 feet.

The mouse comes with a rechargeable battery. When you charge it to the fullest, it will work up to 168 hours.

You may prolong its life by activating energy-saving features, automatic sleep mode and wake-up mode. You may place the USB receiver under the battery cover.

7. Logitech M510

Best small travel mouse
logitech m510 travel mouse

DPI: 1000 | Interface: USB | Buttons: 4 | Ergonomic: Right-handed / Left-handed / Ambidextrous

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⊕ Great overall control
⊕ Works smoothly on macOS
⊕ Fully-customizable buttons and shortcuts
⊕ Unifying receiver
⊖ Not suitable for small hands
⊖ With single-use batteries; not rechargeable

Thanks to ergonomic design, Logitech M510 is the best travel mouse to use for many hours. It has an ideal shape to fit a human hand providing the natural and effortless movement with precision pointer control.

At the same time, the device is rather heavy using AA batteries for power. However, M510 offers up to 2 years of battery life ‒ not bad, actually. M510 is compatible with the latest versions of Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux.

However, don’t choose this mouse if you have small hands. It is an ideal option for people with big palms. You may consider a smaller version available on the market. What is more, this wireless travel mouse is suitable both, for righties and lefties.

8. Verbatim 97470

Best little mouse for traveling
verbatim 97470 travel mouse

DPI: 1600 | Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 2 | Ergonomic: Right-handed / Left-handed / Ambidextrous

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⊕ Compact and portable design
⊕ Cord-free reliability and performance
⊕ Compact nano wireless receiver
⊕ Affordable
⊖ No auto shut off when it is not used

Verbatim Wireless Mini Travel Mouse is a portable tool to transport and use on the go. Delays in cursor movement are absent since it features reliable 2.4 GHz wireless technology.

This travel mouse operates using a single standard AAA battery so it is easy to replace it when necessary. Thanks to its compact design, this mouse is a nice option for home, office, or on-the-go use.

The Nano receiver is really tiny so having plugged it into the USB port, you don’t have to unplug it each time you need to take your laptop somewhere. This 2.0 USB portable mouse works smoothly on the recent versions of Mac, Windows and Linux.

9. Seenda

Rechargeable wireless mouse for traveling
seenda travel mouse

DPI: 2400 | Interface: Wireless / Bluetooth / USB | Buttons: 2 | Ergonomic: Right-handed / Left-handed / Ambidextrous

rank rank Rating

⊕ Triple connection for multi-purpose
⊕ Amazing compatibility
⊕ Silent and responsive click
⊕ 18-month money-back or replacements
⊖ Inconvenient сonnection button placement

Featuring Bluetooth 4.0, USB Receiver and Type C Receiver, this Seenda wireless travel mouse may be connected up to 3 devices. It easily switches between different inputs without lags.

The mouse has a rechargeable battery. It works smoothly on Windows, Mac OS, and Android gadgets. Thanks to its compact size (4.5×2.5×1.3 inch), the multi-connection option and rechargeable features, this model may be called a good travel mouse.

This mouse comes with a risk-free warranty. So if any issues arise while using the mouse, the company will give your money back or you will get a free replacement.

Image Name Features  
logitech pebble m350 travel mouse
Logitech Pebble M350
  • DPI: 1000
  • Interface: Bluetooth / USB
  • Buttons: 2
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed / Left-handed / Ambidextrous
microsoft rvf-00052 travel mouse
Microsoft RVF-00052
Our choice
  • DPI: 1000
  • Interface: USB
  • Buttons: 2
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed / Left-handed / Ambidextrous
fenifox slim travel mouse
  • DPI: 1600
  • Interface: Wireless / Bluetooth / USB
  • Buttons: 2
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed / Left-handed / Ambidextrous

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Travel Mouse?

best travel mouse

Retractable Cord

If you want a wired travel mouse, choose the one with a retractable USB cord. It is very convenient since you will quickly pack the mouse when necessary. Moreover, it is easier to store such a mouse.


If carrying extra batteries isn’t a problem for you, opt for a wireless device. Since there isn’t any wire, you don’t have to think about where to place it. Such a mouse will work on any surface.

In case you are not eager to think about dongles, get Bluetooth travel mouse instead with a proprietary connection.

Optical vs Laser

If you don’t know what travel mouse to choose ‒ an optical or a laser one, think about the surface you are likely to use it on. Optical mice are less accurate and sensitive but they successfully work on various surfaces.

If you are sure that you will always have an ideal surface to work on, choose a laser mouse. If you don’t ‒ buy an optical or hybrid one.


This feature is really important for those who spend day and night in front of their computer. You should get the mouse that will create the most comfortable conditions for your hand.

Being used for long periods, ill-suited mice and non-form fitting models can cause such problems as carpal tunnel, arthritis, and even seemingly unrelated back pain. If you have faced such inconveniences, you may need to buy a decent carpal tunnel mouse.

Consequently, choosing a travel mouse you should think of its ergonomics first since it directly influences your health. Today, developers create mice that can serve in the most comfortable way so you have numerous options to choose from.

Battery Type and Battery Life

best travel mouse

Type of the battery plays a big role when choosing a portable mouse for trips. It influences the quality of the device in general. Travel mice have two types of batteries ‒ standard AA or AAA batteries (you replace them when used) and internal rechargeable ones (you may charge them via a cable when needed).

Both types have their benefits. The loose batteries are very easy to replace and they are not expensive.

Speaking about the internal battery, it is convenient because you don’t have to visit the shop if you need to charge it. In general, both battery types serve for long periods before you need to recharge or replace them.


  • • Bluetooth vs wireless mouse – which is better?

There are two types of wireless mice ‒ Bluetooth and radio frequency ones. In general, an RF travel mouse is more responsive and easier to set up. You just have to plug in the dongle that comes with it. However, Bluetooth mice are becoming more and more popular these days.

  • • Should I switch off a wireless mouse?

Of course, you must keep your mouse charged if you want to use it for many hours. So don’t forget to turn it off when you don’t use it. Find the button on the back of your device and turn it off. In such a way, your mouse will serve you longer without the necessity to recharge it or replace the batteries.

  • • What is the difference between a wireless and Bluetooth mouse?

As I’ve already mentioned, wireless mice are divided into two groups ‒ radio frequency and Bluetooth ones. The difference lays in how they are connected to your computer. A Bluetooth wireless travel mouse connects to the built-in receiver available on most modern computers. An RF device comes with a dongle that should be plugged into a USB port.

  • • Optical vs laser mouse – who is the winner?

The main difference between these mice is the resolution. An optical model has a resolution of 3,000 DPI while a laser one features 6,000-15,000 + DPI value. Thanks to higher DPI, laser mice are more sensitive and track more dots per inch.