5 Best Software For Video Management in 2023

The best software for video management (VMS) is a great assistant for cameramen as it provides them with overall control over recordings, storage, and helps them manage safety, surveillance, or other videos. Traditional security systems use a centralized network video recording or digital video recording software to capture footage.

However, some present-day systems are fitted with cameras that are capable of internal recordings for transferring footage right into a centralized command center, or dashboard handled with VMS.

Top 5 Blu-Ray Copy Software

  1. Vanderbilt Security Management System - Reports and auto-scheduling
  2. Milestone XProtect Professional+ - Flexible viewing
  3. Genetec Security Center 5.9 - Investigate intrusion events faster
  4. Wavestore VMS v6.10 - Minimal joystick control latency
  5. Vicon Industries Valerus VMS - Support for H.265 compression

When looking for the best software for video management, pay attention to the quality and reliability of the underlying technology, as well as functionality and easiness of use. Such programs usually offer a great array of features, but you need to choose an option that fully satisfies your needs.

1. Vanderbilt Security Management System - Our Choice

Reports and auto-scheduling
  • Has anti-passback feature
  • Choice of product lines
  • API available
  • Standardized reports
  • Opaque pricing

Verdict: Vanderbilt Security Management System is one of the most efficient ways to protect your employees and your company from harm. It has been designed to keep track of all of the cameras that are in your facility, so you will be able to see what is going on in real time. This makes for a very good idea to make sure that everything is running smoothly when you have customers or employees that are coming and going at your location.

Vanderbilt Security Management System software for video management has features that will allow you to monitor all of your locations in one place. It will also come with a desktop computer, which you will be able to use to access your system from any location you want. This can help you to be able to move things around if you need to, without having to worry about physically moving each item.

vanderbilt security management system interface

2. Milestone XProtect Professional+

Flexible viewing
  • Video evidence integrity
  • Support for edge storage
  • Built-in motion detection
  • Distribution model

Verdict: Milestone XProtect as with all other software in the same category, provides many features that ensure the user has the greatest amount of control over their video files. One such feature that is present on almost all of the best document management software is the ability to work with thumbnail images, both local and in external storage systems.

This is a great feature, especially for those who may only have a few seconds to place a short animation or photo in their video before switching to the next clip. If a person has to switch from one image to the next, chances are they will be stuck at the starting image if the thumbnail option does not appear.

milestone xprotect professional+ interface

3. Genetec Security Center 5.9

Investigate intrusion events faster
  • Allows the use of video watermarking
  • Long-Term Support (LTS) feature
  • Keep access control devices healthy
  • Easily deploy to your mobile device
  • Transmit video in Mjpeg only

Verdict: Genetec Security Center 5.9 comes with a great number of features and capabilities that will definitely make your work easier. It can handle all sorts of file formats such as AVI, WMV and MPEG. Furthermore, it comes packed with a lot of security features and protection protocols that will provide you the ultimate protection against all forms of threats including malware, spam, spyware and viruses. You don't need additional free malware removal software.

In order to protect your digital video camera from all possible damages, this best software for video management should be downloaded and installed on your system. The generate application comes with an integrated scanner that comes with it. This scanner comes with powerful features that will allow the detection of even the smallest virus on your computer.

genetec security center 5.9 software for video management interface

4. Wavestore VMS v6.10

Minimal joystick control latency
  • Efforts made to minimize latency
  • Third-party integration supported
  • Allows easy broadcast of messages
  • Security is a major issue

Verdict: Wavestore VMS is a powerful audio and video synchronization tool and photography studio management software. The synchronization software makes the job of a video editor easy, by automating all of the steps of the process and allowing you to work from a template.

It is not only a visual tool, but also has the ability to manage your audio tracks as well. This can be very useful when you are doing a live action video conference, where you have a lot of people speaking at the same time. It will allow you to adjust the volume and pan so everyone sees the video feed without any loss of quality, which is important especially when shooting a video while on location.

wavestore vms v6.10 software for video management interface

5. Vicon Industries Valerus VMS

Support for H.265 compression
  • Interface improvements
  • Application server redundancy
  • Navigation is easy
  • Only paid version

Verdict: Vicon Industries, one of the leading producers of video surveillance products, has come up with the Valerus VMS software for video management. This is the latest product in the market and the company claims that the product has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of both professional and commercial users.

VMS Video System from Vicon Industries is a powerful software designed to manage high resolution outdoor and indoor video cameras. This software has been designed to work with any operating system.

vicon industries valerus vms software for video management interface