Top 10 Best Silent Mice in 2022

By Robin Owens 5 days ago, Computer Mouse

Great silent mice for noiseless click in gaming and work.

top silet mouse

If you work in the office with several colleagues, distracting noises such as keyboard typing, paper shuffling and mouse clicking can drive you crazy. In order not to derail your video calls or video recordings, it is important to remove the noise of mouse clicks and keyboard presses.

A good silent mouse allows you to get rid of destructive noise by eliminating the sound created by the clicking switches and scrolling wheel.

10 Best Silent Mice to Buy

  1. AE WISH ANEWISH - Our Choice
  2. Logitech M330 - The best silent mouse with USB
  3. Picktech Q85 - Wireless
  4. VicTsing - Quiet mouse working 2 devices together
  5. JSCO JNL-101K - Clickless mouse with USB connection
  6. Emopeak - With USB receiver
  7. Picktech Q5 - Ultra-thin design
  8. VEGCOO C12 - Soft click mouse with 7 smart buttons
  9. VicTsing - Breathing backlit
  10. Emopeak Silent - Silent gaming mouse

The majority of silent mice available on the market use wireless connectivity so that you can keep them far away from your computer. While many mice require a short charge or one rechargeable AA battery, some options described below don’t need battery replacing.

This overview offers the main info about the most popular models and essential aspects that will help you choose the right mouse to suit your needs. Picking the best quiet mouse will help you not only produce high-quality content but boost your productivity while working in an office or during the gameplay.

1. ANEWISH Wireless Mouse

Our Choice
silent mouse anewish

DPI: 1600 | Interface: Bluetooth | Buttons: 3 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

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⊕ Wire-free
⊕ Works without tugging
⊕ Excellent for media center apps
⊖ Can drop from your desk
⊖ Models with a USB cable for charging are expensive

ANEWISH is a wireless Bluetooth mouse that impresses with its portability. Being lightweight and small, it will easily fit any bag, so feel free to carry it with you anywhere you go.

ANEWISH is a noiseless mouse with durable construction. It is a perfect option for those, who work in silent conditions. With 90% click-noise reduction, you can enjoy your work in peace without disturbing anyone.

Apart from energy-efficiency technology, ANEWISH boasts such features as a rechargeable battery and auto-sleep mode after several minutes of inactivity. Moreover, it sits in the natural position of your hand, has a high level of sensitivity, accurate tracking, and three customizable DPI levels (800, 1200, and 1600).

The mouse has a reliable connection up to 10m/33ft, so don’t worry about accidental drops. Also, you don’t need any dongle or receiver to connect this device to your computer.

2. Logitech M330 Silent Plus

Best silent mouse with USB
silent mouse logitech M330

DPI: 1000 | Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 3 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Quiet work
⊕ Minimalist design
⊕ Excellent battery life
⊕ Robust construction
⊖ High-priced for an office mouse
⊖ Inconsistent optical tracking

Logitech M330 is a wireless silent mouse that can be easily connected to your PC or laptop via the USB receiver. It has a 2.4GHz wireless connection and long-distance connection range. A long time ago, the labor productivity was measured by a strike of a pickaxe or a swing of a hammer.

Nowadays, a lot of people make a living by working on a computer. Whether you are working with documents, engaged in photo editing, or just surfing the web, you will continuously click mouse and produce irritating sound. That is where Logitech M330 comes on the stage.

The most outstanding feature of M330 is its silent work. It preserves the same click feel but lacks that disturbing noise. Instead, you will hear a pleasant thud. Moreover, apart from being silent, Logitech includes numerous useful features.

3. Picktech Q85 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best silent wireless mouse
silent mouse picktech q85

DPI: 2400 | Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 8 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Made of high-quality materials
⊕ First-class LED backlight
⊕ Ergonomic construction
⊖ Side buttons may work improperly

Picktech Q85 is one of the best silent mice designed mainly for gaming purposes. This device hit the market due to its cutting-edge design.

It is available in different colors such as black, pink, starry black, and silver. Thus, this model is suitable for both male and female users.

The strongest advantage of Q85 is four-color backlight LEDs, which allow you to get even better gaming experience. This vertical ergonomic mouse is designed to provide your hand with a convenient position during long gaming sessions. It comes with three customizable DPI buttons.

You can choose between such DPI levels as 1200 DPI, 1600 DPI, and 2400 DPI. The mouse supports different Windows versions and compatible with numerous laptops and computers. With Q85, you will achieve game-winning flexibility and complete control in your hand.

4. VicTsing Wireless Mouse

Quiet mouse eorking 2 devices together
silent mouse victsing av121911

DPI: 2400 | Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 3 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

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⊕ Excellent price
⊕ Ergonomic design
⊕ 5-buttons layout
⊕ Decent battery life
⊖ Can drop from your desk
⊖ Side buttons issues

If you use a laptop, you definitely need the best noiseless mouse that offers wireless connectivity. Even with a desktop computer, it can be tricky to manage wired mouse due to its cable.

VicTsing has a convenient shape that fits any grip, excellent battery life, and numerous handy features. With multiple silent-click buttons and ergonomic design, this device is suitable for different purposes.

Another advantage of VicTsing is a USB Nano receiver that can be stored inside the back slot of the mouse. Thus, the mouse will neatly fit any briefcase or backpack, which proves its high portability.

5. JSCO JNL-101K

Clickless mouse with USB connection
silent mouse jsco jnl 101k

DPI: 1600 | Interface: USB | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Reduced frequency noise
⊕ Smooth mouse cursor
⊕ Completely customizable side buttons
⊖ Doesn’t suit lefties
⊖ Mouse wheel produces some noise

JSCO is a popular brand that produces first-class computer mice. It offers numerous silent mice, both wired and wireless. The distinctive feature of JSCO products is their unusual design.

However, users don't have the opportunity to choose between the colors and designs of this mouse. Our ears are constantly bombarded with a bewildering variety of sounds and ambient noise.

While some sounds can be simply ignored, mouse clicks can cause many inconveniences, no matter whether you are a gaming addict or an average computer user.

JNL-101K serves as a beacon of hope for those, who appreciate silence during the gameplay. This model is a high-quality option for noiseless gaming.

Although the mouse has a simple design, its features are far from minimalistic. So, you can enjoy the power of total control in your hand and the silent environment at the same time.

6. Emopeak E2

Silent click mouse with USB receiver
silent mouse emopeak e2

DPI: 1600 | Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Low-frequency sound
⊕ Great for media apps
⊕ Heavy-duty construction
⊖ Isn’t suitable for left-handed people
⊖ Side buttons issues

Emopeak E2 is a quiet click mouse that provides noiseless click for all buttons. It offers three customizable DPI levels and includes a USB receiver. The mouse has ergonomic construction and a large soft rest area for fingers to reduce hand fatigue. Emopeak E2 promises a 5 million click lifespan for ultimate long-lasting durability. This mouse is a perfect addition to the quiet computer setup, so nothing will distract you from your work or disturb other people around you.

Unlike the majority of regular mice, this model has an advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology. Also, it works with almost every PC or laptop with USB input.

7. Picktech Q5 Jane Eyre Series

Quietest mouse with an ultra-thin design
silent mouse picktech q5

DPI: 1600 | Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 4 | Ergonomic: Ambidextrous

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⊕ Rechargeable battery
⊕ Noiseless click
⊕ Compact design
⊕ Compatible with the most common operating systems
⊖ Can drop from the desk

Picktech Q5 Jane Eyre Series is an excellent silent click mouse with a compact USB Nano receiver located at the bottom of the body. To use a device, you don’t need any additional software. Just plug it into your computer's USB port and enjoy its smooth work.

Q5 comes with a robust lithium rechargeable battery, meaning you don’t need to use an additional AA battery. Also, the mouse includes a charging cable in the kit. Both right and left buttons don't produce any noise, letting you enjoy a quiet atmosphere.

Picktech Q5 has a slim and portable design. While measuring 4.4 x 2.25x 0.79 inches, it won’t take much space in your laptop bag.

This silent computer mouse is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10/Vista and Mac OS. Picktech Q5 uses a USB Type-C port, so you will need to connect the mouse to the USB receiver to use it wirelessly.


Soft click mouse with 7 smart buttons
silent mouse vegcoo c12

DPI: 2400 | Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 7 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Rubberized body
⊕ Features Breathing LED Lights
⊕ ON/OFF switch and Save Battery Power option
⊕ Forward and Backward buttons
⊖ It isn’t suitable for lefties

This silent mouse is great for gaming and has a good anti-interference feature. You can use this mouse for both games and work. It contains 7 breathing lights for a more comfortable experience.

You can switch off lights if you do not need them. This mouse boasts precise and flexible movement thanks to an advanced optical sensor. VEGCOO C12 features a reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection between your PC and USB receiver.

To achieve maximum performance and comfort in use, you can set one of the three DPI modes (2400/1600/800).

This mouse has a rechargeable battery with good capacity (600mAh) so it offers quite a long autonomous work. If necessary, you can easily switch from wireless to wired since the device features a quick-connect design.

9. VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

Quiet mouse with breathing backlit
silent mouse victsing

DPI: 2400 | Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 7 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Excellent build quality for the money
⊕ 5 customizable DPI values
⊕ Top-level energy-saving chip
⊖ Only for right-handed
⊖ It may fall from your desk

This gaming mouse looks good for its value, but its cons may be more relevant than its pros. Firstly, the developer does not provide related applications for customizing buttons.

Secondly, CPI sensitivity can be quite changeable. If your hands are not medium in size, this quiet computer mouse is not convenient to use. Unusual shape causes gripping discomfort.

I’d also note that the buttons work with some rattle and wobble. This model is not lightweight, has high click latency and runs on a single AA battery.

10. Emopeak E2Pro-Max

Silent gaming mouse with 3 DPI levels
silent mouse emopeak e2pro

DPI: 1600 | Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 6 | Ergonomic: Right-handed

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⊕ Excellent hand-feeling
⊕ Mouse sensibility can be easily set
⊕ Plug and Play support
⊖ Only for right-handed

Featuring top-of-the-line 2.4G wireless technology, this quiet click mouse delivers stable connection up to 33 feet away. This model has a cordless design.

It is convenient to use and less tiring for hands since it has an improved soft rubber finger rest. The surface of the housing has special protective features against sweating and slipping.

This mouse is compatible with many Mac and Windows devices. You can connect it to any laptop and computer with a USB port. It is one of the best silent mice on our list that supports plug and play technology so you do not need to install drivers to start using it.

Image Name Features  
silent mouse anewish
Our Choice
  • DPI: 1600
  • Interface: Bluetooth
  • Buttons: 3
  • Ergonomic: For Ambidexters
silent mouse logitech M330
Logitech M330
  • DPI: 1000
  • Interface: Wireless
  • Buttons: 3
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed
silent mouse picktech q85
Picktech Q85
  • DPI: 2400
  • Interface: Wireless
  • Buttons: 8
  • Ergonomic: Right-handed

Silent Mice Buyers Guide

best silent mouse

How to Choose a Silent Mouse?

A computer mouse does not make too loud sounds, but its clicks and noise from sliding across the desktop can distract or annoy other people working near you. If several such devices are used at home or more often in an office, the noise power increases and can interfere with concentration. How to solve such a problem? Buying a silent clicking mouse is a great way out of the situation.

However, how to find the best silent mouse and without spending a lot of time searching? Here are some of our recommendations to help you choose the best option for you. Our review of silent PC mice includes models with various functions, performance and click sound. After reviewing all the technical characteristics, paying attention to the pros and cons of the manipulators, as well as taking into account your needs, you will be able to make the right decision.

What Makes One Mouse Quieter than Another?

Scrolling - The manufacturers of silent mice replaced the optical encoder with a mechanical one to make the sound quieter.

Switches - When the buttons are pressed, various vibrations and strikes of 2 plastic elements of the device occur. As a rule, a noiseless mouse has rubber initiators to reduce this kind of noise.

Gliding Feet – When you move the mouse on the desktop without a mat, you can hear a clunk sound from the gliding feet on the surface. If the mouse feet are made of plastic lumber material, the noise is less audible.

Echo Chamber Effect – Since most of the mouse case is empty, manufacturers often add plastic ribs near the buttons. As a result, the echo and noise inside the device are lower.

When choosing the best noiseless mouse, pay attention to the above-mentioned features to be sure that you will get a really quiet device.

What to Look for When Choosing a Mouse?

When choosing a mouse, take into account such features as ergonomics, wired or wireless connection, touch or silent click buttons, scroll wheel or trackball mouse, design, plug and play support, compatibility, power-saving mode, operation range, power, etc. Also, you should check the DPI value.

Higher DPI mice move the cursor quickly and easily. If you use a quiet computer mouse, the sound from a click is reduced by 90 percent. Moreover, such models have advanced sliding feet and a mild scroll wheel for easy viewing of pages.


  • • Can I buy a quiet clicking mouse?

Nexus allows you to get rid of various distracting sounds and work or play in absolute silence. The click is almost inaudible, in contrast to traditional manipulators. If you need the best silent mouse for your PC, Nexus devices are a great choice.

  • • Why is a noiseless mouse so good?

A good quiet mouse can do all the same as a normal mouse, but it does not make any noise during use. You can play your favorite game, edit photos and create a project without disturbing anyone. The click is still felt but the sound of pressing the buttons is barely heard.

  • • How does silent mouse work?

Working with a silent click mouse, you get 90% less noise from clicks. Moreover, such models have a wheel for smooth scrolling through pages and soft sliding on the desktop thanks to high-performance feet.

  • • Which mouse is the most comfortable?

If you are interested in the best silent wireless mouse with excellent ergonomics, then the Logitech MX ERGO is the greatest choice in 2020. It has conveniently located buttons, sculptural design and a new tilt option.