9 Best Screen Sharing Software in 2023

Those on the lookout for the best screen sharing software probably want to improve their remote cooperation with team members and clients, which in the long run, will bring many business goodies.

 Such programs are created to eliminate stress that can arise between partners, managers and clients, co-workers, etc. while solving business-related tasks remotely.

Top 9 Screen Sharing Software

  1. TeamViewer - Extremely secure software
  2. Troop Messenger - For pushing up seamless communication
  3. Google Hangouts - Easiest screen sharing software
  4. Join.me - One-click screen sharing
  5. Slack - For tech collaborations
  6. Daily - Intuitive plug-and-play
  7. GoToMeeting - Easy to create meetings
  8. Mikogo - Sharing with multiple participants
  9. Skype - Cost effective screen sharing software

Some software of this kind offer more than a basic set of tools in order to expand on your screen sharing experience. They have made a significant impact on how communication at a distance is now treated and new additions that constantly appears improve this process even more. 

1. TeamViewer - Our Choice

Extremely secure software
  • Quick support to desktop
  • Audio and video connection
  • Ease of file transfer
  • Connection stability

Verdict: TeamViewer is remote desktop software, also sometimes referred to as screen sharing software or a remote access software, allows the user to access a computer screen via his/her laptop and a remote computer. This is very useful when the user is not available physically to work on a specific project.

TeamViewer allows the collaboration of several individuals who are connected through a network or through a common device (such as a laptop or mobile phone). This software can also be used to share an image, audio, video or any other kind of data with several people in various locations through the Internet.

teamviewer interface

2. Troop Messenger

For pushing up seamless communication
  • Large storage
  • Pin and fingerprint security
  • Collaboration tools
  • Time-consuming processes

Verdict: Troop Messenger is an innovative new software program that allows you to connect with others on the Internet. You can use your computer as a portable screen in order to share your screen and display your data to those on your network who may be viewing your screen, as well as allowing for group video conferencing.

This is also a great way to get others involved in some form of physical communication process without having to use a headphones for work or carry around a telephone, which often results in a lot less stress and wasted time than communication via other means. You'll find Troop Messenger to be a good fit for your business needs, especially if you need a more full-featured screen sharing software application.

troop messenger interface

3. Google Hangouts

Easiest screen sharing software
  • Synchronized on all devices
  • Seamless communication
  • Mobile application
  • Required Google+ account

Verdict: Google Hangouts is a video conferencing software developed by Google for their core business model and to help users take advantage of Google's unique positioning to connect with their communities.

Some of the biggest advantages to this new collaboration tool is that Hangouts makes it possible for the same group to view the same information at the same time, which means that screen sharing becomes an easy option. Screen sharing software like Google Hangouts can save you and your employees a lot of time and headaches because it makes it possible to get everyone involved in a single conversation.

google hangouts screen sharing software interface

4. Join.me

One-click screen sharing
  • Cost-effective, scalable options
  • Presenter swap feature
  • Video and audio conferencing calls
  • No webcam feeds Lite plan

Verdict: Join.me screen sharing software allows you to easily collaborate and monitor your computer screen with other members of your organization. Join.me is available with a free trial.

Join.me enables the user to view the same screen as other members of the organization at the same time. This gives them the ability to be able to work on multiple programs at the same time while collaborating and communicating with others within the organization.

join.me screen sharing software interface

5. Slack

For tech collaborations
  • Simple for new users
  • Integrations with Google Drive, Trello, etc.
  • Easy to communicate
  • Chats get deleted after 14 days

Verdict: In the world of collaboration, Slack has gained much popularity. This is mainly because of its many features that make it very efficient and easy to use. It also allows two or more people in the company to work together without any problems.

If you are thinking about getting this kind of software, the following will be helpful and suitable for your needs.

slack screen sharing software interface

6. Daily

Intuitive plug-and-play
  • Simplest video conferencing tool
  • Easy to create screen sharing room
  • Full remote communication experience
  • Chat features are pretty poor

Verdict: Daily screen sharing software has become so important these days. There are many different types of screen sharing software, but the main differences are usually in how many channels you have to choose from, and what kind of privacy settings they have.

The main feature that most people think of first is probably the ability to see what everyone else is doing in real-time, but there are many other features to consider as well. The greatest advantage of Daily software is plug-and-play feature. 

daily screen sharing software interface

7. GoToMeeting

Easy to create meetings
  • Free plan available
  • 25 video feeds
  • Enables cloud collaboration
  • Lacks advanced meeting options

Verdict: GoToMeeting is a great screen sharing software that allows you to easily share your screen with other people in the meeting. The cool thing about this application is that it also has a lot of other features that can help you have a productive online meeting without having to spend any money on it.

The biggest feature of GoToMeeting is that it will automatically save all the screens that are created during the meetings. You will be able to open up the screen and view all of the chat that is taking place. If you want to have the ability to see what is being said then you will need to purchase some of the special add-ons that will allow you to do this.

gotomeeting screen sharing software interface

8. Mikogo

Sharing with multiple participants
  • Copy/paste/email session info
  • Collaboration audio/video
  • Remote control
  • Free version is limited

Verdict: Mikogo screen sharing software is really useful in web conferences, advertising campaigns, and even in the education of groups and individuals alike. It helps people improve communication and call sharing by enabling internet users to collaborate instantly and view the same data at the click of a button.

If you are planning to set up an online screen sharing function or if you would like to know what is the best application for viewing multiple online chats in one window, choose this software. 

mikogo screen sharing software interface

9. Skype

Cost effective screen sharing software
  • Mobile application
  • Adds external files up to 300MB
  • Share screen with multiple users
  • Customer support is slow

Verdict: Skype enables the user to take a synchronized visual experience on his personal computer and a private computer of another user. This type of software gives him/her a chance to get help from several other users from around the world.

This particular application is similar to other video conferencing solutions and allows users to work on real-time events through instant messaging systems and other real-time communication tools. Skype also allows them to view a document, share pictures, chat, play games and other multimedia through their computers. 

skype screen sharing software interface