8 Best Rechargeable Lights in 2022

By Robin Owens 11 days ago, Additional Gear

Affordable and high-quality rechargeable lights.

best rechargeable light

It’s hard to imagine something more stressful than an abrupt power outage that happens the evening before your final exam or a crucial presentation. For situations like that, having a rechargeable light at home becomes of the utmost importance. Such lamps can also be used for camping trips and late-night walks in the forest. If you’re looking for the best rechargeable light out there to endure the wait before your power is turned back on, this list will surely be of use to you.  

Top 8 Best Rechargeable Lights

  1. Flyhoom Rechargeable LED - Our Choice
  2. Vont Book Light - Stylish
  3. AUVON Rechargeable 2 Pack - Modern
  4. Neporal Emergency - Reliable
  5. ORHOMELIFE LED - Versatile
  6. JackonLux Rechargeable 4 Pack - Durable
  7. Yellow Jacket 1700 Lumen - Compact
  8. WARSUN Portable LED - Portable

A rechargeable lantern or lamp can provide enough light to fill a large tent, your workspace, or illuminate your path while you’re making your way across the house during a power failure. Years ago, such lanterns were made of glass and weren’t convenient to use, but modern rechargeable lights are a lot more portable, durable, and don’t demand external batteries. The best rechargeable light models can even fit in your pocket!

1. Flyhoom Rechargeable LED

Our Choice
flyhoom rechargeable led rechargeable light

Light Source Wattage: 7W | Voltage: 5V | Color Temperature: 5500K

  • ✚ Excellent portable design
  • ✚ 4 lighting modes
  • ✚ Remote control
  • Non-waterproof

The Flyhoom rechargeable LED light is the best option for anyone who wants a powerful light, but does not want to have to carry around an expensive, large and bulky replacement. This innovative design features both a light that charges and a light that does not when it is not in use.

When you use this type of lighting, the light will stay on the outside of the area that you are trying to illuminate. You simply flip the switch on the remote control and it will turn on, providing bright light without any of the problems associated with extension cords.

2. Vont Book Light

vont book light rechargeable light

Light Source Wattage: 4W | Voltage: 3.7V | Color Temperature: 3000K

  • ✚ Eye protection LEDs
  • ✚ 360° goose-neck
  • Inconvenient clip
  • ✚ Lifetime warranty

Vont Rechargeable book light for reading is a unique product that's perfect for students, parents, grandparents, kids and anyone else who like to enjoy the outdoors while reading in the backyard or out in the garden. This rechargeable light for reading has a smooth and compact styling that makes it perfect for any use.

It's an all in one outdoor rechargeable lighting solution that includes a built-in battery, full flexible goose-neck and a clip for convenient use. It is available in a number of colors, and also has a lifetime warranty making it ideal for any avid reader.

3. AUVON Rechargeable 2 Pack

auvon rechargeable 2 pack rechargeable light

Light Source Wattage: 2W | Voltage: 5V | Color Temperature: 3000K

  • ✚ Passive infrared technology
  • ✚ 5 useful modes
  • ✚ Motion sensor
  • Very dim for morning

The Auvon rechargeable night light is a small hand-held, rechargeable, LED flashlight that is easy to use. It's perfect for traveling, because it has small and easily portable design, which great to have in your bag or pocket to light up your way when you need it.

This lamp has three main light modes: the regular motion sensor mode, the touch-light mode, and the night light mode. It comes with a charging cable, an LED indicator, and a USB charging connector. So, if you want to save money and get the best value for your money, consider purchasing this rechargeable light.

4. Neporal Emergency

neporal emergency rechargeable light

Light Source Wattage: 15W | Voltage: 85V - 265V | Color Temperature: 6000K - 6500K

  • ✚ High quality materials
  • ✚ Energy efficient
  • ✚ Easy to use
  • Too big for most lamps

The Neporal emergency rechargeable light bulb is the best solution if you want to save your money and energy both. It is suitable for various kinds of household lighting fixtures like table lamps, wall lamps, under-cabinet lamps, overhead panel lamps and recessed light bulbs.

The main advantage of this product is that it uses high quality fiber glass that can be fixed into any kind of lamp fitting and is a safe and eco-friendly rechargeable light bulb. It also has a long life span and can be used for many years until it breaks down.


orhomelife led rechargeable light

Light Source Wattage: 8W | Voltage: 5V | Color Temperature: 4000K - 6000K

  • ✚ Magnetic base
  • ✚ Power capacity indicator
  • ✚ 360° swivel
  • Battery life is short

ORHOMELIFE LED work lights are used as a direct aid to light up the dark places, making our work easier and safer. The light can be used anywhere in the house including on tables and counter tops. This simple light is available in various colors to illuminate the way easily and safely.

It comes with a magnetic base, which makes it more efficient and durable. It can hold a charge for about five hours, which makes it perfect for our outdoor or work requirements. It has a very long working time and offers a long working distance.

6. JackonLux Rechargeable 4 Pack

jackonlux rechargeable 4 pack rechargeable light

Light Source Wattage: 9W | Voltage: 120V | Color Temperature: 5000K

  • ✚ Patent design
  • ✚ High brightness
  • May make a buzzing noise
  • ✚ Emergency mode

The JackonLux emergency light bulb is designed for outdoor conditions, including rugged use, constant moving and being exposed to low light for long periods. This LED light bulb has a unique off switch mechanism that prevents over-charging and overheating of the LED lights.

Most rechargeable emergency light bulbs tend to develop shorts in the positive contacts, which can easily lead to damage to the batteries. The JackonLux is not susceptible to such problems, as it has an extensive overcharge/recharge time built-in, thereby ensuring that it does not overheat or get damaged.

7. Yellow Jacket 1700 Lumen

yellow jacket 1700 lumen rechargeable light

Light Source Wattage: 20W | Voltage: 120V | Color Temperature: 5000K

  • ✚ Clamping base
  • ✚ 360-degree swivel head
  • ✚ IP54 rated
  • Price

The Yellow Jacket LED rechargeable clamping work light is a portable, efficient work light that can be used for a variety of purposes while simultaneously providing up to seven hours of illumination. With the compact design, the battery life is extended and the weight is decreased for use in a wide variety of circumstances.

The rechargeable power supply is provided through a standard USB port and the light can be used on all types of surfaces including wood and metal. The low lumen output levels to ensure that there are no situations where the light is required to illuminate uneven surfaces or where direct sunlight is needed.

8. WARSUN Portable LED

warsun portable led rechargeable light

Light Source Wattage: 30W | Voltage: 3.7V | Color Temperature: 5000K

  • ✚ Made of durable material
  • ✚ 3 modes function
  • Bad hold a charge
  • ✚ Built-in super-strong magnet

The WARSUN Portable LED rechargeable work light is an ideal travel light that comes with a great overall build quality. This rechargeable LED light has been built to carry up to four hours of run time on one charge. It is also capable of being used as a spot light in the place where you want.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor illumination, owing to the fact that it utilizes advanced lithium ion technology that assures high intensity output. It is also worth noting that this work light comes with a handy carrying case.

flyhoom rechargeable led rechargeable light
Flyhoom Rechargeable LED
Our Choice
  • Excellent portable design
  • 4 lighting modes
vont book light rechargeable light
Vont Book Light
  • Eye protection LEDs
  • 360° goose-neck
auvon rechargeable 2 pack rechargeable light
AUVON Rechargeable 2 Pack
  • Passive infrared technology
  • 5 useful modes

How to Choose the Rechargeable Light?

how to choose the best rechargeable light

Battery Back-Up Time

The backup power of a set of batteries has a huge effect on its recharging time. If you need a lot of time to recharge the battery, then its backup time will be long as well. The backup duration of an average battery is between 4-8 hours, but you can pick from various other options as well depending on your needs. If you plan to spend the entire night doing your studies, then you'll need a light with a long backup duration. On the other hand, if you merely need the light to outlast a short power outage, then the backup time isn't all that important.

Battery Charging Time

The recharging time is another crucial aspect to think about when picking the best rechargeable light. A quality model can last between 10-13 hours of backup on a full charge. That said, if the batteries require the same 13 hours to reach their full charge, then the longer battery life might not be worth it.

Ideally, if you’re looking for a light with a battery life between 10-16 hours, then it shouldn’t take longer than 8-10 hours to recharge fully. The last thing you want is to buy an emergency light and then have it be unusable during a power outage because you couldn’t finish recharging it in time.

how to choose the best rechargeable light

Charging Options

Explore all the possible charging options before you decide which rechargeable light to purchase. Some models can only be charged via AC while more advanced lights support solar recharging as well. The more versatile is your rechargeable light, the better you’ll be prepared for all possible power problems.

There are chargeable lights that also provide USB charging, which can be very useful if you don’t have access to any other power sources. You can connect such a light via USB to your laptop or PC and it will instantly start recharging.

As for the optimal recharging option, the answer boils down to your personal needs, but regardless of what those are, it’s always a good idea to get a light that offers at least two charging methods.