8 Best Lighting Kits for Tiktok: Ranked & Reviews

Make your skin tone even with a lighting kit for TikTok

top 3 lighting kits for tiktok

If you are just getting started with shooting TikTok videos, it’s important to use the best lighting for TikTok as it will impact the quality of your vlogs.

Besides, using TikTok light, you can render colors with high accuracy. It will also help you avoid using third-party TikTok video editing apps for fixing the color balance.

Top 8 Lighting for TikTok Used By Bloggers

  1. Inkeltech Ring Light - Remote shooting and lighting control
  2. Skytex Continuous Lighting Kit - With three color temperature filters
  3. TALK WORKS Selfie Ring Light - With an in-built chargeable battery
  4. Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable - For product reviews
  5. REEMEER LED Strip Lights - For dance TikTok videos
  6. Rotolight NEO 2 - For experienced users
  7. Manfrotto Lumimuse 8 - Portable lighting
  8. Video Conference Lighting Kit - For streaming videos

These kits are often used by popular vlogers, including Charli D'amelio, Bella Poarch, Addison Rae, and others.

By selecting the right TikTok light, you can bring to life funny video ideas and set up studio lighting with perfect color rendering, which will allow you to shoot great product reviews.

You should also consider using LED strips that will help you create a colorful background. Small portable lamps will be perfect for launching live streams regardless of your location.

1. Inkeltech– Our Choice

For beginners and experienced video content makers
inkeltech best lightin for tiktok

Color temperature: 3000K – 6000K | Light type: Ring light | Best For: For beginner vloggers and streamers

  • ✚ Adjustable brightness
  • ✚ Remote control
  • ✚ Shipped with a high tripod
  • ✚ Continuous glowing up to 3000 thousand hours
  • No flash mode for shooting creative TikTok videos
  • The lamp might get overheated if used too long

Verdict: The 18-inch Inkeltec ring light can be used as a source of even lighting for live streams and trendy dance TikToks. Its specs make it the best ring light for TikTok.

This model is shipped with an adjustable tripod and supports color temperatures ranging from 3000K to 6000K, which allows you to use it for removing shadows and providing diffused lighting.

inkeltech tiktok light lifestile

Another selling point of these TikTok lights is a remote controller that allows you to control the recording process and adjust glow remotely.

2. Skytex Continuous Lighting Kit

For shooting scripted shows
skytex continuous lighting kit best lightin for tiktok

Color temperature: 2700K – 6400K | Light type: Softbox | Best For: Professional shows, podcasts, product reviews

  • ✚ 3 color temperature filters
  • ✚ A wide color temperature range
  • ✚ Remote control
  • ✚ For shooting podcasts
  • Requires experience in working with light
  • Takes up a lot of space

Verdict: The softbox lighting kit from Skytex is the best option among TikTokers who want to improve the quality of their videos. The LED lamps have 3 color temperature filters, including white, warm, and cold lighting.

You can also dim the light a bit to control the atmosphere better. It allows you to adjust brightness from 1 to 100% using a remote, which makes this set the best option among video lighting kits.

skytex continuous lighting kit tiktok light lifestile

It supports a wide color temperature range from 2700K to 6400K, which makes it perfect for being combined with an existing source of lighting. This set is suitable for shooting professional TikToks, shows, product reviews, and interviews.

3. TALK WORKS Selfie Ring Light

Compact light for travelers
talk works selfie ring light best lightin for tiktok

Color temperature: 3200K | Light type: Clip-on ring light | Best For: Travel vloggers

  • ✚ Compact and lightweight
  • ✚ Handy clip for a smartphone
  • ✚ Several lighting modes
  • ✚ Even lighting
  • When powered by 2 ААА batteries, produces up to 60 minutes of continuous glow
  • LED lamps shine less brightly with time

Verdict: This ring light is easy to attach, which makes it a great solution for TikTokers who prefer shooting their videos on the go. For instance, you can use it to shoot short video clips when traveling abroad.

talk works selfie ring light tiktok light lifestile

You can attach these Tik Tok lights to your smartphone by wrapping them from behind. 36 LED lamps on the ring provide continuous lighting of the face at 3200K.

It supports several lighting modes for better control in different conditions. Besides, you can use AAA batteries for powering it. You can easily replace it during your trip.

4. Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable

For shooting tabletop TikTok videos
neewer 2-pack dimmable best lightin for tiktok

Color temperature: up to 5600K | Light type: LED light panel | Best For: Semi-professional shooting, cooking shows, product reviews

  • ✚ Adjustable brightness
  • ✚ Tilted panels
  • ✚ 8 color filters
  • ✚ Comes with tripods
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Requires some experience with setting up lighting

Verdict: The LED lighting kit Neewer 2-Pack with adjustable brightness of up to 5600K is known as the best light for YouTube videos but you can also use it for shooting tabletop TikTok clips, especially for those cases when you need bright and even source of light.

Using an adjustable stand for a tripod, you can easily set up the sources of light at perfect angles. It allows you to tilt panels 180 degrees.

8 color filters include white, red, blue, and yellow filters, which allow you to adjust lighting temperature. Each panel includes 66 energy-saving LED lights.

5. REEMEER Led Strip Lights

Synchronization with music
reemeer led strip lights best lightin for tiktok

Color temperature: 4000K | Light type: SRGB-strip | Best For: Entertaining TikTok videos

  • ✚ LED strip lights can be connected
  • ✚ Native app for synchronization with audio
  • ✚ Convenient remote
  • ✚ 28 dynamic lighting modes
  • Not easy Bent LED strip lights are prone to breaking
  • Requires a battery for a remote for synchronization with music

Verdict: This LED strip released by Reemeer is one of the best LED strips available today. It comes in different lengths, from 49 to 130 feet. You can connect several strips and create unique light stripes for your background.

LED lights provide 4000K. You can use this TikTok light in continuous or dynamic lighting modes. There are 28 modes available. You can switch between them using a remote.

reemeer led strip lights tiktok light lifestile

What makes this LED strip different from the rest is that users can utilize a native app that allows them to synchronize it with music that they want to use in their TikToks.

For instance, it can become brighter and dimmer depending on a bass sound. Thanks to it, you can use it for recording dance videos and other entertaining TikToks.

6. Rotolight NEO 2

Professional glare effects
rotolight neo 2 best lighting for tiktok

Color temperature: 3150K – 6300K | Light type: Ring light | Best For: For fashion and professional shooting, makeup tutorials, and macro videos

  • ✚ True Aperture Dimming mode
  • ✚ 256 LED lights support 6300K
  • ✚ Special effects from Cinesfx
  • ✚ ✚ Special effects from Cinesfx
  • Expensive
  • Only for pro cameras

Verdict: Rotolight NEO 2 is a professional LED flash that supports continuous glow. It was built for shooting professional TikToks with effects and transitions. You can use it with your DSLR camera or mirrorless video camera. It uses 256 LED lights that provide 3150-6300K, which makes it perfect even for outdoor shooting.

rotolight neo 2 tiktok light lifestile

What makes these TikTok LED lights stand out among the rest is that they support True Aperture Dimming mode, which automatically calculates your aperture at the set distance.

Besides, they have Cinesfx mode that allows you to use adjustable special light effects, such as fire, lighting, TV, or shoot. Thanks to it, you can give your footage a creative feel.

7. Manfrotto Lumimuse 8

Bluetooth connection
manfrotto lumimuse 8 best lightin for tiktok

Color temperature: 3600K | Light type: On-Camera | Best For: For beginner TikTokers

  • ✚ Wireless connection
  • ✚ Compatible with a tripod
  • ✚ Small size
  • ✚ Handy clips
  • Not waterproof
  • In-built battery lasts 60 minutes when the light is turned on

Verdict: The Manfrotto Lumimuse is portable lighting powered by an in-built chargeable battery. It includes 8 LEDs that produce 3600K, which allows you to record TikTok videos with warm colors and accurate color rendering.

manfrotto lumimuse 8 tiktok light lifestile

You can fix it to your camera or smartphone holder to use it as a point source of lighting. What makes it stand out among the best TikTok LED lights is that it supports Bluetooth connection, which allows you to control light intensity and color temperature with the help of your smartphone.

This light will be a perfect option for those who record TikToks during trips.

8. Video Conference Lighting Kit

Light with convenient clips
video conference kit best lightin for tiktok

Color temperature: 3200K – 6500K | Light type: Ring lighting | Best For: For TikTok streaming

  • ✚ Can be tilted up to 360 degrees
  • ✚ Adjustable brightness from 3200K to 6500K
  • ✚ Compact size
  • ✚ Handy clips
  • Mains powered
  • Power controller might overheat

Verdict: The Talk Works lighting kit is a portable compact light for streaming. While its size is quite small, 48 powerful LED lights allow it to support adjustable brightness from 3200K to 6500K. Besides, you can tilt it 360 degrees.

video conference kit tiktok light lifestile

This TikTok lighting kit comes with a fixture that allows you to attach it to your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer. Using it, you can adjust the source of lighting to ensure that your frame is well-lit.

inkeltech ring light
Inkeltech Ring Light
  • Soft light at a 3 meters distance
  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Remote controller
skytex continuous lighting kit
Skytex Continuous Lighting Kit
  • For shooting professional shows
  • Three filters for improving color temperature
  • Compatible with other sources of light
talk works selfie ring light
TALK WORKS Selfie Ring Light
  • Powered by batteries
  • Warm lighting at 3200K
  • Convenient clips

How to Choose a Good Lighting for TikTok

how to choose lighting for tiktok

In the end, your choice of TikTok lights will depend on the type of content you are going to shoot and the specific conditions that you want to achieve.

For instance, ring lights are popular among those who are just getting started with shooting TikTok videos. They can be used as a source of even lighting, which allows people to minimize shadows on their faces.

Before making a purchase, check whether a light allows you to adjust brightness. For instance, you can use the Inkeltech Ring Light. Some manufacturers avoid adding this option to make their products cheaper.

Lighting softboxes can be used as sources of diffused lighting. They are quite powerful. You can set them at different angles to achieve the desired result. Such sources of light are suitable for those who shoot professional videos, such as gadget reviews.

LED lights will be perfect for those who create entertaining content for TikTok. You can find LED lights of different colors and brightness levels. Besides, you can combine multiple LED lights for TikTok to achieve a specific effect.

If you are serious about creating TikTok videos, consider investing in a lighting kit, such as the Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable. In most cases, such kits include multiple adjustable tripods and filters for tabletop or low-angle shooting. Besides, they support 5600K, which is considered perfect for 100% color rendering.