8 Best Photography Spots Apps to Install in 2022

By Tani Adams 17 days ago, Photo Editing Tips

Photography spots apps allow you to find great spots quickly and without wasting much time. These applications offer terrain maps that allow you to see the topography of a certain region. You can use such apps for getting aerial images of the area. They also enable you to view images taken by other people and plan your trips effectively.

Top 8 Photo Spots Apps

  1. NoFilter - Over 7,500 places around the globe
  2. Explorest Photo Locations - Great photo locations with real-time data
  3. Photomapper - Smart tips from shooters
  4. Google Earth - Stunning geographic exploration tool
  5. 500px - Perfect for photo exposure adjustment
  6. PhotoPills - Based on AR technology
  7. Spot - Impressive UX and simple search
  8. Really Good Photo Spots - Extra search and filtering features

When looking for the best photography spots app, you need to check whether an application is compatible with your OS. Besides, consider the following aspects: functionality, availability of data in offline mode, tools for saving selected spots, etc. I’ve compiled the list of the best apps for iOS and Android to help you find stunning shooting spots.

1. NoFilter - Our Choice

Over 7,500 places around the globe
  • Finds the exact location of where images were captured
  • Allows creating a collection of favorite places
  • Approximately 100 new additions weekly
  • History of the visited locations
  • None

Verdict: Once launched, the app will load a map of the world with multiple shooting spots that are worth your attention. Choose the place you want to visit, and you will see the best photo spots for your photo sessions. You can use the pictures provided by the app as samples. Even if you are not going to snap images, use the app to learn more about some interesting places.

The NoFilter app will help you select the best camera settings for taking an image. Hence, you can configure the camera so that the captured image will look like the picture shared via the app. NoFilter lets you create a collection of your favorite spots and keep track of the places you’ve already visited. You can upload your images to the application to help other shooters find new photo spots.

no filter best photography spots app interface

2. Explorest Photo Locations

Great photo locations with real-time data
  • GPS coordinates of shooting spots
  • Offline mode
  • Allows tracking the places you’ve visited
  • Real-time weather planning
  • In-app purchases

Verdict: Explorest is a photography spots app that allows you to discover the world’s popular shooting spots shared by well-known photographers and travel bloggers. It lets you learn about the most interesting urban and natural locations. You will get the exact GPS coordinates of every spot. Besides detailed directions, Explorest tells the users about the best time to visit a location, provides weather reports, as well as some handy info about each location.

The app allows saving the location, tips, and details to your smartphone, so you can easily access them even without launching the service. By using this tool, you can explore many impressive places, as well as keep a record of places you’ve visited or want to visit. Besides, the app can tell you when the sun rises or sets and select the best time of the day for shooting pictures.

explorest photo locations best photography spots app interface

3. Photomapper

Smart tips from shooters
  • Allows keeping records of your favorite locations
  • Offline mode
  • Allows uploading spots
  • Handy photo tips
  • Mostly European locations

Verdict: Photomapper is probably the best photography spots app, as it allows finding the greatest shooting locations all around the globe on an interactive map. Photographers add spots that are then carefully reviewed. Users can save their favorite spots and organize the trip to them. Besides, the app can function offline.

With this app for photographers, you can get handy tips about each location. The tool will tell you how to capture photos, when it’s better to visit this place, and how to find the location. It will provide you with some valuable info, which is not available in other sources. The app has a community. You can post your favorite locations, comments, offers, or ask questions.

photomapper best photography spots app interface

4. Google Earth

Advanced geographic exploration tool
  • The most recent maps and data
  • 3D features
  • Allows visiting the selected buildings
  • Users can choose one of 45 languages
  • Does not load content when zoomed
google earth photography spots app logo
Google Earth

Verdict: Google Earth allows you to find the desired location from the height using various features to specify your search. Once the application is installed, you will see a 3D model of the planet, which you can tilt, pan, or rotate. The scroll wheel option allows zooming the high-resolution images of many cities providing a great level of detail. In such a way, you will get an aerial view of streets, buildings, parks, and more.

You can also use this photo spots app as a road trip planner. To get a detailed view of your next destination, you need to enter the name of the city. Another handy feature allows you to create your own placemarks with custom icons for the places that you visit most often, like your home, office, or favorite pub. The app also allows saving maps in JPEG format and sending them to friends using Google Earth's File menu.

google earth photography spots app interface

5. 500px

Perfect for photo exposure adjustment
  • Great discovery features
  • Convenient and simple navigation
  • Images load quickly
  • A great method for communicating with other shooters
  • Requires a high payment for creating a portfolio
500px photography spots app logo

Verdict: 500px is an excellent photography locations app that allows discovering amazing shooting spots and finding out what types of images can be captured at these locations. I usually use the app to map the places near the area I’m going to visit.

If I am going to visit a well-known photo location, I want to know what types of pictures people snap there, so I can try to take original and fresh images during my visit. 500px offers a handy map, which is really helpful for scouting. Select a spot and the app will show you all the images tagged with the specified GPS coordinates, which appear when clicking on a photo.

500px photography spots app interface

6. PhotoPills

Handy AR technology
  • A great choice for a night shooter
  • A great choice for a night shooter
  • 3D AR views
  • Available in many languages
  • A bit complicated at first
photopills photography spots app logo

Verdict: PhotoPills enables users to see what their images will look like when taken at a specific part of the day in the desired location. The app offers an array of useful features and tools known as “pills” that have different purposes. Some of these options are created to help you research and plan your images in advance. Other features help snap pictures of the location. They can also help you select the best lens for a specific type of shot.

Besides, PhotoPhills allows planning photos and saving settings. The top panels allow controlling the visibility of different elements (like the sun, the moon, shadows) on the map. Moreover, you can easily customize the map according to your needs and requirements.

photopills photography spots app interface

7. Spot

Impressive UX and simple access search
  • More than 500,000 locations
  • Reviews and recommendations from professionals
  • Allows creating the lists of locations you like or want to visit
  • Private lists
  • Only iOS version
spot photography spots app logo

Verdict: Spot is a photography locations app that allows exploring the most beautiful places in the world advocated by your friends and professionals. It was named Best New App in 2016. The app contains more than half a million reviews to help you discover the most impressive locations from around the globe.

Travelers recommend places they’ve visited and post their reviews to share their experiences with others. Users can add friends directly from Facebook, share locations and plan trips. Besides, the app allows adding your own tips and recommendations to other lists.

spot photography spots app interface

8. Really Good Photo Spots

Extra search and filtering features
  • Exceptional library of photo spots
  • Every location is manually reviewed and checked
  • Allows saving your favorite locations
  • Location-based filters
  • Paid premium features
really good photo spots photography spots app logo
Really Good Photo Spots

Verdict: Really Good Photos Spots lets users load a photography location along with pictures and other handy info. It makes it easier to find a location in the given area. The app is perfect for those who need to find popular locations and spots nearby that received numerous positive reviews.

You can upgrade Really Good Photos Spots with some premium features that allow getting rid of ads, viewing spots even without an Internet connection, creating and grouping locations into "trips", as well as getting sophisticated search tools for finding the necessary places quickly. Besides, you can create an account and sell the day trips in your region to show other photographers the spots where you’ve taken your pictures.

really good photo spots photography spots app interface