5 Best HTML5 Animation Software in 2023

If you want to make a website more visually attractive and create a dynamic banner, you’re going to need the best HTML5 animation software. With the help of such software, you’ll be able to easily animate virtual objects and make your website or advertisement unique.

Top 5 HTML5 Animation Software

  1. Adobe Animate - Supports multiple platforms
  2. Google Web Designer - For all devices
  3. Animatron - 500K royalty-free media
  4. Express Animate - Great set of digital effects
  5. Onlymega - For banners

When choosing software, I’ve considered how simple they are to use and their price. I also accounted for the type of animations you can create. Some of the software is available online, while others – on PC or Mac. Several options also have mobile app versions.

1. Adobe Animate - Our Choice

Supports multiple platforms
  • Compatible with desktop and mobile devices
  • Smooth compression
  • Integration with Adobe programs
  • None

Verdict: You can use Adobe Animate to make HTML5 animations with ease. This HTML5 animation software comes with thousands of free templates that you can use. Also, this program integrates with Adobe software.

The program comes with a library of over 50 different types of items to animate including cars, animals, birds, and people. You also have the option of using external files for the animation to give it more realism.

adobe animate html5 animation software interface

2. Google Web Designer

For all devices
  • Two animation modes
  • Supports layers
  • Easy-to-use settings for designing ads
  • Don't works online

Verdict: Google Web Designer has made it very easy to create animations on their websites. It is available for download on a trial basis so that you can try it before you buy it. You do not need to have knowledge of HTML code in order to make use of the software. All you need is to be able to operate and follow simple instructions.

This HTML5 animation software can also be used for developing 3D graphics. With this free web design software you can easily produce animated websites which can be used for any commercial purpose. You can even add audio to the site if you want to make it more interesting and appealing.

google web designer html5 animation software interface

3. Animatron

500K royalty-free media
  • Easy artworks import
  • Pathfinder for custom shapes
  • Convenient timeline
  • Slow upload time

Verdict: Animatron can be used in creating online games and animations. This cartoon making software allows the user to create any kind of game and uses flash technology. If you are new to using animation software, this program can make learning the process of creating a simple animation fairly easy to do.

This HTML5 animation software supports high-quality video. In addition to offering you animation tools, the program includes tools to help you create your website. You will be able to choose from templates or you can actually design the website that you want.

animatron html5 animation software interface

4. Express Animate

Great set of digital effects
  • Has special video effects
  • You can use keyframes
  • Blending modes
  • Learning curve is steep

Verdict: Express Animate helps in creating unique animations for the web pages. You do not need any technical knowledge or programming skills to develop a good animation. When you use this HTML5 animation software you can easily create animated banner ads, flash movies, 3D animation graphics, video and more.

You can also make an impressive website by creating full length movies with your own camera using this software. These animated movies can be played on any of the popular servers like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc. by simply putting the URL of your animation on the page.

express animate html5 animation software interface

5. Onlymega

For banners
  • Awesome text filters
  • A large collection of images
  • Instagram-like effects
  • Lack of advanced features

Verdict: Onlymega offers tools that help to create attractive and interactive banner designs, innovative graphic designs, professional website development and much more. It includes website templates and gives you banner printing options. You can create attractive banner graphics and use them for different purposes, such as internet marketing.

This HTML5 animation software offers several features such as flash text effects, video backgrounds, video player, banner creator and many more. You can create unlimited designs and add your own content by using your own imagination.

onlymega html5 animation software interface