9 Best Digital Scrapbooking Software in 2024

By Eva Williams 11 days ago, Software Reviews

Digital scrapbooking software help you keep various family and personal moments in an e-book with fascinating backdrops and design. By using such programs, you can change the size of photos and add new ones. Besides, you can make a new scrapbook with offered templates and share it online.

Top 9 Digital Scrapbooking Software

  1. MyMemories Suite - Offers more than 20,000 templates
  2. Artisan - Many editing tools
  3. Adobe Photoshop Elements - High customizability and control
  4. Memory Mixer - Cross-platform
  5. Canva - A large collection of free templates
  6. PhotoMix - Intuitive and friendly interface
  7. SmartSHOW 3D - 400 effects and transitions
  8. CropMom - Detailed manuals
  9. Smilebox - A wide array of tunes

The best scrapbooking software allows you to create, retouch and position your pictures, as well as add print albums, scrapbooks and various projects. Besides, the majority of these programs allow creating collages, e-cards, slideshows, etc.

1. MyMemories Suite – Our Choice

More than 20,000 templates
  • Terrific print quality
  • Intuitive UI
  • Impressive range of options
  • Huge library of beautiful backgrounds
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Verdict: If you want to learn how to create a photo book, consider this scrapbook software. By using the available templates, you can create digital photo books with ease.

MyMemories.com offers various kits, both free and paid ones, for your photos.

Every template is adjustable. As there is a big choice of them, you don’t need to spend time on your design in other programs. Besides, you can copy any element from one template to add it to your picture an unlimited number of times.

This digital scrapbooking software lets you choose from various page sizes to define the size of your future scrapbook. Still, it doesn’t allow you to add audio or video.

  • mymemories suite digital scrapbooking software interface

    2. Artisan

    Many editing tools
    • User-friendly interface
    • Various editing tools
    • Customizable pages
    • Tools for creating graphics
    • No multimedia features
    • High-priced

    Verdict: Forever Artisan is a great software in terms of customization. It offers 77 free templates and 8,969 extra kits providing you with different designs to use. With this software you are free to use these DIY photo album ideas to create your scrapbook.

    Due to a great choice of editing tools, such as cropping, red-eyes, filters, you don’t need to retouch your photo separately in another program. You may face a bit of a learning curve with the interface, still, it’s not a problem for an experienced scrapbooker.

    The digital scrapbooking app places your pictures by default, but you can relocate them with the help of the rulers. Such adjustments options aren’t always offered by scrapbooking programs. You can print your works, and, as the program doesn’t offer CD or DVD sharing, you can import them in JPEG or PDF file formats and share the saved files via social networks.

    • artisan digital scrapbooking software interface

      3. Adobe Photoshop Elements

      High customizability and control
      • Intuitive
      • Guided edits
      • Many automated options
      • Easy-to-install and use
      • Automated effects aren’t available for everyone

      Verdict: Photoshop Elements is my choice for creating scrapbooks, as it is one of the best photo editing software for beginners. This scrapbook computer program allows you to adjust layouts for proper text and picture arrangement.

      Adobe Photoshop Elements serves as a lite version of Adobe Photoshop. Compared to Photoshop ($99.99 vs $699.99), Photoshop Elements is cheaper as it is used for personal needs. With the help of its editing tools, you can enhance your photo with ease, as well as choose any file format, create layered pictures, etc.

      Photoshop Elements is perfect not only for creating scrapbooks, as it is considered to be the best greeting card software and photo album software.

      • adobe photoshop elements digital scrapbooking software interface

        4. Memory Mixer

        • Reasonably priced
        • Sharing tools
        • Great customer support
        • Perfect for board books, calendars, photo cards
        • Challenging to download
        memory mixer digital scrapbooking software logo
        Memory Mixer

        Verdict: Memory Mixer is a digital scrapbooking software with a great choice of editing tools and reasonable pricing. There are 236 templates in the desktop version, plus 9,000 paid kits on the website. You get various designs, graphics, fonts, as well as tools for editing a page design.

        You cannot create the design by yourself, as there are no brushes and text tools. However, you can add video and audio elements to your scrapbooks.

        • memory mixer digital scrapbooking software interface

          5. Canva

          A large collection of free templates
          • Lots of free images, icons, and graphics
          • Multi-platform program
          • Real-time collaboration
          • Easy sharing and exporting options
          • Requires registration
          canva photo book designer page digital scrapbooking software logo

          Verdict: Canva photo book designer page abounds with pre-designed templates for virtually any occasion. You can choose a suitable variant and customize it according to your vision, instead of creating designs from scratch. There is also a rich library of photos, icons, media elements, graphics, and over 3000 free & premium fonts. If you want, you can upload and use your own fonts.

          The auto safe function deserves a special note. The program saves your progress and you can return to your work whenever you want. Another highlight if the software will surely appeal to teams. Here it is possible to create, collaborate, and share your ideas on the same page. Once the project is ready, you can share it with a client or export and save it.

          • canva photo book designer page digital scrapbooking software interface

            6. PhotoMix

            Intuitive and friendly interface
            • Intuitive interface
            • Basic editing tools
            • JPEG, GIF and BMP formats
            • Great for novices
            • Subpar functionality
            • Impossible to add videos or audio
            photomix digital scrapbooking software logo

            Verdict: Compared to other digital scrapbook software, PhotoMix offers a less impressive choice of tools. While it comes with basic editing tools, there is no option for adding videos or audio. Still, PhotoMix offers a wide range of borders, backdrops and illustrations to apply to your scrapbook.

            It’s suitable for novices and those who need to create a scrapbook quickly. This scrapbooking program supports JPEG, GIF and BMP.

            If you need to save many images at once, pack them into a ZIP file. The program has a Help section, but, for more detailed assistance, you can contact the company by phone or email.

            • photomix digital scrapbooking software interface

              7. SmartSHOW 3D

              400 effects and transitions
              • More than 200 cool templates
              • Over 100 title templates with animated text
              • 300+ realistic decorations
              • Lots of ideas for inspiration
              • Windows-compatible only
              • No advanced features
              smartshow 3d digital scrapbooking software logo
              SmartSHOW 3D

              Verdict: SmartSHOW 3D scrapbook maker has a rich collection of ready-to-use templates (200+), animated effects (400+), and audio files. You can also use collage and project templates to bring your creative ideas to life. In addition to travel, romantic, and kids-styled templates, there are dynamic and tranquil options.

              Making a catchy video in this program is very fast thanks to ready-made layouts, effects, and transitions. You only need to download and launch the program and add images. Then, you can spruce them up with masks and frames, and animate pages with transitions and special effects. Simple like that!

              • smartshow 3d digital scrapbooking software interface

                8. CropMom

                Detailed manuals
                • Drag-and-drop interface
                • Free of charge
                • Free elements
                • Detailed guides
                • Requires signing up when you use it online
                cropmom digital scrapbooking software logo

                Verdict: CropMom is a free online scrapbook computer program with a free drag-and-drop interface that allows you to easily create scrapbook pages. The program enables you to add texts, shades, graphics, as well as move images to the front or back.

                CropMom gives you plenty of free graphic elements to choose from. You may find them by choosing a kit or a category in the bottom right corner. You can put any elements on the scrapbook page. Besides, CropMom provides detailed manuals on scrapbooking and photography in the tutorial section.

                • cropmom digital scrapbooking software interface

                  9. Smilebox

                  A wide array of tunes
                  • Allows adding images, text and animations
                  • Secured data
                  • Various templates
                  • Safe storage within Smilebox
                  • Registration is required
                  smilebox digital scrapbooking software logo

                  Verdict: Smilebox is one of the best scrapbook software, that offers free online services. Besides, it is quite secure and ensures your data privacy. You can choose and adjust various templates created by professional artists. As a rule, these templates can be customized to make them more unique.

                  This digital scrapbooking software offers both free and paid designs for your projects. It’s one of the best photo collage apps on the market. You can choose any design and change it for your needs. Besides, you can add and edit pictures, text elements, illustrations, backdrops and audio.

                  • smilebox digital scrapbooking software interface
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