5 Best DAW For Chromebook in 2022

With the best DAW for Chromebook, you can create a virtual studio using your computer. DAW is a digital audio workstation. Find out more about it in the article below.

At first, DAWs were designed as alternatives to tape recording. Today, you can use DAW almost on any platform, like Windows, Mac, Chrome OS or even on your smartphone.

Top 5 DAW For Chromebook

  1. Soundtrap - For recording music
  2. Flat.io - With collaborative music notation
  3. BandLab - With high shelf-functions
  4. JAMBL - With Looper system
  5. FL Studio for Chromebook - With time stretching

We recommend using Chromebook to generate DAWs. This way, you can cope with any task faster.

We have compiled a list of the best DAW for Chromebook to help you find an optimal solution. Read on to learn how to run a DAW under Chrome OS.

1. Soundtrap - Our Choice

For recording music
  • Variety of sounds
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly
  • Buggy

Verdict: Soundtrap comes with many features that will help you save time and money when recording music on your Chromebook. This is one of the best free DAW software available for Windows PC, Apple Mac, and even Google Android tablets and phones.

When you use a DAW for recording, you need to know how to work with it in tandem with your computer. Many people are intimidated by the interface of the programs they are using because they don't know what they are doing. If you feel confident working with it, the program will guide you through it.

soundtrap daw for chromebook interface

2. Flat.io

With collaborative music notation
  • All changes at glance
  • Browses the revisions
  • Multiple people editing
  • Flexible features
  • Some features can be a little slow

Verdict: If you are looking to transfer files and information to your Chromebook, a good program to check out is Flat DWZ for Chrome. Although it does not provide all of the functionality that some of the other programs offer, it is still one of the best programs for recording music on the Chromebook.

If you need to record a music session, you will definitely want to check out the Pro version. This software has everything you will need including the actual recording tools as well as the ability to edit and mix your track. This is the optimal recording software for the Chromebook.

flat.io daw for chromebook interface

3. BandLab

With high shelf-functions
  • 25GB piano library
  • Easy to use
  • Runs in a browser
  • Desktop version might be slow

Verdict: BandLab is a great tool for recording music and audio on your Chromebook. It is a freeware program that has been created by a passionate and talented software engineer who hails from the UK.

This software can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Web Store and then used to record any and all audio and video that you need to include in your chromebook video presentation, as well as making the process of editing a picture appear as simple as clicking a button.

trustcont daw for chromebook interface


With Looper system
  • Simultaneous jamming in games
  • Manages the volume, tempo
  • Super intuitive
  • Early bugs

Verdict: JAMBL is the one of the best DAW for Chromebook due to its compatibility and affordability. This software will enable you to record music and video using your Chromebook. JAMBL DAW is an excellent way to take care of all your recording needs. It enables you to upload files directly from your Chrome browser to a personal computer, including computers that support Linux operating systems.

There are many other recording software programs for your Chromebook. The only difference with JAMBL DAW for Chromebook is that it is a free and can be used as music production software for beginners. This means that it supports Linux, which is a must-have operating system for anyone serious about recording music and video.

jambl daw for chromebook interface

5. FL Studio for Chromebook

With time stretching
  • Adds melodies and harmony
  • Connects in seconds
  • Quick switch to performance mode
  • Confusing for new users

Verdict: FL Studio for Chromebook, as what is commonly known is the software which you can use to convert your files from a laptop or tablet PC into high quality audio files for the computer which can be played back using a standard web browser.

This is the same as what you would do if you are on your way to a recording studio and all you have to do is to connect your recording device to your computer. It can also be used as EDM software if you want to do multitrack recording.

fl studio for chromebook daw for chromebook interface