5 Best Vocal Harmonizer Software in 2022

The best vocal harmonizer software can enhance the sound of any track, making it more powerful and improving its quality. With such programs, you can quickly create harmony by adjusting the pitch. You can use the software for editing vocal tracks or a guitar solo.

Top 5 Vocal Harmonizer Software

  1. Melda MAutoPitch - Pitch corrector
  2. Harmony Engine Evo - Amazing choir-type harmonies
  3. Auburn Sounds Graillon - Pitch-tracking modulation
  4. Octavox by Eventide - Light on CPU
  5. OVox by Waves - Voice-controlled synth

In this article, I have reviewed the best vocal harmonizer software and plugins. Such programs are designed to harmonize voices with pitches in real-time. Besides, some tools allow adjusting and editing sound.

While compiling a list, we paid attention to humanizing features, the availability of different modes, effects, scales, and chords.

1. Melda MAutoPitch - Our Choice

Pitch corrector
  • Noise generators
  • Includes a formant feature
  • Automatic pitch correction
  • Supports monophonic instruments
  • None

Verdict: If you want to learn how to vocalize in a different way or improve your voice projection, then Melda MAutoPitch is one of the best software solutions available on the market today. It comes in two different packages for beginners and advanced vocalists.

This vocal harmonizer software allows you to control the sounds of your voice, and it also has many advanced articulation features. It will teach you many of the basics of singing including vocal tone and placement, as well as finger techniques. It will also help you to develop your singing technique by showing you the many ways you can express yourself through the use of dynamics and resonance.

melda mautopitch vocal harmonizer software interface

2. Harmony Engine Evo

Amazing choir-type harmonies
  • Create harmonies for vocal arrangements
  • Up to 5 different harmonies
  • Independent vocal character, vibrato
  • High price

Verdict: Harmony Engine Evo will allow you to produce high-quality music with ease, even if you have never done it before. When you are using VST technology, you can easily adjust the interface according to your preferences so that you can just drag and drop components to create a custom-made sound. It is capable of setting and controlling a variety of vocal harmony settings including vibrato, slides, head voice, chest voice, etc.

With this harmonizer, you have access to literally thousands of vocal components to adjust the way your voice sounds. When you use Harmony Engine Evo, you are able to control all the aspects of your vocal components with the same panel. You have a variety of vocal modes to choose from. The software also has an easy-to-use compressor and a virtual metronome.

harmony engine evo vocal harmonizer software interface

3. Auburn Sounds Graillon

Pitch-tracking modulation
  • Changes the type of speakers
  • Creates choruses
  • Makes octave sounds
  • 8-voice synth
  • Limited free version

Verdict: Auburn Sounds Graillon is designed to help teach beginners how to improve their vocal technique. This program teaches you everything from the very basics, right through to intermediate vocal techniques. This vocal harmony software comes with a library that contains over 250 songs.

It gives you access to two different virtual tracks - one for your practice purposes, and one for performance. Auburn Sounds Graillon comes with a built-in recording studio, and when you use it with the virtual track, it becomes very easy to practice your vocal skills in a real band situation. This program also has a voice recognition feature. If you need to remove a vocal track from the song, you can use a vocal isolation software list.

auburn sounds graillon vocal harmonizer software interface

4. Octavox by Eventide

Light on CPU
  • Takes drums tones
  • Outputs up to eight voices
  • H8000 hardware effects processor
  • 70 ready-to-use presets
  • Overpriced

Verdict: Octavox by Eventide can be used on any of the different operating systems. It delivers powerful vocal training, advanced vocal technique, advanced multi-voice processing, and phase correction as well as vocal harmony creation and editing.

This high-end vocal training and vocal technique solution gives you unprecedented access to the tools you need to make your recordings sound professional. With vocal chords remaining in perfect coordination with singing, the result is clearly audible in demo tracks and albums. You can use this program with free music recording software.

octavox by eventide vocal harmonizer software interface

5. OVox by Waves

Voice-controlled synth
  • Innovative pitch/tune
  • Harmonizer and arpeggiation FX
  • Classic vocoder and talkbox FX
  • 9 customizable LFOs/Sequencer
  • Few features

Verdict: OVox by Waves has a great feature that many other vocal synthesizers do not have: it allows the user to import their own recordings into the program. By doing so, you can be able to modify and fine-tune your voice, adding nuances and changing the intensity or even pitch of your voice without using pitch correction software.

With OVox by Waves, you can literally take any recorded voice and turn it into one that sounds amazing through the use of virtual instruments. This program takes a voice file and transforms it into virtual analog signals that can be sent out of the device to be recorded onto a MIDI track. Once this is done, you can play these MIDI tracks and have them play in harmony with your actual vocal tracks.

ovox by waves vocal harmonizer software interface