6 Best Vocal Isolation Software in 2024

If you want to find a simple and effective tool to remove a vocal track from songs, check out this best vocal isolation software list. Such programs come with artificial intelligence tools.

They divide a song into vocal and instrumental parts. As a result, you can get an instrumental karaoke version.

Top 6 Vocal Isolation Software

  1. Lalal - 20 TB of training data
  2. Vocal Remover - Instant karaoke tracks
  3. Audacity - Completely free
  4. Wavosaur - Automatically voice remover tool
  5. Phonic Mind - Create exceptional remixes
  6. Karaoke Anything - Can minimize the vocals

When choosing the best vocal isolation software for this list, I took into account supported formats and the number of audio tracks you can divide the track into. I paid attention to the ease of use, the time it takes to cope with the task and the quality of the final tracks.

Besides, I also looked for additional features, such as pitch changer, tempo changer, audio cutter, audio joiner, voice recorder, karaoke recorder, and microphone test.

1. Lalal - Our Choice

20 TB of training data
  • Extract instrumental tracks
  • Ease to use
  • Accurate vocal extraction
  • Removal of tracks without quality loss
  • None

Verdict: This vocal isolation software comes with three main components. There is the Original Mix, which contains the sounds created during the vocal recording process. The listener can then choose which sounds to keep and which ones to replace. The overall effect is similar to having three separate audio tracks with each one representing a different sound within the song.

Lalal is designed to provide vocalists with the necessary tools to easily enhance their vocal range and enhance their performance. The software is so user-friendly, it will enable users to quickly move from one level to another without requiring any previous experience or training to get to the next level.

lalal vocal isolation software interface

2. Vocal Remover

Instant karaoke tracks
  • Create karaoke tracks online
  • Can convert any music video on YouTube
  • Automatically create a track
  • High precision vocal removal
  • Can't buy unlimited version

Verdict: Vocal Remover offers you the freedom to sing and control your vocal easily. The program will help you isolate your vocal and remove music in few steps. Some of the features of the software will help you to create karaoke tracks online. You also can use free karaoke apps to record your voice on the music background.

This vocal isolation software can automatically create a track. It allows you to experiment with the pitch and quality of your voice. This is helpful to enhance your vocal range and vocal control.

vocal remover vocal isolation software interface

3. Audacity

Completely free
  • Tweak waveforms
  • Different scenarios for removing vocals
  • Switching the audio to mono
  • Hard to use

Verdict: Audacity is able to remove vocal from your music with ease. You can use different scenarios for removing vocals. With the help of this free audio editing software, you can adjust the sound accordingly.

It is also easy to add additional effects to your tracks with Audacity's Vocal Intrusion filter. I particularly like how the Intrusion filter can completely alter a recording by removing other audible sounds. I am able to change the level of reverb, chorus, or even distortion.

audacity vocal isolation software interface

4. Wavosaur

Automatically voice remover tool
  • Edit MP3s and other audio files
  • Cut and add tracks
  • Generate audio from a line or mic
  • Limited waveform editing

Verdict: Wavosaur can generate very clean WAV files from recorded vocals. This software gives the musicians the ability to sculpt and control the tone of the sound produced by the voice alone without having to worry about affecting the quality of the actual recording. Some of the tools included in the Wavosaur are an editor, compressor, virtual rack management tools, and more.

The good thing about using this vocal isolation software is that it's an effect that you can use with a variety of electronic devices like samplers, keyboards, and so on. This means that you will be able to experiment with different sound combinations. This podcast recording software is also compatible with a wide range of musical styles including jazz, classical, folk, metal, and more.

wavosaur vocal isolation software interface

5. Phonic Mind

Create exceptional remixes
  • Simple the process of removing vocals
  • Can be used for MP3 files
  • Control the amount of audio processing
  • Isn’t saving what you hear

Verdict: Phonic Mind takes your voice through four different phases of processing to fully condition your voice and eliminate unwanted sounds. This allows you to have a clear voice and eliminates or reduces all sounds which may be irritating to you. Each phase of the software provides a unique method of processing your voice so that you can sing with clarity and separation.

The technology used in this program makes it highly effective at eliminating external distractions which limit your vocal clarity making it difficult for you to maintain good quality singing. The fourth phase takes your voice through a process of reconstruction and repair allowing it to once again sound clear and crisp.

phonic mind vocal isolation software interface

6. Karaoke Anything

Can minimize the vocals
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Weak functionality
  • Expensive subscription

Verdict: Karaoke Anything has features that make voice isolation easier than ever before, and this means less work for the vocals. It also gives better control over your singing technique training videos.

This software can be used for singing technique training, or to practice any karaoke songs. The karaoke feature gives instant feedback and suggestions thanks to the in-built microphone alerts. This way you can practice your singing technique without worrying if someone is listening or recording your voice.

karaoke anything vocal isolation software interface