8 Best Free Karaoke Apps in 2022

By Tani Adams 21 days ago, Apps and Software

If you are all about music and love singing song every free minute, but your budget is limited for buying special instruments, you can download the best free karaoke app to your smartphone and record your voice on the original music background. There are multiple applications to choose from and the most feature-rich options allow you to enjoy the melody to the fullest while revealing your vocal talent.

Top 8 Free Karaoke Apps

  1. Smule - Go-to karaoke app
  2. StarMaker Lite - Huge songs catalog
  3. Singa - 80,000+ karaoke lyrics
  4. Yokee - With features to laser cut easier
  5. KaraFun - Challenges to run a fun competition
  6. SingPlay - For sharing your recorded song
  7. Baby Karaoke - Animated karaoke styled game
  8. WeSing - Vocal effects for editing songs

Song lovers often choose karaoke as their pastime activity. However, some of them feel too shy to go to a karaoke bar and let dozens of other people hear them singing. That’s when the best free karaoke app can come in handy.

Such applications allow you to record your voice alone, duet, and in a group. There are no limitations concerning age or singing experience. If you enjoy singing different songs and want to develop your talent, make use of any of the apps described below.

1. Smule - Our Choice

Go-to karaoke app
  • Duets with people across the world
  • Smule Songbook feature
  • Social media sharing options
  • Lacking the messages

Verdict: Smule app from Apple has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and continues to gain popularity because of it's great features. This app makes it so simple to perform karaoke exercises and sing along with your favorite songs.

The free karaoke app gives you the option to use their on-site master guide or download their extensive library of tracks and videos for free. So, Smule is a great music management software too. After you download your free karaoke machine you are presented with a wide variety of songs to try that include favorites by artists like Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men and countless others.

smule interface

2. StarMaker Lite

Huge songs catalog
  • Freestyle of collab options available for singing
  • In-app purchase options for enhanced features
  • Possibility of posting videos, images, and texts
  • Lack of tips for hidden features

Verdict: If you want to know what is the best free karaoke app, then you need to check out StarMaker Lite. This app allows you to easily create and upload your own music tracks onto your smartphone.

If you want to see exactly what it can do, you can download the free trial today. It really is worth giving a try; you can get it by downloading the StarMaker Lite free karaoke app from iTunes or Google Play.

starmaker lite interface

3. Singa

80,000+ karaoke lyrics
  • Allows creating singlists
  • Generally easy to use
  • Allows sharing voice recordings
  • Android version is not as stable as its iOS version

Verdict: Singa free karaoke software is the best way to have the most affordable karaoke machine that you can find. This is especially important if you want to give the karaoke machine as a gift to someone else in your life, since the cheapest of all the karaoke software options will not be worth very much in the end. Singa gives you the ability to easily learn how to tune up and sing so that you sound great when you are singing on stage without audio editing software.

singa free karaoke apps interface

4. Yokee

With features to laser cut easier
  • Extensive library by leveraging YouTube’s content
  • Has interactive social features
  • Quick and easy registration with a Facebook account
  • The best songs aren’t free

Verdict: Yokee karaoke app is now becoming more famous with its easy to understand instructions and features. This mobile app lets you become karaoke star in real time using your smartphone or mobile phone. You don't need to have a microphone and you don't need any equipment to make your own singing sounds.

All you need is your mobile phone with internet connection and you're ready to go. And the music visualizer in this app is perfect.

yokee free karaoke apps interface

5. KaraFun

Challenges to run a fun competition
  • Voice editor and special camera filter
  • Social community to make new friends
  • Freestyle of collab options
  • Ads can be annoying

Verdict: KaraFun is a free karaoke software application that will allow you to easily create and store your own personalised audio files for use with your computer or any device. KaraFun has all the features that you would expect from the best free karaoke app, and it also includes some extras that will really help your singing and playing go to the next level.

This is the ideal program to start out with if you want to start making karaoke videos. You will get everything you need right out of the box, including the sounds, songs, and instructions for making the videos.

karafun free karaoke apps interface

6. SingPlay

For sharing your recorded song
  • Great at parties and other social gatherings
  • Allows adjusting the pitch to suit singing needs
  • Easily select any of your favorite music track
  • Number of ads seem over the top at times

Verdict: SingPlay is one of the leading companies when it comes to hosting free karaoke online videos. In fact, it offers some of the best free karaoke apps out there and has quickly become one of the most popular apps on Facebook and other social networking sites.

If you've always wanted to sing into a karaoke machine but didn't want to spend that much money up front, this app could be right for you. In fact, there are so many features with this app that you may be surprised that it beats out some of the more expensive ones on the market.

singplay free karaoke apps interface

7. Baby Karaoke

Animated karaoke styled game
  • Allows discovering new people with same taste in music
  • Duet feature
  • Allows to sing only your favorite part of a song
  • The library could be bigger

Verdict: Today, however, the popularity of karaoke is such that more people are trying their hand at it. This is where the Baby karaoke free app come in handy. This mobile app is perfect for kids because it allows them to sing and perform karaoke while they use their devices!

Aside from this, the free karaoke app gives parents the advantage of knowing what their kids are up to and having a means of filtering the content they are viewing on their mobile devices.

baby karaoke free karaoke apps interface

8. WeSing

Vocal effects for editing songs
  • Offline mode available
  • Various voice and visual effects available
  • Social media sharing options available
  • Interface could be more intuitive

Verdict: In case you have ever wanted to sing in a karaoke fashion and get all the attention that you want, WeSing mobile app is just right for you! With this mobile app, you can actually connect with people all over the world and show your singing talent in front of their eyes.

All that you require to sing high notes is a microphone and quality mobile phone with a camera. Moreover, with the help of the free WeSing karaoke app, no karaoke enthusiast will be left out and hence this free karaoke app has opened doors for everybody to let their karaoke dreams come true! Sing with confidence, thanks to the mobile app WeSing!

wesing free karaoke apps interface