11 Best Dating Apps in 2023

By Tani Adams 7 days ago, Apps and Software

11 Best Dating Apps in 2023

If you want to meet your love, make friends or just talk to different people but have no time to do it in your daily life, a dating app will be very helpful to you. There you will be able to select the gender, age, appearance, nationality and views of your potential companion. On such apps, you can find many extended questionnaires with answers to various questions, thanks to which you can learn more about a user before starting talking with him.

Top 11 Dating Apps to Create Couples

  1. Tinder: iOS | Android - With the largest user base
  2. Bumble: iOS | Android - For relationship-focused women
  3. Hinge: iOS | Android - The most stylish app
  4. Match: iOS | Android - The most reliable dating app
  5. Happn: iOS | Android - Great for big cities
  6. Plenty of Fish: iOS | Android - All-in-one dating app
  7. Ship: iOS | Android - For public dating
  8. OkCupid: iOS | Android - Wide variety of sexual orientations and genders
  9. Grindr: iOS | Android - The largest LGBTQ+ dating app
  10. Clover: iOS | Android - The most promising dating application
  11. Coffee Meets Bagel: iOS | Android - Oriented at real-life communication

You can find particular mobile dating apps for searching for a potential wife or husband, sexual partner or friends, which means that with such apps, you can find anyone you want. There are also apps for public dating and those which were specially created for homosexual relationships.

1. Tinder – Our Choice

With the largest user base
  • Fast to install
  • Visually focused
  • Has a swipe function
  • Anonymous initial rejection
  • None

Verdict: Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world that was made for people to look for long-term relationships. It’s simple to install because you don’t need to have a Facebook account for this. However, all the users must be older than 18.

When you download this dating app, you need to create an account. Type your personal data with a maximum of 500 characters and upload up to 6 pictures (Tinder advises to have at least one high-quality selfie, so check the best selfie poses and set the search filters you want. For instance, you can set parameters of your potential partner, such as age, location, etc.

  • tinder dating app interface

    2. Bumble

    For relationship-focused women
    • An equal number of man and women users
    • Short bio
    • Privacy and safety settings
    • Has a video chat option
    • Only women can start conversations

    Verdict: Bumble was created for women who like to make the first step in communication. However, later it became one of the best dating apps, which has over 60% matches and an equal number of men and women daters. In this way, women have to prepare their profiles and upload high-quality pictures with the most interesting female poses.

    The unique thing about this app is the time limit. If a man who received the first message from a woman doesn’t reply within 24 hours, he automatically misses a chance of a potential match. Women like this feature a lot because it automatically eliminates men who aren’t going to answer first and be active too.

    • bumble dating app interface

      3. Hinge

      The most stylish app
      • Various ways to show someone that you like them
      • You can have as many conversations and matches as you want
      • The Date From Home feature
      • Powerful and stylish profiles
      • Only 10 matches per day for free users
      • Doesn’t have a video chat

      Verdict: Hinge is one of the best dating apps. There, you will find a lot of information about your potential partner, not only basic data such as age and nationality but also political views, what they think of alcohol, whether they want to have children or what food they prefer.

      Your personal information is placed in three categories: Virtues, Vitals and Vices. Virtues category contains info where you work, what school you went to and what your political views are. In the Vitals category, you can add the information about height, desire to have or not to have children and your current address. Vices category says if you drink, smoke, etc.

      Create the best photos with one of the best selfie cameras and make your profile stand out among others.

      • hinge dating app interface

        4. Match

        The most reliable dating app
        • Easy to register
        • Part of the Online Dating Association
        • Different ways to interact
        • You can block someone if you need
        • Multiple fake profiles
        • To send and answer to messages you have to be a paid member

        Verdict: Match has an easy but time-consuming registration. There you fill your bio, state your preferences and reply to the offered questions. In this way, the app will be able to choose the best match for you.

        You can contact the person of your interest in a few ways: by winking, chatting or sending an email. Unfortunately, you can’t send and answer messages if you don’t have a paid subscription. However, if a user bought the app, it means that he or she really wants to communicate with another person and possibly create a relationship.

        • match dating app interface

          5. Happn

          Great for big cities
          • There aren’t any scammers or bots
          • Simple connection
          • Interesting extra features
          • The user won’t see your “Likes” until they like you back
          • Shared location feature may cause problems with safety and privacy

          Verdict: To use Happn, you need to create a profile and state your name, age, job, and some other info about what you feel like doing at the date: watching a film, drinking cocktails, walking and drinking coffee or bungee jumping. Before you begin using it, I advise you to find out how to take a good profile picture to attract the attention of your potential match.

          Using GPS navigation, this dating app shows you users who are within 800 feet from your location. Then you can check their profiles, like or block them. Your potential match won’t see your profile until you send a heart.

          • happn dating app interface

            6. Plenty of Fish

            All-in-one dating app
            • Almost unlimited messaging
            • Live streams
            • Easy to adapt
            • Many prompts to send nice messages
            • A lot of spam users
            • Impossible to link external accounts, like Instagram or Spotify

            Verdict: Plenty of Fish offers swiping mechanics from Tinder and similar to Happn possibility to see users who are near your location.

            Like other apps of this type, POF offers you to complete the questionnaire to know your likes and dislikes. Based on the info users provide, they receive very accurate results and their potential partners have a lot in common with them.

            Remember that this app accepts only clear pictures so select the highest quality image format possible.

            • plenty of fish dating app interface

              7. Ship

              For public dating
              • Not only for singles
              • Simple to use
              • Created for having fun
              • Your friends can help you find a potential match
              • Not popular

              Verdict: If you happened to send the screenshots of your potential admirer, this app is what you need. With this dating app, you can create groups of friends and share with them profiles of possible matches. They will be able to leave comments on your choice and offer other matches for you. It’s nice since your friends can also recommend you the best portrait photography poses.

              Ship is simple to install and use. You need to create an account, make a Crew and invite your friends there. You can either send messages publicly or talk with each other directly. It’s convenient for making parties with many people or having personal meetings.

              The newest updates from Ship allow you to create two and more Crews for many purposes and various groups of friends.

              • ship dating app interface

                8. OkCupid

                Wide variety of sexual orientations and genders
                • Expanded free usage
                • Allows searching by gender and sexual identities
                • Affordable A-List subscription enables users to access valuable features
                • Nice design, simple navigation
                • Many fake accounts due to free registration
                • Limited database

                Verdict: OkCupid is one of the most popular dating apps, which offers free registration and allows you to fill in a lot of personal information. If you answer many questions, you will get a more accurate Match and Enemy percentage.

                You can choose your sexual orientation from over 20 variants and one of 12 gender identities. OkCupid is most popular with 20-30-year old singles.

                If you don’t know how to take a picture to look interesting for a potential partner, check Instagram photo ideas.

                • okcupid dating app interface

                  9. Grindr

                  The largest LGBTQ+ dating app
                  • Top privacy
                  • Geo-targeting
                  • You can highlight some filters
                  • Has a free version
                  • Fake profiles
                  • Advertising

                  Verdict: Grindr was made for users with non-traditional sexual orientation. Typical users of this app are gays, lesbians, trans, bisexuals and queer people. They use it to find a partner, have fun or get to know people with similar interests.

                  After registration, you need to fill in a particular form or create an account through Facebook. Also, you need to state your purpose of using this app, whether you are searching for love, trying to make friends or creating hookup games.

                  The free version of this app is limited. You can only see 100 profiles in your location and the number of users you can see in other areas is also limited. That’s why, if you want to use this app, it’s better to get a paid subscription.

                  • grindr dating app interface

                    10. Clover

                    The most promising dating application
                    • On-demand date option
                    • Match percentage
                    • A lot of ways to communicate
                    • The big and active user base
                    • Paid sorting and filtering options
                    • Intrusive pop-ups

                    Verdict: Clover is one of the best dating apps, which is similar to Tinder and OkCupid and is becoming more and more popular today. It has about 6 million users and 85 percent of them are 18-30-year old.

                    Those who choose paid membership will get unlimited multimedia chat possibilities, will be able to request and confirm dates, agree on details like date, time and place. Also, the mixers section lets users save their time and effort and use the app not only for meeting others one by one.

                    • clover dating app interface

                      11. Coffee Meets Bagel

                      Oriented at real-life communication
                      • The number of matches per day is limited
                      • You can quickly start communicating offline
                      • 60 percent of users are women, 40 percent are men
                      • There is a free version
                      • Not much time for talking
                      • Doesn’t have a desktop version

                      Verdict: Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the best dating apps for users who want to meet people in real life, without talking online for a very long time. Check different selfie ideas to make your profile photo look nicer.

                      The rules of this app are the following: every day you receive a particular “bagel” that matches your request the most. Then you get 24 hours to like that user and start talking. If you don’t do it, the request will disappear.

                      After you started texting in a private chat with this person, you will have one week to talk. If you want to continue communication, you will have to exchange contacts or leave if you’re not interested in this person.

                      • coffee meets bagel dating app interface
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