7 Best Air Mice in 2020

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Air mouse for Smart TV - several reasons to buy it.

best air mouse remote controls

An air mouse remote is an integral device for controlling smart TVs and TV boxes.

With its help, it is more convenient to use and move the cursor if you are the owner of a smart TV set-top box, desktop PC, Kodi box, laptop, media center, HTPC, etc.

Top 7 Air Mouse Remotes to Buy

  1. Gimibox - Our Choice
  2. AuviPal Backlit - The best air mouse for Win10 PC
  3. ANEWISH T16-BLUE - For Android TV Box
  4. Favormates - The best Kodi Box keyboard remote control
  5. Yalanle MX3 - Android Box keyboard remote
  6. WeChip W2 - Best remote control for Android TV Box
  7. SZILBZ MX3 Pro - For Android TV Box

Air mice appeared relatively recently. Despite the name they only partially repeat the functions of a familiar computer mouse and are in demand among the owners of TV Boxes and media centers.

By moving such a mouse in the air the cursor moves on the screen. It allows you to enjoy mobile games, web surfing and socializing on social networks on a large screen while lying on the couch.

The air mouse keyboard is a kind of remote control (several models look like a miniature qwerty keyboard) which is similar in its functions to a computer mouse.

Instead of an optical sensor or a ball used in the conventional mouse, a gyroscope technology is used in an air mouse remote.

1. Gimibox

Our Choice
air mouse gimibox

Size: 6.8x2x0.7 inches | Connectivity: Wireless / USB receiver / 2.4 GHz | Battery: 2хAAA | Weight: 4 ounces

⊕ Multifunctional airmouse
⊕ IR learning
⊕ Plug and play functionality
⊕ Wide range of compatibility
⊖ Backlight is absent

One of the drawbacks of standard remote controls that come with smart consoles is the lack of a standard keyboard for convenient text entry. Gimibox is equipped not only with a gyroscope but also with an excellent keyboard.

Gimibox looks quite attractive for its price: sloping edges, high-quality plastic, protruding back part. The ergonomics of this Android air mouse is also excellent – it fits perfectly in hand, and you can easily reach each button.

Gimibox will be an excellent tool for expanding the capabilities of the smart consoles running on Android. With its gyroscopic sensor (3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor), it is more convenient to play games and browse web pages.

It is the best air mouse that will replace several devices at once. It is possible thanks to the function of IR learning from your other remotes.

2. AuviPal Backlit

The best air mouse for Win10 PC
air mouse auvipal backlit

Size: 6.7x2.2x0.7 inches | Connectivity: Wireless / USB receiver / 2.4 GHz | Battery: cobalt lithium | Weight: 4.9 ounces

⊕ Sleek and simple design
⊕ Backlighting
⊕ Specially designed for Windows 10 OS
⊕ Could be controlled from up to 33 feet wirelessly
⊖ The compatibility is limited

This Air Mouse remote is made in the shape of a compact universal remote control. It is quite cheap but it can turn your Android TV set-top box into a gesture-driven smart media player.

AuviPal Backlit responds well to micromotion – just hold it with your hand and move your wrist.

Buying this Android air mouse you get an excellent product that is as simple as even a child will understand. The connection takes no more than a couple of minutes. No complaints have been noticed at work so far.

This Airmouse has a QWERTY keyboard, which eases the users' life big time. It has multiple shortcut keys specially designed for Windows 10 OS.

The mouse has a Cobalt lithium-ion battery with a power of 200 mAh. The battery is rechargeable and allows you up to 12 hours of continuous use.


Wireless keyboard for Android TV Box
air mouse anewish t16-blue

Size: 5.8x4.2x0.7 inches | Connectivity: Wireless / USB receiver / 2.4 GHz | Battery: lithium ion | Weight: 5.11 ounces

⊕ Design suitable for gaming
⊕ Can regulate the sensitivity
⊕ Has control combos
⊕ Backlighting is bright and blue
⊖ No compatibility with Fire TV or Fire Stick

This model accommodated a set of buttons for navigation and a full keyboard, complemented by a stylish design.

Even though the device is quite large, it's comfortable to use. All controls are scattered on both sides: the top is the control button, and the bottom is the keyboard.

The air mouse keyboard feels quite comfortable in the hands, although it is a bit big compared to a conventional remote control. It looks kind of like a tablet combined with a gaming controller.

This mouse is compatible with all popular operating systems, but it is the best ground to be used with Android Box or an HTPC.

4. Favormates

Best Kodi Box keyboard remote control
air mouse favormates

Size: 6.8x2.1x0.5 inches | Connectivity: Wireless / USB receiver / 2.4 GHz | Battery: 2хAAA | Weight: 2.9 ounces

⊕ Controls are quite comprehensive
⊕ LED backlight
⊕ 5 IR learning buttons available
⊕ Plug and Play features
⊖ Not compatible with the Amazon Fire TV stick

First of all, this air mouse boasts an abundance of navigation buttons and a backlight which looks excellent and will also be useful at night. The model received an attractive and ergonomic design, as well as a full keyboard with mini keys.

The material of the case is plastic which is quite practical and pleasant to touch. The case is slightly curved around the edges for greater convenience when working with the keyboard.

The buttons are rubberized and have a backlight. The color is soft and non-irritating. There are many control buttons, and it will take half of an article to fully describe them.

The air mouse's design is beautiful: rounded shapes, the unusual arrangement of buttons, gripping notches on the case.

5. Yalanle MX3

Best Android Box keyboard remote
air mouse yalanle mx3

Size: 6.2x2.2x0.6 inches | Connectivity: Wireless / USB receiver / 2.4 GHz | Battery: 2хAAA | Weight: 4 ounces

⊕ Strong compatibility
⊕ Strong compatibility
⊕ IR learning ability
⊕ Wide range of comatible devices
⊖ Bluetooth feature is absent

Yalanle MX3 is compatible with absolutely any equipment that supports standard wireless computer mice.

It is widely used with the TV Box, but it can also efficiently work with smart TVs, which doesn’t have restrictions on the matter.

Also, the mouse is compatible with computers, projectors, and other devices.

The buttons are made of black silicone. They are pressed clearly, with a soft click. The gadget's body material is regular plastic and does not stand out. The shape is very similar to modern smart TV remotes.

6. WeChip W2

Best remote control for Android TV Box
air mouse wechip w2

Size: 7.6x2.2x0.65 inches | Connectivity: Wireless / USB receiver / 2.4 GHz | Battery: lithium polymer | Weight: 5 ounces

⊕ Anti-slip & scratch-free material
⊕ Touchpad and Characters key tip
⊕ Alarm bells to prevent loss
⊕ Voice search
⊖ No backlighting

When you first look at the WeChip W2, you can hardly guess that this is an airmouse, because it looks like a regular remote control. But those buttons on the front panel disguise numerous sensors, which define the specification of this tool.

The WeChip W2 has a QWERTY keyboard on the rear side, which makes the searching process fast and easy. Now you don’t have to navigate using arrows at the bottom of the screen.

This air mouse remote control is super-handy when you look through the bulk of images and need to zoom them in, since there is a special touchpad and you can do using your fingertips.

The embedded gyroscope brings smoothness and precision to all your movements.


Best remote for Android TV Box
air mouse szilbz mx3 pro

Size: 7.1x2.5x1.2 inches | Connectivity: Wireless / USB receiver / 2.4 GHz | Battery: 2xAAA | Weight: 4.2 ounces

⊕ Ergonomic design
⊕ LR learning
⊕ LED backlight
⊕ Plug and Play (3-Gyro and 3-Gsensors)
⊖ Poor battery life

The SZILBZ MX3 Pro is the best air mouse if you want to minimize the number of movements you have to make and rely on automatic settings.

One side of the SZILBZ MX3 Pro resembles a regular remote control, while the other one has a keyboard.

It has a small size and can be used for various purposes – PC multi-media entertainment at home or business conferences at an office.

The buttons are perfectly visible in most reasonably-lit places thanks to the bright white coating. Besides, both the remote side and the QWERTY keyboard are LED lit.

Image Name Features  
air mouse gimibox
Our choice
  • Size: 6.8x2x0.7 inches
  • Connectivity: 2.4 GHz Wireless
  • Battery: 2хAAA
  • Weight: 4 ounces
air mouse auvipal backlit
AuviPal Backlit
  • Size: 6.7x2.2x0.7 inches
  • Connectivity: 2.4 GHz Wireless
  • Battery: cobalt lithium
  • Weight: 4.9 ounces
air mouse anewish t16-blue
  • Size: 5.8x4.2x0.7 inches
  • Connectivity: 2.4 GHz Wireless
  • Battery: lithium ion
  • Weight: 5.11 ounces

How to Choose the Best Air Mouse?

best air mouse

Since the range of air mice is rather broad, you may need professional guidance while selecting your ideal model. Here is the list of things you need to consider to select the best air mouse both for home and office use.


Looking through the variety of air mice designed for different devices, you will probably notice that their controls aren’t identical. This is the first thing that should affect your choice.

For instance, the best air mouse for Android TV box comes with a full set of multimedia controls (play/pause/volume, etc.) and standard Android buttons (home, back).


Most modern air mice fall into two connectivity categories – those connected via Bluetooth and via 2.4GHz port. Both options adhere to wireless connectivity and are good enough, so choose what seems better for you.

2.4GHz wireless boasts a larger range compared to Bluetooth wireless air mouse. However, they require a separate USB dongle, so you lose a precious USB port. In other words, they are primarily aimed at non-Bluetooth devices.


This is an important factor, but you shouldn’t chase a bigger range. Think about the room, where you are going to use an air mouse remote control and choose the option accordingly.

If you use several air mice in different rooms, there is no need to choose longer ranges, since they may interfere with one another.

Battery Life

The majority of air mice come with rechargeable batteries. The best air mouse should serve you for many weeks or even months without the need to change or charge the battery.

You may feel disappointed since the claimed battery life doesn’t correspond to what you have experienced once you start using an air mouse. The thing is that manufacturers measure the battery life in controlled environments and your home doesn’t belong to this group.

While choosing an air mouse, opt for the models with different power-saving features, e.g. sleep modes.

Extra Features

In addition to the must-have features, manufacturers cram their products with additional perks such as Bluetooth, LED backlight, QWERTY keyboard, built-in microphone, and game controllers.

All these features seem very interesting, but mind that they may significantly increase the price tag, so think twice whether you really need them. Define your particular requirements and what you are planning to use an airmouse for.


  • • What is Air Mouse Remote Control?

Air mouse or remote is a compact device with an air mouse keyboard on one side and remote control buttons on the other. It usually perfectly fits into your hand.

An air mouse is equipped with gyro sensors, so it follows the movement of your hand.

  • • How does an air mouse work?

An air mouse has integrated sensors and is connected to a device wirelessly. You need to move the remote control in the air and the pointer on the screen will repeat the trajectory.

  • • What are the best air mice?

We have defined the top 3 options in 2020 – Gimibox (best wireless air mouse for Kodi), AuviPal Backlit (perfect for Windows 10 PC) and ANEWISH T16 (great mini keyboard with Touchpad Mouse Combo).

  • • Which mouse has a built-in microphone?

The WeChip W2 airmouse has a microphone, so you can take advantage of the voice searching and controls. This feature is especially favored by kids and elders.

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