8 Best 3D Medical Animation Services in 2024

By Eva Williams 13 days ago, Software reviews

The best 3D medical animation services can help you professionally decipher complex medical concepts for a normal person or showcase the remarkable achievements of your company in the medical field. Realistic 3D animations have conquered the healthcare, education, and commerce worlds, and are widely used by far more people than just practicing doctors.

Collaborating with a medical 3D animation company is a fantastic idea as long as it offers services that will satisfy your needs. Such companies can provide everything from high-precision surgical animations to a broad range of content creation services.

Top 8 3D Medical Animation Services

  1. Fusion Medical Animation - The best interactive animations
  2. DG Medical Animations - For spine/orthopedic animations
  3. Pixeldust Studios - The best at producing ads and feature films
  4. The SGNY Group - The best mechanism of action (MOA) animation
  5. ICom Creative - For medical commerce animation/video
  6. JLab Animation - The best for the medical and legal sector
  7. INVIVO - Entrust them with your medical exhibitions
  8. Infographic World - The best 3D medical animation service

Producing content in 3D for medical projects has grown into a separate video storytelling genre that can help explain complex ideas and tasks, surgical procedures, therapeutic effects, and disease symptoms and progression. Such animations can also be used for instructing personnel and the general population in the vein of the best explainer video production companies, but only with a medical theme. Additionally, medical animations can help you explain the purpose of medical devices and equipment, while simultaneously boosting their sales.

The produced professional content doesn't look scientifically dry and formal, but rather like an exciting high-quality cartoon. If you have yet to outsource content creation in 3D for medical purposes, make use of this opportunity to get everything at once with a full package of the best 3D medical animation services. It’s a lot more efficient than hiring medical consultants, a video production studio, and a marketing team separately while having to coordinate their actions during different stages of the project.

1. Fusion Medical Animation – Our Choice

Virtual reality and interactive 3D models
  • 15 medical areas
  • Interactive virtual and augmented reality
  • Partnered with Samsung, Unilever, Saatchi & Saatchi Health
  • EMMY and BAFTA-winning animation professionals
  • Top-grade scientific narrators
  • London-based studios

Verdict: You'll be amazed by the scientifically accurate content produced by Fusion Medical Animation. The quality of their medical 3D animations clearly shows they know what they’re doing. They’re used to creating complex interactive animations enhanced to perfection with professional audio tracks.

Their experience varies from Pharma MOA (AstraZeneca, GE Healthcare, Merck, Takeda, IDM Pharma, GW Pharma, Amgen, Novartis, Alcon) video clips to popular-scientific films (IMAX, BBC, SKY & Discovery Channels). They have everything for in-house video production including a recording studio in the middle of London.

2. DG Medical Animations

Product marketing animation
  • Rare types of complex animation
  • Action showing mechanism
  • Tutorial videos
  • DG Interactive division
  • US-based
  • Prices are revealed per inquiry

Verdict: Established in 2002, DG Medical Animations is a subsidiary of DG Interactive LCC. Their talented team consists of high-class traditional animators with an impressive track record that started to include medical 3D animations starting from 2015. You can find some large brands like Canon among their clients, but they're open to all kinds of budgets.

Their services include medical animations for product marketing, tutorial videos for patients, 3D medical animations for training doctors, complex videos dedicated to spine treatment and orthopedics, and judicial animation (courtroom, personal injury, malpractice, etc.).

3. Pixeldust Studios

All types of visualization
  • All-encompassing services
  • Mind-blowing handlist of corporate clients
  • Star-studded, world-class team
  • TV-quality video content
  • International representation
  • Price per inquiry

Verdict: This award-winning studio specializes in animation, video creation, and digital technology design for media production. Despite its fairytale name, it’s a real star-studded team of multidisciplinary designers, content creators, marketers, and programmers that work on top of the cinema and advertising industries, while possessing the newest technical resources and using the most creative and mind-blowing concepts.

You'll get tired of listing all the services offered by Pixeldust: TV advertising, marketing videos, tutorials, documentaries, corporate and training videos, content creation, historical reproductions, animated movies, medical productions, audio, and video effects, brand identity, title design, 2D/3D animation, character design, video mapping, and much more.

4. The SGNY Group

Sizzle reels with live action and animation
  • Broad list of services
  • Teams with cooperative experience
  • Partnered with biopharma and life science establishments, device manufacturers, hospitals, and medical societies
  • Suitable offers for all budgets and deadlines
  • US-based
  • Prices per inquiry
the sgny group logo
The SGNY Group

Verdict: This production company offers an entire spectrum of services while specializing in real-time video production, animation, and all forms of graphic design for corporations, non-profit organizations, and their agencies. Their founder, Steve Gold was awarded an Emmy as well as multiple Clio Awards for his lyrics, production, and direction.

The SGNY group possesses the artistic and technical talent necessary to conduct efficient social network campaigns. It also has a lot of experience in developing and producing healthcare content like medical illustrations, MOA animations, patient reviews, and KOL, as well as tutorials and result reels, which combine live-action with various types of animations by using hybrid animation software.

5. ICom Creative

Commercial film/video
  • State-of-the-art production studio
  • Employ professional medical editors
  • Over150 global awards
  • Uses in-house HD editing utilities
  • US-based
  • Cost upon request
icom creative logo
ICom Creative

Verdict: ICom Creative offers a full range of services related to developing dynamic content in their production studio regardless of your budget. The company also found success in drawing medical illustrations and creating patient profiles, as well as website and mobile app development.

Other than that, ICom Creative is involved in broadcast production, corporate videos, tutorials, green-screen and motion capture, 2D and 3D animation, character design, 3D-stereoscopic animation, Flash-animation, storyboarding, animated graphics, and virtual presentations.

6. JLab Animation

Surgery animation, including robotic surgery
  • Device animation and interactive media
  • Medical software development
  • Educational video production
  • Team with plenty of experience in life science and gross anatomy
  • Client can control every stage of the project
  • Services are limited to legal, scientific, and medical content
jlab animation logo
JLab Animation

Verdict: This service offers unique products for medical 3D animation, which can be efficiently used for treatment explanations medication, and medical equipment sales, as well as training medical personnel and patients. At JLAB Animations, they understand the need for explicit 3D animation products that can adequately provide all information simply and accurately that doesn't leave any room for misinterpretation.

Here you’ll find a terrific combination of the latest technologies, deep knowledge, and an ambition to provide the best 3D medical animation services possible. From developing medical software to concept design, storyboarding, rigging, modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing, and rendering – JLAB Animations will complete all stages of creating medical 3D animations to your exact specifications.


VR/AR reality and medical gaming
  • E-learning and interactive installations
  • Competitive audits and in-depth content analysis
  • Member of the Medical Illustrator Association
  • From end-to-end services to à la carte packages
  • Medical mobile app development
  • Prices are revealed per inquiry
invivo logo

Verdict: Established in 1998, INVIVO is one of the first companies to integrate technology and visualization into their communication solutions, and it has received more than 140 global industry awards over the years. A large part of the team has academic degrees, many of whom have received a Master’s degree in biomedical communication.

This team of Ph.D. holders, medical masters, writers, and developers works on designing and developing complex and innovational solutions: from medical-themed games to interactive installations that are always the center of attention at medical exhibitions.

8. Infographic World

3D animation for medical device companies
  • Medical, surgical, and science-related animations
  • Strategy development services
  • Can cover everything from scriptwriting to voice-overs
  • Contracted by over 100 companies from the Fortune 500 list
  • US-based headquarters
  • Price per inquiry
infographic world logo
Infographic World

Verdict: Initially launched in 2009, IGW grew into one of the largest and most respected infographic and medical animation studios on the internet. As a company involved in producing medical videos, they help introduce the world to innovative discoveries, treatment methods, procedures, devices, and medication, simplifying some of the most complex operations. Their studio has been creating revolutionary 3D medical animations for the largest companies in the healthcare industry for 11 years and they’re still going strong.

IGW merges the power of 3D animation and marketing strategy to help clients reach their marketing and sales goals. Their video marketing team works with clients to first understand their goals and then rebuild everything in the necessary vein, providing optimal strategies, creating 3D animated video clips, and helping implement their marketing approach.