Adobe Patcher 2020: Universal Adobe CС Patcher Download

Adobe Patcher 2020: Universal Adobe CС Patcher Download

Universal Adobe Patcher is a tool that is usually used to activate Adobe CC Products and use software for free.

What Is Adobe Patcher?

adobe patcher interface

For those, who want to download specific Adobe software for free, there are such programs as Adobe crack, Keygen or Adobe Creative Cloud Torrents that belong to the world of piracy. But if you want to hack absolutely all Adobe programs with one tool, then you will probably come across the Adobe Patcher.

The very meaning of the word Patch is initially positive; it is a program from a software developer that corrects any errors in an already installed program.

The pirated Patcher changes the code of any chosen program to disable license verification, make adjustments to the program itself and allow people to use it for free, simply by hacking.

The Patcher is a small program that can make changes to your system as well, thus causing irreparable harm.

Adobe Patcher: F.A.Q.

adobe patcher vs licence version

I am sure you want to learn why you shouldn’t use an Adobe Patcher? There is a number of good reasons for this:

Damages to Copyright Holder. By using the pirated products, you are literally causing the developer company to lose the profit it would have received from your purchase. Under the law, you will be forced to reimburse the caused damages and lost profits and, in some cases, if sharing of pirated software occurred, also the damages caused by other users, who installed your copy.

Federal Penalties. Apart from causing damage to the developer, piracy is also viewed as a federal crime similar to an illegal download of music or films. The case might not be limited to reimbursing the copyright holder and if you be accused of federal statutory damages, the fine can reach $150,000 per infringement.

Criminal Piracy. The business owners, who have been caught selling illegal copies will suffer even more. The fine for this action will reach $250,000 and in addition to that, the accused person might be imprisoned for the term of up to five years that will leave a permanent felony on the record.

Lack of Software Updates. Developers are ordinary people, and they tend to make mistakes. Moreover, the more complex the software product, the greater the likelihood of errors. Updates allow solving this problem but even if you have the best universal Patcher, you can still forget about them. Periodic updating not only fixes errors made while writing programs but also closes dangerous vulnerabilities and provides a user with new functions.

Pirated Software = Security Issues. Most often, hackers distribute pirated software with their own benefit. Usually, such a patcher comes with a “bonus” that will load various adware with the impossibility of simple removal, viruses, or just a dozens of obscure programs.

How Can I Use Adobe Creative Cloud Legally?

If you decide to stay on the “bright” side and not steal software, then you have one way to use Adobe for free.

Adobe CC Trial
  • Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
  • Price: Free Trial or $52.99/month
  • FixThePhoto's Rating

I'm really not sure that you can perform such activity that puts you in need of all 27 programs from Adobe. But if this is still so, then I recommend that you first try the Adobe Creative Cloud free trial for a week, decide how much you need it, and then proceed to payment.

How to Replace Adobe Patcher?

I agree, it’s quite difficult to find how you can replace the entire line of Adobe programs, but if your work is directed in a certain field (image, video, or music), then it is easier to find a free alternative.

For Image Editing: GIMP

GIMP (GNU image manipulation program) is a worthy substitute for Photoshop that is capable of performing all the basic tasks, which made it so highly popular with users. From the start, the developers were aiming to challenge the famous Adobe product, and their efforts are praised. This is a rare software that supports a variety of plug-ins and allows processing PSD formats, the latter still mismanaging layers occasionally.

For Vector: Inkscape

Inkscape is a free Illustrator alternative that resembles the previous option in this field. This is a very high-quality product that can do almost everything Illustrator is capable of. It has a large number of tools and a simple interface, and plugins add new features to Inkscape.

For Color Correction: RawTherapee

RawTherapee is aimed at getting the best of Lightroom and, in some places, it far surpasses this program so the necessity for an Adobe Patch is very arguable in this case. Although the interface is rather heavyweight, the functionality of the application is very good. RawTherapee supports finely-tuned photo-processing algorithms, advanced noise reduction, and many other operations needed by professional photographers.

For Video Editing: Shotcut

Shotcut has an impressive toolkit and an even more impressive list of all the supported audio and video formats. The user-friendly interface includes customizable panels and a preview playlist. The development of Shotcut continues and the application stably receives one or several updates per season. So, if this is not yet the best replacement for Premiere Pro, it will soon become one.


If you still decide not to use Adobe Patcher and purchase the program legally, then you won’t mind several free bonuses for these programs. You can use some of them in the free alternatives offered above and protect yourself from the dangers of an Adobe CC Patcher.

Landscape Grinding

freebies landscape grinding freebies landscape grinding

Make your landscape shots cooler with these Lightroom presets. A small effect of HDR, sun rays, sky improvements, color correction - everything will be done automatically.


rain overlays freebies rain overlays freebies

An epic or romantic photograph in the rain is always beautiful, but not always possible. Since it is difficult to wait for rain that will make the picture better and not the opposite, just use this overlay and simulate the rain in the picture.


wood texture freebies wood texture freebies

Finding a beautiful table for Product photos, or an epic dark oak wall is quite difficult, but it’s much easier to use our realistic textures for this, simply replacing the ugly surface with texture.

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