Adobe Fresco vs SketchBook

By Ann Young 3 days ago, Apps and Software

Looking for a professional touch-optimized painting app with pressure control and a wide library of brushes? I've compared Adobe Fresco vs SketchBook, two top software in this area, and am ready to share my opinion.

Adobe Fresco gives you the ability to create amazing artwork for digital art galleries and websites with a simple interface and gesture control.

SketchBook is a powerful raster graphics software program designed exclusively for sketching and design sketching.

Final Verdict:

One of the main features introduced into the software is Live brushes, which offers a high level of interaction with the application. This is made possible through the integration of the Web rendering engine known as Flash.

Adobe Fresco is the winner >

Adobe Fresco Features:

  • Fantastic selection of pixel brushes
  • Runs smooth with zero lag
  • Blending of raster, live and vector brushes
  • Intuitive interface
  • 100+ raster, live, and vector brushes

What is Adobe Fresco?

adobe fresco interface

With Adobe Fresco, you basically have three different ways to modify your sketches, enabling you to change things depending on the final effect you're trying to achieve. This gives users plenty of flexibility, making it an excellent illustration tool for people who are looking to create professional-looking artworks.

The latest Adobe Fresco program also includes a built-in function for digital painting, which gives it a clear advantage over many of its drawing software competitors, as it allows you to paint in 3D and get a realistic effect that can be hard to reproduce on paper.

Beyond this, there are several more advanced features, including support for the latest flash formats, a Live Brush feature, and a full-sized canvas setup that allow you to drag and drop elements onto your canvas in order to build up your artwork.

What is SketchBook?

sketchbook interface

The software comes with over 100+ pre-installed sketches you can draw along with some cool bonus features like background music and also the ability to export and import your sketches in most popular formats (peg) such as PSD, EPS, WMF, and so on.

SketchBook greatest strength is the large number of brushes you can add, and it comes with both oval and round shapes. It also has a library of over 500+ high quality stamps and stamp effects so you can apply them to your sketches. A cool feature of SketchBook is that you can synchronize your sketches and share them online via e-mail or a web link.

It will also auto-save your work, so you do not have to manually save each time you make a change. If you use the Download as PDF feature, you can print your PDF files right from your sketchbook software.


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Adobe Fresco & SketchBook Features:

  • True-to-life effects
  • Stroke sensitivity
  • Basic app is free
  • Over 200 brushes
  • Gesture control
  • Cross-platform
  • Free for students and education
  • 100 mpx canvas
  • Line art import with transparent background
  • Pencils

Adobe Fresco and SketchBook Price:

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FixThePhoto Choice:

Adobe Fresco boasts a wide selection of pixel brushes and gesture controls, which will be great news for artists.

SketchBook offers 100 mpx canvas and 120+ customizable brushes and pencils for artists.