ZipBoard Issue Tracking Tool Review 2024: Pros & Cons


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Verdict: I like that zipBoard can function as a bug tracking and design feedback tool that is extremely helpful when creating tasks, organizing projects, and tracking user activity. The members of my team use this tool for prioritizing assignments, adding tags or labels, and checking the status of projects.

As a photographer, I use zipBoard a lot. It helped me to smoothly organize my workflow and allowed my clients to be involved in a project (regardless of their or my location) to feel more secure.

Besides, this tool is user-friendly, meaning it is suitable even for people without any technical experience. I also use it as time management software.

  • Excellent customization
  • Manages workflow efficiently
  • Deadline tracking
  • Role-based permissions
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Lets you prioritize tasks
  • Not a lot of integrations
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zipBoard is a great option for specialists who are involved in developing websites, web applications, e-learning courses, videos, PDF documents, and more. This tool is also a good choice for teams seeking effective ways to speed up the digital development process. zipBoard is fitted with an application programming interface (API), meaning that it can successfully function with such third-party programs as JIRA and Slack.

ZipBoard – Main Features

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zipBoard allows annotating tasks, adding comments, taking screenshots, sending screenshots, and has a centralized platform for discussing projects. It lets supervisors manage and check the completion of any task by getting email and in-app project update notifications. Besides, zipBoard is fitted with handy search instruments for navigating through projects, boards, and assignments.

Wide Variety of Featured for Photographers

As contact management software, zipBoard facilitates the interaction between team members so that they can discuss a project any time needed, create annotations, comment on tasks, allocate assignments, report bugs, etc. The tool simplifies the product creation workflow, because you don’t have to deal with emails, spreadsheets, video calls, etc.

It is great that by using zipBoard visual and bug tracking for digital content tool, I can:

  • Comment on projects using annotated screenshots and screen recordings
  • Check the provided feedback from various stakeholders in one place
  • Allocate, prioritize and organize assignments to optimize the team’s workflow
  • Manage different versions of a project as well as its pieces for review
  • Deal with feedback on different resources like live websites, web applications, e-learning courses, PDF documents, videos, images.
  • View your digital files and other content in different screen resolutions. Change the resolution to evaluate how the content and design look on various devices.

Simplified Collaboration and Project Management

zipboard project interface

zipBoard facilitates the interaction between team members. There is a separate platform, where developers, testers, designers, and other professionals can collaborate in a convenient manner. The number of users who work on a task is unlimited.

My colleagues can receive automatic notifications whenever a problem is detected or resolved. Besides, users can send an email or direct messages to other participants. In such a way, all project developers receive constant updates and stay informed of the status of their work.

Multifunctional Online Review and Feedback Tool

zipBoard allows importing my mock-ups and prototypes as screenshots so that other team members can leave their comments. An online review platform is great for live websites.

Collaborators who employ e-learning authoring instruments can just import their SCORM files into zipBoard. Besides, who creates an interface and UX can test them on different screen sizes only using their browsers and PC. The tool also allows adding comments for annotating the entire elements or some parts.

Visual Bug Tracking that Simplifies the Work

The review boards are great for reporting bugs. This bug tracking software offers a simple task management algorithm so even beginners can grasp what is what. Besides, a project supervisor can utilize the task manager for systematizing reported issues. The tool allows tracking the assigned team members, the priority, and the status of a task. You can also export issues as CSV files for a more thorough examination. 

Reproduce Issues Easily

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After a client has reported bugs, team members can identify the issue easily and determine the environment it affects. zipBoard provides all the necessary info using screenshots and environment details for reproducing bugs. Besides, you can instantly reproduce the shared feedback without requesting a screen share call.

I like that adding actionable tasks before or during the review process is a breeze. The tool allows setting priorities, allocating assignments to some team members, and attaching screenshots to any assignment added to a project. The functionality of zipBoard also allows filtering issues, taking into consideration bug report fields. You can also conceal or display fields and edit multiple tasks at once for more convenience.

Compatible with all Kinds of eLearning Courses

The platform is compatible with various e-Learning and authorizing tools, including Articulate, Captivate, Lectora, Adapt, Elucidourat, Spring, custom HTML solution, SCORM content, and more. Another advantage is the possibility to test and review linear and non-linear courses for numerous devices simultaneously.

Great Support with Quick Feedback

ZipBoard offers responsive and helpful support via email or chat. The company tries to provide superior service for every client no matter what the issue is.

ZipBoard Prices

Although zipBoard doesn’t have a free version, users can test functionality for 15 days for free.

The Starter plan costs $39/month billed annually or $49/month if you choose a monthly payment model. This subscription includes 5 Review Files/URLs, an unlimited number of projects and collaborators.

The Team plan starts at $79 per month and includes 20 Review files/URLs, an unlimited number of projects and collaborators, video recording to capture issues, integrations, export to CSV.

By purchasing the Business plan for $110 per month, you receive 50 Review Files/URLs, an unlimited number of projects and collaborators, video recording to capture issues, integrations, export to CSV.

The company also offers a custom Enterprise plan that includes an unlimited number of projects, custom branding, and team/roles feature. To learn zipBoard Pricing for this subscription, contact the company’s representative using a form on the website.

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