6 Best Bug Tracking Software in 2023

Having the best bug tracking software is essential for recording, reporting, and tracking errors during software development. Without it, you can never be certain the final product will meet the necessary quality standards and won’t have any feature-breaking bugs.

Top 6 Bug Tracking Software

  1. Hubstaff Tasks - Intentional simplicity
  2. Trello - For organizing a reading list
  3. Asana - For communication
  4. Jira - For product/project management
  5. Rally - For exporting requirements
  6. Bugzilla - With advanced query tool

Below, you’ll find a selection of the best bug tracking software available right now, their most interesting features, and links to where you can get them. You’ll be able to choose from both free and paid options to find the software that suits you the most.

1. Hubstaff Tasks - Our Choice

Intentional simplicity
  • Works even offlin
  • Allows time tracking from different devices
  • Integrated task management platform
  • Sometimes freezes after update

Verdict: One of the best features that Hubstaff Tasks bug tracking software offers is the ability to know what is causing problems for different pages in your site. This feature will help you know immediately whether there are some code injections that are causing issues on some parts of your website.

The control panel of Hubstaff Tasks gives you the ability to create different accounts and subaccounts. This feature will help you easily manage the time that you spend on each project, so this software can perform as time management app. The advantage here is that you can easily tell which tasks you need to prioritize in order to complete them quickly.

hubstaff tasks interface

2. Trello

For organizing a reading list
  • Tracking one’s time
  • Real-time updates
  • Organizes daily activities
  • No Gantt

Verdict: If you are planning to use Trello as a bug tracking software this is going to be the most beneficial one for your business. Trello is very effective for communication. For example, it's very easy to let people know what you want done with the software, what changes you'd like made, and so on.

Because this is a very interactive calendar app, it makes it very easy for the manager to get his ideas across to his team members. Even the most skeptical management people can usually trust this kind of software, because it's been proven to be effective in a variety of different situations.

trello interface

3. Asana

For communication
  • Bug tracking
  • Tons of integrations
  • User management
  • Tracking applicants
  • Not too friendly for new users

Verdict: Asana has many benefits which are very helpful for the developers. This software can help them in their work and get the best results for their work which will in turn result in more profits for them. The most important advantage of this software is that it enables you to have a control over your work which will make you able to maintain the quality and the standards of the work. Add this software for your workflow along with app development software.

In this way, you can avoid any sort of errors that might lead you to the loss of the client. The Asana bug tracking software is a piece of software which enables you to use all sorts of techniques to know about the bugs that exist in your system and to fix them.

asana bug tracking software interface

4. Jira

For product/project management
  • Highly customizable
  • Integrates with the Slack app
  • Fits right into agile methodolo
  • Complex integration

Verdict: Jira software is a popular open source software used by IT professionals all over the world. It is written in Java, making it an ideal program for software developers and software testers. Jira is used for software testing as well as for software maintenance, support, and other purposes.

Among these advantages is the fact that Jira is one of the best bug tracking software programs that can be used. A lot of people use this program not only because it is simple but also because it has some features that are quite valuable in terms of its support to the IT industry.

jira bug tracking software interface

5. Rally

For exporting requirements
  • Ease of logging defects
  • Simple UI for easy understanding
  • Excellent security to protect confidentiality
  • Could be more customizable

Verdict: Rally is an average computer bug tracking software, but what makes it stand out is the many different enhancements and additions that are available to the user. Rally comes with over 10 different enhancements to make your tracking experience all the better, and the software also includes a great online community for users of the software to communicate with one another.

rally bug tracking software interface

6. Bugzilla

With advanced query tool
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Weak functionality

Verdict: Bugzilla is free web-based software has grown to become one of the best bug tracking software programs on the market, but if you are unfamiliar with it, you may not understand how it has developed into such a popular program. For those who are not familiar with the program, the name Bugzilla is derived from the fact that it was created as a way to test the concept of the "bug."

While some have viewed this as nothing more than an automated version of the whiteboard, others view it as a way to make sure that software programs are bug free and provide an easy to use interface.

bugzilla bug tracking software interface