WhatistheAnimal Animal Identifier Review 2023

By Kate Gross 21 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: WhatistheAnimal relies on artificial intelligence technology and can identify over one thousand different animals. The developers put in a lot of effort to produce a highly accurate and intuitive utility for species recognition that has helped thousands of people around the globe.

The most impressive feature that deserves to be mentioned in this WhatistheAnimal review is its 24/7 availability. Additionally, the scanning and recognition process is so quick, you’ll receive a result within seconds.

  • Fast results
  • Recognition accuracy of about 99%
  • Useful information source about animals
  • Convenient UI
  • Interesting animal facts
  • Image size capped at 5MB
whatistheanimal website

The process of using WhatistheAnimal consists of you uploading the animal’s photo, waiting for the software to identify its species, and receiving the result. Merely upload the image and their service will instantly provide an accurate answer.

This tool is a fantastic solution for families with children that want to go on a trip and learn more about different kinds of wildlife.

Complete WhatistheAnimal Review – Main Benefits

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Powered by AI technology, this software boasts fantastic accuracy levels. Additionally, WhatistheAnimal allows users to go to a corresponding Wikipedia page to learn more about the specific animal you’ve just identified.

Animal Identification in 30 Seconds

To take advantage of this image recognition software, you have to upload an animal photo in either JPG or PNG format, or copy an URL link, while WhatistheAnimal takes care of the rest and gives you the result.

STEP 1. Upload the Photo

whatistheanimal upload photo

Keep in mind that the service has established an upload file limit of 5MB. To test it out, you can even make use of a couple of animal photobombs and make sure the service 100% works.

STEP 2. Read Information About the Animal

whatistheanimal how to use

Once you receive all the necessary information, you can go to the animal’s Wikipedia page to learn even more about it. Doing so is very simple, as you merely have to press the “Wikipedia” button below the description.

Ability to Study the Animal

whatistheanimal animal identifier online

Other than being able to read up about the identified animal on Wikipedia, the service also offers its own animal information database. It can be found on the bottom of the website or by simply moving the mouse cursor over the image and reading the provided information about this or that animal.


The service doesn’t demand an account and won’t collect your data unless you allow it. You can use WhatistheAnimal 24/7 completely for free without any restrictions.

You might say, its workflow somewhat resembles shazam apps for plants, since the analysis and recognition are performed quickly, and you receive the answer in a matter of seconds.

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