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Verdict: VoxFeed is a robust service designed for establishing connections between brands and active online influencers and photographers. Anyone from the latter groups can create an account to receive paid opportunities that involve sharing various brand-related content with their followers.

Brand-wise, the largest advantage of this service is the amount of time a company can save by having VoxFeed handle the social media search part, which has you investing hours into finding worthwhile influencers. Instead, you’ll be granted a rundown of influencers as well as their statistics, allowing you to make the optimal choice for your brand.

  • Simple to use
  • Transparent transactions
  • Convenient participation for influencers and photographers
  • In-depth statistics
  • Advanced search
  • Intuitive campaign management
  • Lacks desktop software
voxfeed interface

Another aspect that you’ll appreciate about VoxFeed is how it simplifies the process of creating and managing campaigns. Moreover, the platform lets you monitor the state of a campaign and make appropriate improvements to increase its efficiency. The ability to look at in-depth campaign reports is another inclusion that can become essential for your success.

Complete VoxFeed Review

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Influencer marketing is the go-to tactic for plenty of brands that want to reach their target audience. That said, being more successful than the competitors at achieving that goal is a rather difficult task.

It demands plenty of effort to strategize, develop, start, monitor, and improve campaigns for achieving optimal results. Hence, why many companies rely on influencer marketing services to get more out of their campaigns with less work.

As you’ll see from this VoxFeed review, this service is among the most trustworthy options for cooperating with established influencers and interacting with your target audience with minimum effort.

Easy Participation for Photographers and Bloggers

voxfeed review app for influencers

Becoming a member of this platform is extremely easy for both Instagram photographers and bloggers. You simply have to master how to have a successful Instagram, build up your following by employing Instagram marketing tools for rapid growth, create an account, and link it to your social media profile.

Once you become a member, you can run campaigns for your favorite brands while earning money for sharing their products with your followers.

Advanced Search

voxfeed review advanced search

VoxFeed allows you to browse through thousands of influencers, making it simple to find an appropriate option for your product. The platform also lets you categorize options based on the demographics of their followers or your own metrics that can include engagement rate, number of subscribers, and more.

Influencers can be displayed as either thumbnails or a list. The order of shown influencers can also be customized. By default, you’ll see them listed according to the level of predicted engagement, from highest to lowest.

The platform also allows finding specific influencers by entering their name in the “Search Influencers” dialogue box. Alternatively, you can press “Interests” and select subjects that correspond with the influencer you’re searching for.

Convenient Brand Management

voxfeed review brand management

Intuitive and user-friendly management is another aspect that deserves mentioning in this VoxFeed review. Clicking "My Brands" brings up a rundown of all brands, the enterprises they belong to, remaining credit, current conversations, and how many requests and proposals demand your attention. The brand order starts with the ones with pending activity and is followed by up-to-date ones.

All campaigns can be managed using a single account, as you can create groups for different brands, proposals for campaigns, and establish access levels for users.

The process of reviewing influencer proposals, asking for changes, and approving them is very simple as well. Additionally, you can give clear instructions regarding the date and hour when you want the influencer to post your content.

Real Time Analytics

voxfeed review analytics

After getting an active participation, you can check your credit distribution and post flow in the campaign breakdown. Once you have a successful participation, you’ll be able to analyze the received results.

Another benefit of this platform is the offered Shopify integration. By integrating your Shopify Store, you’ll receive instant statistics regarding the campaign's performance, which can be examined based on social media site or time period, or downloaded in Excel format.

Voxfeed’s Shopify integration allows companies to turn their clients and admirers into content-producing SM advocates. Linking both services makes the experience of the brand and its advocates as convenient as possible.

Famous Clients

voxfeed review clients

When picking between influencer marketing services, it’s highly advised to check out their client portfolio. The level of their success can be a terrific example of what you can expect from this or that company.

VoxFeed has amassed a solid collection of clients that includes Airbnb, Sony, HBO, and Starbucks among other household names. All these companies have entrusted this platform to find influencers to advertise their brands.

Direct Communication

Should you want to contact an influencer or company, you can use VoxFeed’s built-in chat system that allows you to negotiate with other parties, issue suggestions, respond to questions, and send any other type of message.

Helpful Apps

voxfeed review app for brands

This service provides two free applications: one designed for brands, and one for influencers. Both offer an intuitive UI and convenient navigation. They are packed with advanced features that allow you to use the platform’s entire functionality on the go even when you don’t have access to your PC.

VoxFeed Prices

This service has a free version, but you have to reach out to VoxFeed if you want to learn detailed pricing information. Provided payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, and VoxFeed Pay, all of which allow you to minimize transaction times thanks to an early payment system. If you choose a different option, you’ll have to wait from 5 to 7 business days for a transaction to be complete. As for campaign prices, the platform provides three options:

  • Suggested bid- This is the sum requested by the influencer. You are allowed to offer a higher or smaller amount depending on your campaign and budget.
  • Cost per engagement (CPE)
  • Cost per thousand (CPE)

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