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Verdict: Skalfa is a reputable company that offers custom web and mobile app development services for clients all over the globe. The team also assists with rolling out social marketplace projects.

Most of all, I like that they allocated a project manager, who kept in touch with me along the way of project development, informed me on the progress, and described all the nuances in a straightforward manner. Regardless of the size of your company and your specialization, you can address the Skalfa software development team and receive professional help.

  • Deliver projects lickety-split
  • Agile principles
  • Project managers are always in touch
  • Maintenance services
  • Being in the sphere for 15+ years
  • Prices are generated individually on request
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Skalfa is currently laser-focused on Progressive Web App (PWA) development, which is the main factor that shapes the activity of many businesses. The team follows Agile principles in their work, which boils down to keeping clients in the loop of every phase of quick project development, applying changes instantly, and consistently delivering results according to the set deadlines.

Skalfa – Main Features

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Skalfa has been providing software and mobile app development services for over 15 years and has a long list of clients from different business niches. Among returning customers are independent startups, government NGOs, multinational enterprises, and everybody in between. The company has offices in Ukraine, the US, Canada, the Czech Republic, Georgian, and Kyrgyzstan. They actively expand their team, finding the best talents among designers, software engineers, supporters, and project managers.

Besides development and design experts, Skalfa also has in-house project managers, quality assurance, and research groups, which work doggedly to provide clients with the best services. The technical team is responsible for adjusting solutions to your business needs and ensuring all your comments are taken into account.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design for Photographers

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The range and quality of Skalfa’s web and mobile app design services are up to standard. I think it is fantastic that every client has an assigned PM (project manager), who collects all the needed info and shares it with other departments of the company. Such cooperation has proven to be very efficient, considering that customers can clearly define their priorities and demands, and get instant feedback.

I was interested in website design that would function and look equally well on desktop and mobile devices. First of all, they found a manager for me. Next, I told him about my business, the required design, and the main requirements. We also talked about my competitors and possible ways to make my website recognizable.

Two weeks later they sent me the first draft materials. We discussed them with the PM and made a couple of edits. After the design was approved, the team got down to testing and launching. They use both manual and automatic testing tools. Design development, together with testing and launching took about 6 weeks.

Frankly speaking, it was a real pleasure to work with this website design company. I appreciate that they created a website design, taking my ideas as the basis. Of course, they suggested their own expert concepts and opinions, but they included them in the design only after my approval.

Professional Web Development

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There are lots of complimentary Skalfa reviews on the website concerning their web development services and I was really determined to find out whether they live up to reality. Since I have already ordered web design from them, they allocated the same project manager when I requested web development assistance. This web development company conducted a meticulous analysis of my business during previous cooperation, so the team could start working on web development straight away.

I like that they provide me with the access to project repository so I could keep tabs on every change in the code. The project manager and developers defined daily tasks within each scrip, which is another advantage I appreciate. Besides, they performed unit tests for all critical parts of a code to eliminate any issues. Each script finished with code deployment in the test environment for QA (quality assurance).

The development stage proceeded with testing and QA, which took 1 week. They can use both manual and automatic testing algorithms but typically one option is preferable depending on the nature of a code. The QA team defines bugs and specification discrepancies and shares this info with the developers and the PM.

The next stage is reporting and recalibration. When the script output was stable, the project manager presented it to me and generated a report about fulfilled tasks. I studied the info and asked for several corrections. They promptly made the required changes and I received a flawless result. The whole project was ready in 5 weeks and this pace fully coincides with the philosophy of the Agile methodology.

Creative Branding Services for Any Purposes

The fast-paced business world dictates specific rules concerning branding, so startups are striving to create a “recognizable face” while experienced companies have to constantly redesign their branding elements not to get lost among more captivating alternatives. No matter what stands behind your hunt for branding services, Skalfa can help you out. Experts can create logos, corporate identity palettes, web app themes/UI designs, all types of offline marketing materials, etc. I addressed them because I needed high-quality business cards.

First off, I described my ideal business card, its elements, and the color gamut. After several working days, they sent me a couple of variants to choose from. A bit later, I received all the necessary image files. I appreciate that Skalfa company uses feature-packed business card software and can bring any idea to life. Besides, they quickly respond to questions and adapt to clients’ demands.

Full Support & Maintenance Services

The agency offers full support and maintenance services for existing clients on a separate contract basis - uptime management backed by SLAs, infrastructure expansion, system load optimization, technology upgrade/optimization, and further development.

I think reliable post-launch support is a crucial factor for many customers. Everybody, who wants to continue collaborating with these guys after the official rollout of a project, can order the corresponding service.

Reliable 24x7 Customer Support

The Skalfa team always works at full tilt and does its best to build a rapport with every client. They think that each business deserves top-notch support and quick assistance. Regardless of the problem you need to solve, you can address them and receive professional feedback.

Informative Blog from Experts

skalfa blog

The website contains a separate blog section with an abundance of interesting articles. There you can find expert recommendations on how to make a product attract attention, what apps are best suited for various businesses, and more. The sections of the blog are constantly updated.

Skalfa Prices

There is no price list on the site, as the cost of an order depends on varied factors. You can get in touch with the company’s representatives via email or phone and they will calculate the preliminary price based on your demands, the type of service, the expected duration of cooperation, etc.

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