Design to Impress Review 2024: Pros & Cons

Design to Impress

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Verdict: Design to Impress is a popular Toronto home staging company. Its team of specialists works with both small and large houses, as well as other types of property like condos, lofts, etc. The fact that the agency has a customized approach to every project, which can be seen in their impressive home staging before and after, is a great plus.

Another advantage is that the specialists of the company fulfill all projects on time. They do their best to highlight the strengths of the property and present the weaknesses of the house with an honest eye.

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Design to Impress has gained considerable success because of many reasons. The first one is flexibility. These guys work within a variety of budgets and can meet strict deadlines. They are not afraid of changes and are ready to adjust to any new conditions of the market and the property itself.

What is more, the stagers analyze the local real estate market to create a design that will definitely appeal to clients fulfilling all their requirements. The only minus is that they do not offer virtual staging services, only services on site.

Design to Impress: Main Benefits

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Design to Impress will provide potential buyers with a detailed picture of the home they are going to buy increasing the chances that the deal will go through.

Moreover, you can accelerate the sale or rental process, as staged properties are more appealing to clients. Design to Impress has been in the industry for 30 years, which explains its popularity and makes it the most reliable staging business in Toronto.

Visually Increasing Space During Condo Staging

design to impress condo staging

The agency is a real professional in staging condos in Toronto and the GTA. They’ve already completed hundreds of custom-tailored projects realizing that each property is as unique as the person who is selling it.

These guys are experts in presenting how much space a client will have inside every unit, regardless of the size. Their approach is very effective: the specialists visit a condo and analyze its rooms to create an exceptional design, which you cannot get when developing a project in virtual staging software.

design to impress staging

Accentuating features, visualizing furniture, adding accessories - the agency’s experts can handle all these tasks with ease. Completing them, the stagers can make the property seem larger and more expensive before a presentation.

By strategically positioning the accessories and furniture, Design to Impress turns even the most compact rooms into spacious places. To achieve the desired result, they can get rid of some furniture items, change the color of walls and ceilings, and make repairs before publishing real estate photos online.

Professional Staging of Occupied Properties in Toronto

design to impress loft staging

Design to Impress stages the properties before they go to the market providing a seller with a chance to get higher payment. Moreover, the company’s specialists deal not only with the interior but also take care of the exterior like the lawn and the front steps to make the space look more inviting.

When staging a home, professionals consider the potential audience. For instance, in the area where young people live, the company’s professionals will opt for modern furnishing that seniors won’t like. If most units in the neighborhood are in Victorian style, the specialists will highlight a room’s historical features.

design to impress staging

Design to Impress team does not use the generic approach when staging a home. If it is possible to sell an indoor shed like a reading room, for example, they will definitely manage to convert it.

Additionally, the company can also turn to a reliable contractor to make the repairs if required. Moreover, to prepare the house, other workers can be involved like cleaners to make the space tidy, landscapers to make the yard look perfect, as well as painters to redecorate rooms if needed. 

Turning Vacant Properties into Inviting Residencies with Staging

design to impress house staging

Design to Impress works in Toronto and the GTA staging various types of properties beginning from condos to offices. Their services will come in handy for real estate owners, realtors, and custom builders. They know well that for a buyer it is important to visualize the space before the purchase as establishing an emotional connection with the property is one of the most important keys to a successful deal.

Their ability to turn empty and unoccupied spaces into welcoming and warm residences is what lets Design to Impress stand out from the competitors. Their home stagers do their best to decorate and furnish the space so that it looks perfect increasing the asking price.

fixthephoto visual staging before after fixthephoto visual staging before after

Need Virtual Staging for Your Home?

If you want to get a perfect listing to attract potential clients and sell your residence, order virtual staging from Fixthephoto, and you will be impressed with the result.

Using cutting-edge technologies and software, the specialists will create eye-catching pics full of detail.

The company’s stagers pay attention to every detail when developing projects. They select the right furnishing and choose appropriate colors, linens, and bedding. They even work with illumination, making some rooms brighter and others dimmer to create the required atmosphere.

Straightforward 3-Steps Process

At first, they stroll around the residence making the required measurements. Afterward, the specialists make the analysis providing clients with recommendations on what should be re-purposed, redecorated, or moved. Before the showing, they also suggest the required repairs.

design to impress interface process

Preparation is the next stage. It includes repainting, repairs, cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering the residence. This is essential for improving the look of a home making it more attractive to potential clients. Besides, by performing these tasks, they increase the asking price of the property.

Once all these steps are completed, it is high time to stage a home. The professionals will furnish the rooms and redecorate them, as well as plan traffic space. As for the existing furniture, there are three options: moving it off-site, relocating, or re-purposing it in another space.

Furthermore, the company’s specialists can adorn homes with pieces of art, rugs, pillows, and additional lamps to show how functional the home is. Once the design process is over, your residency will look perfectly appealing to more buyers.

High Efficiency within Tight Deadlines

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Usually, it takes one and a half days to do the job. Affordable prices are another reason why Design to Impress is so popular. They are well known for selling homes across the Greater Toronto Area for high ROIs right on the next day, which is really amazing. Be sure that after posting commercial real estate photos of your property, it will be sold within 18 days.

Design to Impress Price

Clients often enquire what is the cost of home staging or who pays for staging a house. Many factors define the price like the size and condition of the property, the amount of staging needed, and the specific services that are being delivered.

Turn to the company’s representatives and provide them will project details specifying your needs, preferences, and budget to learn how much it will cost. You won’t have to pay for such consultations.


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