6 Best Apple News Sites to Follow in 2024

To learn more information about the newest gadgets, make sure to regularly browse through the best Apple news sites that will help you keep track of the recent developments in the industry.

These platforms will be useful to iOS device owners who want to purchase iPhone camera accessories as well as to MacBook owners and other people who are enthusiastic about Apple devices. These sites will help you gain invaluable insights and make the most out of your gadgets.

Top 6 Apple News Sites to Visit

  1. Apple Newsroom - Official Apple news
  2. Reddit - Over 1.2 million Mac lovers
  3. MacRumors - Insights and information about Apple products
  4. 9to5Mac - Useful guides
  5. Macworld - The articles in the blog cover many topics
  6. Tanzania Tech Media - Tech industry news

The platforms listed below contain plenty of useful information and Apple rumors. In this article, we have rounded up the best sites that provide complete information about Apple products.

1. Apple Newsroom - Our Choice

Official Apple news
  • High-quality content
  • A well-thought-out navigation system
  • Articles on technical aspects
  • No distracting ads
  • A limited number of weekly updates

Verdict: If you want to learn the most recent news, it might be a smart idea to visit the official website of Apple. Unlike other Apple blogs, this platform regularly publishes updates on all the events that happen in the company and announces future releases. Here, you can learn about the release of the newest Macs for video editing or photo editing. Besides, here, you will find information about the next iOS upgrade.

On this platform, you will also find articles about the best deals and price comparisons. What makes it different from other Apple news sites is that it publishes only thoroughly checked information and announces the newest releases. For instance, here, you can find out that Apple launches new engaging games for its popular Apple Arcade service.

Besides, this site publishes articles about new Apple facilities in different locations across the globe.

apple newsroom apple news site interface

2. Reddit

Over 1.2 million Mac lovers
  • Users can share their opinions
  • A site with a streamlined UI
  • A wide range of topics
  • No annoying ads
  • No official information
  • It might be impossible to find specific information

Verdict: Reddit is one of the most popular online forums that were ever built. It is suitable for people interested in a variety of topics. You can also use it as an informative Apple news site, as it allows users to discuss the products of this brand, share their impressions, provide feedback, and discuss Apple devices with people from other countries.

You just need to use the search tools to find recent discussions on Apple products. If you are a long-time Reddit user, you might take a closer look at the discussions on specific topics. For instance, users might discuss the best photo editing apps for Mac or compare iPad Air vs iPad Pro.

reddit apple news site interface

3. MacRumors

Insights and information about Apple products
  • Great forum
  • Extensive community
  • A variety of topics
  • Engaging content
  • Outdated website
  • Too many ads

Verdict: MacRumors has a huge community of active users who share interesting information about Mac and iOS devices. You can join it to learn more about the technical specs of different products and get a piece of expert advice. The site is used by regular people and experienced professionals alike, which ensures that you will get comprehensive information about Apple products.

MacRumors publishes articles with the most recent news, which allows Apple enthusiasts to get insights about the devices they are interested in. It remains the most popular Apple news site available online. Here, you can find any information you need. It contains helpful how-to guides, detailed product reviews, articles with product specs, and other useful information about Mac devices.

You can also read a detailed Buyer’s Guide for any product. For example, you can learn how to select the best iPad for your needs.

macrumors apple news site interface

4. 9to5Mac

Useful guides
  • Regular updates
  • Easy to navigate
  • Posts with top-quality photos and videos
  • Reporters have won many awards
  • Subpar quality of reviews
  • Ads could be annoying
9to5mac apple news site logo

Verdict: This platform offers expert opinions written by technology experts, which makes 9to5 stand out among other websites for Apple fans. This site allows you to learn the latest information about Apple products. Its articles contain high-quality photos and videos.

The best thing about this site is that it enables Apple users to express their opinions and share tips when discussing different devices. You can find information about all gadgets and devices released by Apple. Whether you are interested in Apple TVs or Macbooks for gaming, you can easily find a detailed article on the topic you would like to explore.

9to5mac apple news site interface

5. Macworld

Many topics in the blog
  • Perfect how-to-guides
  • Professionally-written posts
  • Among the first outlets that publish news
  • High-quality images in posts
  • The rumors category doesn’t contain worthy information
  • Distracting ads
macworld apple news site logo

Verdict: Whether you are interested in iOS and Mac applications or Apple gadgets, Macworld is one of the best Mac blogs you can come across. Here, you will find articles on how to use your Apple device. Under the Hot Topics tab, you can find articles about the most hotly-discussed topics about Apple products.

This platform has plenty of detailed tutorials and guides for those who want to learn more about their gadgets and how to use them. It also contains information about other Apple-related news. You can read articles about applications and apps as well.

For instance, you can learn how to find the best photo management software for Mac.

macworld apple news site interface

6. Tanzania Tech Media

Tech industry news
  • Informative and novice content
  • Expert team
  • Community forums access
  • Cooperate with sphere-related stakeholders
  • Design looks out-of-date
  • No subdivision by categories
tanzania tech media apple news site logo
Tanzania Tech Media

Verdict: Tanzania Tech Media aims to provide their customers with the information about Apple technologies and other tools. The website's pages you will come across contain the information regarding iPhones, MacBooks, software, devices and internet services.

Their editorial team sticks to precise guidelines and makes sure that all content is unbiased, clear, and comprehensive. They regularly update their content on the platform to make sure that their readers are able to access the most recent data and developments in the tech field.

tanzania tech media apple news site interface