Signature Edits Review: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 4 days ago, Apps and Software

Signature Edits

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Verdict: Being a beginner, I believe that it is extremely important to constantly hone your skills and acquire new knowledge, which prompted me to take a look at Signature Edits. I like that this photography school makes it easier for novices to start making money on photography.

Another advantage which I like on this platform is that it allows you to access a lot of educational materials and editing tools. The prices are quite affordable, which makes this service perfect for budget-conscious photographers like me.

  • Educational platform with informative materials
  • A wide range of marketing courses for photographers
  • Stock photos for improving editing skills
  • A lot of free content
  • No free trial
  • Most courses are about marketing
  • Impossible to preview presets
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Signature Edits is an educational website for photographers with different backgrounds, which allows them to take their skills to the next level and learn about new photography and marketing techniques.

You can find tutorials, guides, templates, and bundles of presets on this platform that will come in handy for beginners and professional photographers alike.

Signature Edits: Main Features

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Signature Edits will come in handy for photographers with different levels of experience. Newbies will be pleased with an opportunity to download ready-made bundles, while professionals will appreciate the Photography Marketing Membership.

This community of experts allows you to access all the courses hosted on the platform as well as download a variety of presets, marketing templates, and other materials that will help you scale up your business. All the materials meet recent photographer education requirements.

Here, you will find basic photography tips for beginners and complex tutorials explaining how to use marketing strategies to promote your business across multiple platforms.

Courses for Improving Your Skills

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Signature Edits makes it easy to access a wide range of online photography courses, which are suitable for professionals and enthusiasts with different skill sets and levels of experience.

There are also some courses that will help you develop your business. If you are interested in digital marketing, you can find courses that will help you improve your online presence and launch effective marketing campaigns based on time-tested strategies.

If you want to take part in photo editing workshops, make sure to take a look at such programs as Master Lightroom Classic – the Complete Course, Travel Editing & Marketing by Daniel Han, and other similar options. They contain a lot of useful information that will help you improve your skills.

signature edits courses description

You can also choose from a variety of useful marketing courses created specifically for photographers. After taking them, you will know how to promote your services on the most popular social media for photographers.

In case you need to increase the recognition of your brand, take a look at such courses as Instagram Marketing Essentials, Pinterest Marketing Mastery, and others. There are plenty of courses for different social media channels.

If you want to improve your interaction with your clients and expand your client base, take a closer look at the Photography Client Roadmaps Workshop. There are other useful workshops available on Signature Edits as well. For instance, you can take part in the course Web Design Essentials for Photographers which will allow you to learn how to increase your online visibility by creating a new website for your business.

Detailed Tutorials for Mastering Particular Skills

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You can read detailed Lightroom tutorials. The key advantage of these guides is that they include links to bundles that you can download to your device and apply to your photos without any editing skills.

Besides, here, you will find a variety of useful guides and tutorials that will help you learn how to use equipment. You can also read informative articles with useful photography composition tips, tutorials explaining how to adjust camera settings for different types of shooting, expert reviews, and many more.

The site has an in-built search option, so you can quickly enter a keyword and find the information you need with little to no effort.

Ready-Made Plugins Created by Famous Photographers

signature edits presets

Signature Edits has an impressive collection of Lightroom presets created by experienced photographers. Using them, you can learn how to edit in a consistent style.

After paying for the bundles, you just need to add the presets to Lightroom. If you want to test them out for free, make sure to indicate your email when downloading for the first time. You will get a free bundle that will help you enhance your photos in one click.

signature edits raw photos

If you don’t have any suitable photos that you want to edit to improve your skills, you can use a collection of free RAW pictures available on the website. Keep in mind that you aren’t allowed to use them for commercial purposes as they are available for educational purposes only.

Thanks to this in-built collection, you can take part in any photography workshop and use free images for taking your editing skills to the next level.

Signature Edits Prices

Photography classes cost from $47. In case you don’t like the way they are conducted, there is a 7-day guarantee that allows you to get a refund. If you are on a tight budget, you can pay for a course in several installments.

A collection of presets may cost from $17 to $59. Besides, you can buy them at discounts. On the platform, you can also find free bundles available for download.

You can purchase the Photography Marketing Membership for $496. When you become a member of the community, you will get an opportunity to buy bundles of courses and workshops, which will help you save loads of money, as you won’t need to purchase them separately.


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