Shutterturf Company Review 2023

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Shutterturf Company

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Verdict: Shutterturf is an easy-to-use service that allows you to find and book local professional photographers. Whether you are looking for a shooter for a holiday, wedding, or birthday party, the Shutterturf Company will help you cope with this task by offering you the best options for your budget and needs.

Besides, the company will help you quickly find a high-ranked photographer for commercial shooting. You can sort all the listings by price. Then, you can fill out an online form on the website and use a variety of advanced search options.

If a planned photo set doesn’t take place because of unforeseeable circumstances, you will get either a full or partial refund.

  • 22 types of shooting and photo genres
  • Affordable professional services
  • A database of about 400+ photographers
  • Allows sorting search results by photographers
  • Full refund within a deadline
  • Only for Singapore
  • Upfront payments, convoluted cancellation policy
shutterturf review website

You can book a photo session even for the next day if a photographer is available. Users can indicate various search parameters, such as a price and date. Besides, you can attach a link to a reference photo to ensure that you will receive images that meet your expectations.

Based on your requirements, the Shutterturf team will offer you to contact one or several highly qualified photographers. Once you select one of them, you will see their schedule and will be able to set a photo session date.

Shutterturf Review: Main Features

shutterturf logo

Since 2019, the Shutterturf Company has been providing professional photography booking services on demand. It’s a local marketplace that allows users to find freelance photographers in their area. With its help, you can find and hire top-notch professionals who provide photography shooting services for various events.

On the official website, you will find a lot of useful information on how to organize your photo session, lists of the best photographers and photo studios that specialize in different types of shooting and are based in Australia or Singapore.

shutterturf review types

The key advantage is that you can indicate your budget and the date of an event from the start. Besides, you can select any of the 20 available styles. To make your task easier, this online service allows you to filter images by a photographer whose style you like most.

You can indicate the photographer’s name when filling out an online order form and attach a link to one of their works.

A Huge Choice of Candid and Object Genres

shutterturf review shooting types

These photographers specialize in different areas so you can order an on-location or studio shooting. They can capture how your kid destroys a birthday cake, take photos of your pets or a bird-view picture of a merchant district if you are interested in aerial or drone shooting. To make the right choice, you can use convenient categories and photo thumbnails when looking through the catalog.

You can easily find the right photographer for a good price in 1 – 2 hours. You will receive 3 – 5 offers from professionals that specialize in a specified kind of photo shooting. The offers might differ since some photographers work only at one location and can go to another one only for an extra fee. Some photographers can also send you photos in RAW format for an extra payment.

The Most Popular Types of Photo Sessions

shutterturf review portraits

Portrait photography is in high demand among regular people and professionals from various areas. On the Shutterturf website, you will find a great portrait photography portfolio. The experienced headshot photographers will capture your feelings and show you in the best light. You can order their professional services if you want to get powerful portrait photos.

In many cases, portrait photography allows a photographer to showcase their signature style. Such photos can also tell you whether the photographer can connect with people and has the right work attitude.

You can easily find the best photographer if you sort photos by name. In a few days after a shooting, you will get slightly edited high-resolution portraits that can be used for commercial and marketing purposes. For instance, they can be printed on book and magazine covers.

shutterturf review weddings

While a wedding usually takes place once in a lifetime, wedding photography services are in high demand at Shutterturf. You can select engagement, wedding preparation, and wedding packages. It will help you save money and organize a photo session better. You can also set a fixed date and time or indicate that the shooting might be rescheduled in case of bad weather.

Most wedding packages include only basic photo retouching services. The photographers will slightly enhance your images if it’s necessary. Since a wedding photo should look perfect, you can order extra editing services if your photographer provides them. Otherwise, you can contact a professional service.

Unique Types of Photo Shooting

shutterturf review pets

The Shutterturf Company will help you find a professional that specializes in niche types of shooting requiring a specific set of skills. While almost all professional photographers can get kids to cooperate, only some of them know how to work with animals.

The success of such photo shooting fully depends on a pet’s behavior so it’s better to find a photographer who isn’t afraid of dogs. On the Shutterturf website, you will find an amazing gallery that includes photos of birds and big animals.

For aerial and drone photography, you need to use special equipment, such as a drone with a high-quality camera. A photographer also should be able to fly a quadcopter and have a license. For taking photos of sports events, you will need to use a high-quality camera for sports with a good zoom and motion-tracking features.

The Shutterturf photographers have all the necessary equipment for such types of shootings and can easily capture great images even during martial arts events.

Detailed Order Form

shutterturf review ordering

The only thing you need to do when placing an order is to describe everything in detail. Make sure to indicate the type of photo session, the date of an event, and what services you want to get. The prices are indicated in SGD by default. Once you have placed your order, the Shutterturf will analyze your requirements and select for you suitable photographers, based on their experience, skills and availability. You can also indicate a photographer that you want to hire.

Then, photographers will contact you to discuss the details of your photo session and send you their price quotes. You can select a photographer based on the price quote and pay for the photo session online.

To process your payment data, the service uses Stripe that is known to be a highly secure system. After the photo session, you will receive an email with the link to your online gallery at Shutterturf. There, you will see edited photos in High Res JPEG format that can be downloaded to your device.

Shutterturf Prices

While you can search for professionals and use the service for free, you will need to pay for individual packages of services offered by a photographer of your choice. The final price is calculated based on the market average price and the price indicated in your order details, starting from the minimum price of 50 SGD, or $37.

Most packages include shooting at one location, however, some photographers can work at several locations for an extra fee. A client pays all extra expenses, such as entry tickets and transport fees.

The Shutterturf Company has a flexible refund policy when it comes to rescheduling or cancellation. When you reschedule a photo session, you will need to pay an extra fee if a photographer is unavailable at the time when you need. Those who want to cancel your booking, need to learn more about the terms of full and partial refunds to get their money back.

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