Saleshandy Platform Review: Key Features & Pricing

By Kate Gross 10 days ago, Apps and Software

Saleshandy platform

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  • Price: Free or from $9/month/user

Verdict: I like simple and convenient tracking solutions created by the Saleshandy platform team. This service is known for its good analytics and regular addition of new features. If you are a heavy user of G Suite's Gmail, then this option is just what you need to make your tracking needs convenient.

It won't take you long to set up the platform. I also like the straightforward and customizable interface. Notifications appear very quickly. In fact, they pop up almost immediately after a user clicks. The platform will help increase your productivity in various business fields.

  • Easy to use and monitor
  • In-depth email tracking
  • Responsive customer agents
  • Automated follow-up emails
  • Convenient email templates organization
  • Some features are paid
saleshandy platform interface

The Saleshandy platform will come in handy if you need to track email performance metrics, send mail merge campaigns, get email templates, and more. You can send customized campaigns with trigger-based automated follow-ups through this service. What's more, this platform will help expedite your workflow by creating templates and saving them for future use. The teamwork option is also available. You can use it to give other people access to pre-saved templates.

Thanks to this platform, you can get detailed analytics about email open rates, email bounce rates, and other info on your campaigns. By the way, the service can be tested for free for 2 weeks.

Saleshandy Platform — Main Features

saleshandy platform logo

Saleshandy can be a trusted assistant for SMBs to deliver customized emails to potential customers. It contains simple tools for editing email templates, email monitoring, and performance analysis. Email scheduling, email campaigns, email tracking, collateral management, automated follow-ups, and engagement analytics are the core features of this platform.

Detailed Email Tracking

saleshandy platform email tracking

You can use this service as email marketing software to keep tabs on messages sent through Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. It allows you to get data about email open rates and learn how many times your email has been opened. There is an email click-through rate tracking option so you know the number of clicks on each link in the email. What's more, you can track email reply rates and email bounce rates.

When a person opens your email, the platform automatically creates and sends you a notification. If you didn't see it right away, you can go to the dashboard and find out all the info about the opened email.

You get a copy of email data analytics on your Salesforce or HubSpot CRM via Zapier connectivity. Thus, you can group customers better, look at customer relationships more holistically, and build sales actions through triggers based on email engagement. You can export the received data by copying the link to several platforms after you export the reports as CSV files.

Templates for Various Types of Emails

saleshandy platform email templates

With Saleshandy, you can simplify the creation of new emails by making and saving your template in Microsoft Outlook or Gmail compose window. Now you can manage tons of emails faster because you will use the same document structure.

Depending on your target audience, you can create several types of templates for a specific group of prospects. What's more, you can make your job even easier by having your employees work with different types of templates, e.g., photographer email template. Then using the team sharing provision option, you can put together all the created projects. To quickly find the template you need, you can organize them into folders.

Besides the benefits already mentioned, you can use shortcuts to quickly add templates to your compose window as well as apply mail merge tags. Moreover, you can find out the effectiveness of your email templates by tracking their performance.

Easy to Personalize Email Campaigns

Mail merge campaigns can be sent via any email account. Saleshandy has flexible SMTP settings that allow you to work with Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, and other providers. To run multiple mail merge campaigns at the same time, you can use several email accounts.

I like that the platform offers the option to send emails at intervals. Thanks to this feature, your emails are not treated as spam as providers receive them as separate emails.

You can send up to 2000 emails per day, depending on the chosen tariff. The selected template affects the type of email sent. The letter may contain various links and content. It's a good idea to add unsubscribing links so that your audience has a choice. If necessary, you can activate the block for some groups of recipients.

Simplify Planning with Email Scheduling Tools

saleshandy platform email scheduling tools

If you work with an audience from different time zones, you can make good use of email scheduling tools. Depending on where your potential customers live, you can set the right zones, times and dates for your emails. To use this option, you need to enable a Gmail Chrome plugin. You can use the recent activity feed to keep an eye on your scheduled emails.

One of the advantages of the Saleshandy platform is that the email scheduling option has no restrictions. You can schedule any number of emails. Set to send unlimited messages whenever you want.

Automated Follow-Up Emails for Personalization

Experts claim that your response rate can increase by 21% thanks to sending a single follow-up email. The service offers an email sequence feature to make sending follow-ups faster.

You can set up your own sequences for sending this type of email. Plus, you can build workflows to dispatch multi-stage follow-ups. They can be crafted considering different trigger conditions. Moreover, Saleshandy allows you to select the SMTP settings to send emails from servers other than Gmail and Outlook.

Give your potential customers the option to opt out by adding an unsubscribe link as a mail merge tag. By sending automated follow-up messages in one thread, you allow your audience to see new emails along with previous ones.

Advanced Options for Working with Email Attachments

Many email marketing agencies use this platform to monitor their email attachments and learn how many times each recipient opens a file. This tool allows you to start receiving data immediately after you sent the first message. Thanks to the deep analysis system, you have access to a lot of useful information. You can find out where the file was opened, how long a person viewed it, and some other details.

You also get an analysis of document page views including the number of pages and how long a user has been reading each. By constantly tracking documents, you will be aware if your potential clients have opened a file within a certain period.

The Saleshandy platform also has tools to study users’ interaction with your document. For example, it is possible to disable the download option. Therefore, downloading and offline access will be limited. Besides, you can use a password for sent documents to secure your information.

With this platform, you can grant access to a document for a specific period by setting an expiration date. This option is a real treasure for those who deal with time-sensitive docs.

Another useful feature is the tracking of sent documents. Thus, you can discern how your audience is sharing your content. You will learn about the subsequent forwarding if you add a custom doc link for a specific user.

You can use custom links to combine several documents. By creating a central link, you will give your potential customers access to multiple documents at once and you don't have to submit them separately.

Saleshandy Platform Prices

You can test the Saleshandy platform for free for 2 weeks. After that, you need to purchase the Pro plan. You pay $29 monthly for each user. You will get such options as unlimited email sequences, A/B testing, reports and insights, unlimited prospects and steps, email warm-up, email health score, and public API.

As for email tracking, you can take advantage of a free forever plan. It includes email scheduling, Gmail integration, and unlimited email open tracking.

Individuals can choose the Regular plan. Its price is $9/user every month. It includes everything from the Free plan + unlimited email templates, full engagement tracking, Gmail and Outlook integration, basic mail merge and team activity tracking.

If you're buying a growing team package, the Plus plan costs $22 per month for each user. You get all the options of the Regular plan and advanced mail merge, team email reporting, Zapier webhook integration, Gmail and Outlook integration.


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