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Rocket House Pictures

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Verdict: Rocket House Pictures is a full-cycle video production service that can handle every step of content creation: from concept development to delivery of a finished product. I also like its result-oriented team of professionals who do their best to provide clients with the service of the highest quality. To my mind, the biggest plus is that the Rocket House Pictures agency is open to working with representatives of various industries, including photographers.

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Rocket House Pictures primarily deals with creating and delivering various kinds of videos including online advertisements, all types of commercials, corporate videos, social, animation, music clips, training videos, short films, documentaries, digital and mobile videos for both well-established businesses and start-ups from various fields.

Rocket House Pictures Review: Main Features

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The agency offers a full-cycle approach to creating short films from start to finish. Its specialists do not only produce short films but develop a concept, write scripts, choose shooting locations, etc. Certainly, Rocket House Pictures is your one-stop destination for all your video production needs.

Stunning Work with Drone Material

The main bragging point of the company is its aerial photography. It owns a highly functional aerial photography drones and uses cutting-edge DRONE/UAV technology to shoot stunning films, produce eye-catching photography, create excellent analytics and deliver data required for your projects. Professional drone pilots take aerial images, shoot impressive footage, etc. Besides, they can make maps and collect data as they fly.

Aerial images are great for advertising real estate that is on sale. These shots show any house from interesting perspectives attracting more potential buyers and investors. By viewing such pictures clients do not only get the overall picture of the property but can also check what interesting locations, popular retailers, and highways are nearby.

Aerial photography service provided by the agency allows monitoring the construction site to get valuable data, evaluate progress or present the finished house to a customer.

Video Production Services for Any Industries

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The company is also often entrusted with creating promos that can complement any digital marketing campaign. By using this kind of service, you can give a face to your brand and make it talk. As the result, you will get a successful website that occupies top positions in Google search results. The team of videographers embraces new technologies and writes scripts to develop award-winning projects like real estate video marketing.

If you think that the integration of professional video into your marketing campaign is a real challenge, the team of Rocket House Pictures can prove the opposite. Its in-house specialists have the required gear and skills to complete all the steps to produce premium content. They do not only shoot films for you but also ensure they support your marketing goals.

The agency uses a creative approach to shoot eye-catching clips and develops an effective plan for their distribution. With this in mind, the professionals research your target audience to ensure that your films resonate with potential clients.

Engaging Video Scripts for Your Target Audience

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Certainly, successful video scripts should appeal to your potential customers and convey your brand identity. Rocket House Pictures hires only experienced writers from various fields who have already produced numerous engaging and compelling scripts for different businesses.

When working on your order, they do their best to tell your brand story and present your products or services in a favorable light. You can be sure that the content delivered by the agency will engage the people who are important to your business. The team guarantees that the viewers will watch your video to the end and address your business to get the advertised goods or services. 

Flat-Rate Motion Graphics Services

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Address the company if you need to turn your designs into animated masterpieces. The ended project can contain either assets provided by a customer or the visuals carefully selected by designers. The professionals analyze your website’s graphics and produce stunning animations to communicate your brand values in a fun and appealing way.

If you feel that your website, digital campaign, or presentation lacks something, ask the guys from Rocket House Pictures to spice up your project and you will not regret. Its designers cooperate with your marketing and creative teams to create innovative solutions that compel users to learn more about your business.

Whether you need a persuasive explainer video or an engaging music clip, you can benefit from the motion graphics services delivered by the company. The agency uses motion graphic software to make a winning and engaging presentation of your product. By watching it, the viewers will understand the concept of your brand with ease. Additionally, they combine different types of media in their projects to keep the viewers engaged throughout the whole clip.

High-Quality Post-Production for Videos

Rocket House Pictures can also assist with post-production. No matter what type of video you’ve sent them for processing, the specialists will handle the task. They help you stay organized while conveying your key messages through narrative and visuals. The editors can log your media, tweak content, improve colors, as well as convert your footage into multiple formats for publishing on various platforms.

Being customer-oriented, the agency does its best to deliver the best cinematic experience for viewers of TV broadcasts, Internet, OTT devices, and VoD platforms.

Not only that, the company’s experts work with both analog and digital recordings and deliver excellent results while meeting your goals. They can perform basic and advanced editing: merge footage, delete unwanted fragments, insert time codes, add special effects, animations, transitions, 2D/3D graphics, remove distortion and scaling, etc.

Rocket House Pictures Prices

To sum up my Rocket House Pictures review, I should claim that the service can cover all your needs related to the video production sphere. However, you won’t find the pricelist with fixed prices on the official website. To learn the approximate cost of your project, you need to contact a manager.