Richee Media Social Media Marketing Agency Review 2024

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Richee Media Agency

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Verdict: Richee Media uses result-driven, innovative, and viral social media marketing for attracting new clients to your business. The company takes into consideration every detail when creating ad campaigns. It also devotes much time to learn more about the customers’ business and their needs to achieve the greatest results.

In simple words, you can count on a comprehensive approach to promote your business through social media management, social media audits, and social content creation. This is a perfect option for photographers who need to promote their website and brand on social networks to attract more clients. The company launches advertisements on social media for photographers to help them display their works in a favorable way.

  • A great variety of services
  • Quick turnaround
  • Helpful customer support
  • Great for photographers
  • No price list on the website
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The aim of Richee Media is to make your business more successful using data-driven social media marketing. After identifying the clients’ goals and business needs, the company provides them with original ideas.

The undisputable advantage of Richee Media is that it works with businesses of any size and serves customers worldwide. The company’s customers are active in such industries as fashion, finance, e-commerce, real estate, medicine, etc. They advertise your brand on various social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Richee Media Agency Main Features

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Richee Media is a young social media marketing company that was created in 2018. With more than four years of professional experience, the agency has launched over 75 campaigns for promoting both individual clients and organizations.

Professional Social Media Advertising

The company offers effective social media advertising services by running ads on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok. Richee Media has a range of effective solutions for all those who want to have a successful Instagram page.

The agency is active on social media networks to raise brand awareness, website traffic, video views, lead generation, engagement growth, and more.

The advertising process includes:

  • Goals identification
  • Understanding the target market
  • Selecting right platforms
  • Advice on a minimal budget
  • Creation of the original campaign
  • Constant ads management
  • Generation of the detailed reports

Great Social Media Management

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The agency maintains your business’ social media pages every day, meaning that you will have enough time and energy for other tasks. The company manages your accounts generating and scheduling posts, answering messages, expanding audience, responding to comments, tracking metrics, and more.

Professional social media managers follow the most recent trends in the industry. It means that you can count on a fresh and up-to-date social media strategy as well as coverage of other serious business issues.

They promote your company by generating content that matches the concept of your brand, reacting to negative messages and comments received from displeased customers. All these actions are performed to advertise your business, gain more mouth referrals, and boost sales.

Effective Social Influencer Marketing

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Richee Media uses brand influencers, micro influencers, social media influencers, as well as Instagram influencers to ensure that you will achieve and excel in your marketing aims.

The agency follows such strategies:

  • Develop an influencer marketing strategy to deliver your company’s message to the target audience.
  • Establish trusting relationships with the most popular influencer by analyzing a big database of Micro and Mega Influencers whose audience may be interested in the message conveyed by your business.
  • Flawlessly execute the influencer marketing campaign.

Besides, the agency cooperates with influencers in such fields as fashion, food, tech, etc. According to many studies, tweets from influencers along with business messages increase sales more than fivefold. Moreover, analytical data proves that 40% of customers purchase the service or merchandise because of the influencer’s tweet.

Professional Social Media Audits

The company keeps track of your current activity on social media networks, compare your social media activity with your competitors’ campaigns, determines whether your performance helps to promote your brand.

The agency analyzes your social media pages and defines the parameters on your most popular content by examining such key metrics as website traffic, engagements, conversions, etc. Richee Media takes advantage of the website traffic checkers.

Quickly Supporting

The agency provides clients with professional customer support. The main goal of the company is to deliver the best possible product or service to each client in any case.

Advanced Social Media Marketing Training

Richee Media founded Richee Media Academy that is an online marketing educational establishment. The school has an international certificate from the Digital Marketing Institute of Ireland. The aim of these courses is to teach people how to create effective digital marketing campaigns in just a month.

Richee Media Prices

Richee Media’s official website doesn’t contain a price list. The exact cost is calculated individually for each project. When determining the price of services, the agency takes into account the time spent on the project, its complexity, type of work, requirements, and wishes of a client.

To learn the cost of a project, contact the agency and explain what you want them to do.

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